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The James Bond Movies

Diamonds Are Forever

Released: December 17, 1971

  Sean Connery as James Bond
  Jill St John as Tiffany Case
  Charles Grey as Blofeld
  Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole

Directed by: Guy Hamilton

Running Time: 120 minutes

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Diamonds Are Forever Ultimate Edition DVD

  • Sean Connery received the highest salary in movie history to return to the Bond series, which he then donated to charity. He was thought to have received $1 million plus the picture fee which he donated to the Scottish Education Trust (a charity he set up himself). I addition he was promised a percentage of the films profits, a $10 000 per week over-schedule clause and an agreement from United Artists to fund two films of his choice.

  • When Bond climbed the Whyte House, he was actually climbing the Las Vegas International Hotel (now called the Las Vegas Hilton).

  • Howard Hughes owned the hotel and rather that asking for money to film there, he asked for a 16mm print of the finished movie. Needless to say, Hughes was a huge fan of the series.

  • Because the public deemed it unfashionable to smoke, Bond did not in Diamonds are Forever.

  • During one sequence, the nameplate on the desk of Burt Saxby says "Albert R. Saxby" - a "joke" from the crew of the movie.

  • In the scene were Bond is taking a bath in his casino suite, Sammy Davis Jr. is on the cover of the magazine 007 is reading. Originally, Sammy Davis Jr. was to make a cameo in the movie, and the scene sequence was actually shot. However, director Guy Hamilton felt the scene to be too much, and it was cut in post-editing. Learn more at the Diamonds are Forever deleted scenes page.

  • The entire movie idea originated from a dream that producer Albert "Cubby" Broccoli had in which Bond was captured by a man pretending to be Howard Hughes. Broccoli was very good friend with the mogul, and the character Willard Whyte was based on Hughes.

  • John Gavin, an American, was signed to play Bond, but obviously that wouldn't have worked even though his screen tests were OK. However, this is not as shocking as the fact Burt Reynolds was even considered to take hold of the 007 reigns.

  • When Bond steals the moon buggy from Willard White's research lab, you can see that the left rear wheel of the vehicle is loose. This is confirmed during the chase scene when one of the security cars wrecks in the desert. In the frame you can clearly see one of the moon buggy's wheels rolling free. In the following scene, the moon buggy is shown driving away into the distance with all four wheels attached.

  • When 007 and Tiffany Case are being chased in Tiffany's red mustang, 007 drives on two wheels to get through a narrow alley. Upon entering the alley the car is seen on it's left wheels, but on the exit it's driving on it's right wheels. The producers noticed this error during post production and inserted a brief scene that makes it look like Bond and Tiffany tip the car onto the other two wheels in the middle of the alley: a feat which is physically impossible.

  • In early versions of the Diamonds are Forever screenplay, the villain was originally based upon Auric Goldfinger's twin brother. Gert Frobe was also talked into playing the part, before the idea of Cubby Broccoli's dream (an individual based on Howard Hughes) as the background plot.

  • Jill St. John, in real life, was a close friend of the late actress Natalie Wood, sister to Lana Wood. Currently, she is married to actor Robert Wagner, who was Natalie Wood's husband, and close friend.

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