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The Living Daylights
Good Luck Men
    Where Spoken: MI6 Airplane
    Surrounding Events: The 00-Agents are about to jump onto Gibralter
      M: "Gentlemen, this may only be an excercise as far as the Ministry of Defense is concerned. But for me it is a matter of pride that the Double-0 section has been chosen for this test. Now the S.A.S. has been placed on full alert to intercept you, but I know you won't let me down. Good luck men."
    Time: 0:16
    Size: 111 kb

The Living Daylights
    Where Spoken: Bond's Car
    Surrounding Events: Bond has just stopped Kara from shooting Giorgi
      Bond: "Whoever she was it must have scared the living daylights out of her."
    Time: 0:03
    Size: 24 kb

The Ghetto Blaster
    Where Spoken: Q's lab
    Surrounding Events: Testers are firing a rocket out of a boombox
      Q: "Something we're making for the Americans, it's called a ghetto blaster."
    Time: 0:08
    Size: 61 kb

New Keyring
    Where Spoken: Q's lab
    Surrounding Events: Bond has received his keychain from Q
      Q: "Stun gas, disorientates any normal person for about, oh, about 30 seconds."
      Bond: "You don't find too many normal people in this business Q. What do I do to blow up the room? Whistle 'God Save The Queen'?"
    Time: 0:15
    Size: 110 kb

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