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Bond-Related Sounds
Just Kill Him
    Movie: Austin Powers
    Where Spoken: Dr. Evil's underground lair
    Surrounding Events: Dr. Evil has Austin and Vanessa tied up to die
    Sound Description:
      When Dr. Evil has Austin Powers trapped in his hideout, he goes through the usual routine: feeds him, ties him up then leaves him alone to die. This clip involves Dr. Evil's son, Scott Evil, explaining to his dad how dumb it is to "just assume everything went according to plan." Also in this sound montage is a spoof on the "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die" line.
    Time: 0:50
    Size: 347 kb

Lovely Party
    Movie: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    Where Spoken: Einhorn's hideaway
    Surrounding Events: Ace has just found the hideaway
      Ace: (Sounding like Connery) "Lovely party; pitty I wasn't invited."
    Time: 0:03
    Size: 27 kb

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