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The James Bond Movies

For Your Eyes Only

Released: June 25, 1981

  Roger Moore as James Bond
  Carol Boquet as Melina Havelock
  Julian Glover as Kristatos
  Lynn-Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl

Directed by: John Glen

Running Time: 128 minutes

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For Your Eyes Only Ultimate Edition DVD

  • Carole Bouquet (Melina) was originally supposed to play Holly Goodhead in Moonraker. She passed it up because she was already signed to do the film That Obscure Object of Desire. When she got the opportunity to be in For Your Eyes Only she jumped at the chance.

  • Roger Moore was originally not going to be in this movie so the scene at Tracy's grave was meant to ease a new actor into the role.

  • During the filming of the bobsled chase, a stuntman, Paolo Rigon, was killed.

  • Roger Moore was terrified of heights and barley made it through the St. Cyrils filming.

  • The scene where Melina and Bond are dragged through the water for the sharks to eat is actually taken from the book "Live and Let Die".

  • Pierce Brosnan's wife (only dating at the time), Cassandra Harris, played the Countess Lisl. After a four year struggle with ovarian cancer she died in December of 1991 and never had the opportunity to see her husband in the title role of James Bond.

  • The security code for the door to the Identograph is "Nobody Does it Better" from the The Spy who Loved Me.

  • Kristatos, Colombo, and Lisl are introduced in the Ian Fleming short story "Risico".

  • The Identogram that is used to identify Locque, is featured in the book Goldfinger. It is called the Identocast, and Bond uses it to identify Goldfinger.

  • During the scene where Bond and Q use the Identogram, there's a cut away where the return shows the two of them jackets off, sleeves rolled up indicating the passage of time. The picture of Locque, however, is unchanged.

  • After using the Indentogram, Q offers to lock up the lab. The mere notion of someone having to lock up Q-branch in such a run-of-the-mill fashion is laughable.

  • M does not appear in the film as a tribute to Bernard Lee who died prior to filming.

  • Because of Carole Bouquets sinus problems, the close-up underwater shots of Bond & Melina were actually shot in an entirely dry studio and not underwater. They were shot at a higher frame rate with wind machines. SFX man, Derek Meddings added the bubbles in afterwards.

  • Kristatos (Julian Glover), was a serious contender for the role of 007 but according to Dana Broccoli, he was a little young the first time around and later on, a little too old. Julian had also appeared alongside Roger Moore in The Saint.

  • Producer Michael G. Wilson can be seen in the monastery where Bond visits Q.

  • One of the girls in the pool scene was born a man. Barry Cossey, cruelly bullied at school in Norfolk, underwent a sex change operation to become Caroline, a Parisian topless dancer also known as Tula. Tula was the archetype of the early seventies showgirl: tall, skinny, exotically androgynous, with hormonally assisted curves and a surgically augmented bust, the face of an angel.

    And a little bit extra, which she hid with a cruelly tight customised G-string until she could have the surgery, at the Charing Cross Hospital in London, 1974. Post-op, Caroline's career took off. No longer a topless burlesque dancer, she became a highly sought-after glamour model and commercials actress, in an age when her lanky, other-worldly looks were the height of fashion. The pinnacle, and a step onto a bigger stage, she hoped, came in 1980 when she was cast in For Your Eyes Only. Click here to learn more.

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