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The James Bond Movies

General James Bond Series Tidbits

  • The producers once denied a merchandising request for James Bond condoms.

  • The liquor used for Bond films was actually ginger ale, for champagne; watered down coffee, for whiskey; and pure water, for Bond's trademarked vodka martini.

  • Sean Connery was rumored to wear two different hairpieces: one for love scenes and the other for the action scenes.

  • Following Sean Connery's departure from the series, Adam West was strongly considered to be his replacement. West was the original Batman from the 60's TV series.

  • Ian Fleming assigned the rights of each 007 film to a particular family member in his will so everyone in his family could profit from their assigned film.

  • Over 2 billion people have seen a Bond film. That's two-fifth's of the earth's population.

  • Because of Bond's sexual exploits, the Salvation Army once demanded that a shot of 007 putting on protection be included in the movies.

  • Major Boothroyd was a real person who gave Fleming advice on Bond's arsenal of guns.

  • Timothy Dalton was approached to play the part in 1970, but turned down the producers because he was too intimidated to take over from Connery and felt he was too young to play Bond.

  • A lot of innovated, technological advances have been attributed to the 007 phenomenon, like the bulletproof vest, and the disposable one-time use cameras marketed by the major film manufacturers.

  • Several 007 alumni have won academy awards in other films, like set designer Peter Lamont (Titanic), and Judi Dench (Shakespeare in Love).

  • The Austin Powers movies have spoofed and parodied most every James Bond film and the Dr. Evil character is a parody of Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The series also incorporated many other parodies of non-007 spy films. Click here for a full list of all the Austin Powers/James Bond references.

  • There was never a character of Q in Fleming's novels: only Q branch and Major Boothroyd. Major Boothroyd did not become the same character as Q until Bond called him so in The Spy Who Loved Me.

  • Director John Glen had a trademark of a pigeon popping up and flying out of an unexpected place, and in each 007 movie he directed, the startling pigeon is present. (Ex. Bond nearly loses his hold on the sharp rock face when a pigeon flaps loudly out of his handhold in For Your Eyes Only.

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