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You Only Live Twice
Stirred, Not Shaken?
    Where Spoken: Henderson's house
    Surrounding Events: Henderson has just made Bond a martini
      Henderson: "Oh, that's stirred, not shaken. That is right isn't it?"
      Bond: "Perfect."
    Time: 0:04
    Size: 33 kb

Sit Down 007
    Where Spoken: M's office
    Surrounding Events: Bond has just entered the room
      M: "Oh sit down 007."
    Time: 0:01
    Size: 13 kb

Bond Meets Blofeld
    Where Spoken: Volcano operating room
    Surrounding Events: Blofeld has just met Bond
      Blofeld: "Allow me to introduce myself: I am Ernst Stavro Blofeld."
    Time: 0:06
    Size: 44 kb

Bond's Education
    Where Spoken: M's outer office
    Surrounding Events: Moneypenny has just tossed Bond a book on Japanese
      Bond: "You forget, I took a first in Oriental Languages in Cambridge."
    Time: 0:02
    Size: 21 kb

Kill Bond, Now!
    Where Spoken: Blofeld's office
    Surrounding Events: Blofeld has just learned of Osato's failure
      Blofeld: "Kill Bond, now!"
    Time: 0:02
    Size: 15 kb

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