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Mission: From Russia With Love
Released: October 13, 1963
Bond: Sean Connery
Director: Terence Young
Budget: $2.2 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $24.8 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $78.9 Million
Running Time: 118 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 007

Villain: Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Organization: SPECTRE
Scheme: The theft of a LEKTOR and the embarassment of MI6
Henchmen: Rosa Klebb, Red Grant
Girls: Sylvia Trench, Zora, Vida, Tatiana Romanova
Allies: Ali Kerim Bey
Bond's Kill Count: 13
Bond's Conquest Count: 4
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[From Russia With Love Special Edition]
The Gadgets:
[Breifcase] Gadget: The Breifcase
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond's first gadget, the breifcase contains an AR-10 folding sniper rifle, 50 gold sovereigns, ammunition, a knife and an exploding safety device disguised as a can of talcum powder.
[Beeper] Gadget: Bond's Beeper
Status: In Storage

Description: Decades before a beeper was a commonplace item, Bond used one to keep in touch with MI6. His went off at the most incontinent of times: when he was having a romantic getaway with Sylvia Trench.
[Bug Detector] Gadget: Bug Detector
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this device to determine that his hotel room in Istanbul is bugged.
Status: In Storage

Description: The main plot device for the film, Bond is sent to recover the LEKTOR from the Russians. His mission is a success after Tatiana kills Rosa Kleb, the last person standing in the way of the LEKTOR's delivery to MI6.
[Recording Device] Gadget: Camera Recording Device
Status: In Storage

Description: This recording device is disguised as a camera. Bond uses it to record Tatiana when she tells him the technical specifications of the LEKTOR.
[Tape Player] Gadget: Tape Player
Status: In Storage

Description: M, Moneypenny and the MI6 staff use this tape-playing device to listen to the recording sent by Bond about the LEKTOR. It is switched off when Bond begins to tell a racy story about the time he and M spent in Japan.
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