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The Rock
Mason Introduces Himself
    Where Spoken: An Alcatraz courtyard
    Surrounding Events: Mason has just met Hummel
      Mason: "Captain John Patrick Mason, General Sir, of Her Majesty's S.A.S. Retired of course."
    Time: 0:07
    Size: 50 kb

British Intelligence
    Where Spoken: Tunnels underneath Alcatraz
    Surrounding Events: Goodspeed has just killed his first person and asks Mason how he does it.
      Mason: "Oh I was trained by the best: British Intellignece"
    Time: 0:07
    Size: 45 kb

Welcome to The Rock
    Where Spoken: The Alcatraz boiler room
    Surrounding Events: The SEALS have just arrived on Alcatraz
      Mason: "Welcome to The Rock"
    Time: 0:02
    Size: 24 kb

Connery's Sex Appeal
    Where Spoken: Tunnels underneath Alcatraz
    Surrounding Events: Alcatraz has been infiltrated by the SEALS and Mason is enjoying himself.
      Mason: "Well it's certainly more enjoyable than my average day. Reading philosophy and avoiding gang rape in the washrooms. Though it's less of a problem these days. Perhaps I'm losing my sex appeal."
    Time: 0:14
    Size: 102 kb

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