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Rare And Unusual Sounds
Rosa Klebb Sings
    Description: When Lotte Lenya wasn't playing a SPECTRE agent, she was a Broadway actress. One of her most critically acclaimed roles was Fraulein Schneider in the hit musical, Cabaret. As is the case with all musicals, she had a few vocal solos. This is just a clip of one of them.
    Taken From: Caberet Soundtrack
    Time: 0:32
    Size: 223 kb

Bond Visits Homer Simpson
    Description: This Simpsons outake features Homer as a Blackjack dealer. He is dealing to a bald man with a patch over his eye and a white, persian cat on his lap. On this man's right is Jaws, and to his left is Oddjob. The bald man is playing against Bond and during the deal to Bond, Homer messes up twice and causes him to lose.This sound contains Homer dealing Bond a Joker, and a rules for draw and stud poker card. Then Bond is dragged off to his death. However, he makes one last humorous, but vallient effort to stop them.
    Taken From: The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
    Time: 0:32
    Size: 359 kb

Simpsons' Scorpio Theme Song
    Description: During the Bondish Simpsons episode entitled "You Only Move Twice", there was a Bond theme song that played at the end. It is about the episode's bad-guy (Scorpio). It sounds a lot like Goldfinger's theme.
    Taken From: The Simpsons: "You Only Move Twice"
    Time: 0:29
    Size: 226 kb

Other James Bond Auditions
    Description: When Pierce Brosnan was on The Tonite Show on Jan. 30, 1997, Leno informed him that he was not the first to audition for the role of 007. This was a lead up for a comedy clip which included Little Richard, Kevin Nealon, Dana Carvey, and Jack Palance saying the Bond, James Bond and Vodka Martini, Shaken not stirred line; each in their own, funny way.
    Taken From: The Tonite Show with Jay Leno
    Time: 1:23
    Size: 575 kb

Universal Exports Collage
    Description: This is a montage that involves Bond (Connery) entering Universal Exports, having a conversation with Moneypenny, (Maxwell) and talking to 'M' (Lee). During the whole scene, the 007 theme is playing in the background. The sound is a compilation of about 7 different sounds which I edited together.
    Taken From: Various Connery Films
    Time: 0:09
    Size: 76 kb

Bond On Broadway
    Description: In the hit Broadway show, Rent, there is a section of a song in which a character pretends to be Bond and another pretends to be Pussy Galore.
    Taken From: Rent Soundtrack
    Time: 0:19
    Size: 133 kb

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