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Mission: From Russia With Love
Released: October 13, 1963
Bond: Sean Connery
Director: Terence Young
Budget: $2.2 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $24.8 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $78.9 Million
Running Time: 118 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 007

Villain: Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Organization: SPECTRE
Scheme: The theft of a LEKTOR and the embarassment of MI6
Henchmen: Rosa Klebb, Red Grant
Girls: Sylvia Trench, Zora, Vida, Tatiana Romanova
Allies: Ali Kerim Bey
Bond's Kill Count: 13
Bond's Conquest Count: 4
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[From Russia With Love Special Edition]
The Characters (in order of appearance):
[FRWL Characters]

Red Grant

Played by: Robert Shaw

Description: An agent of SPECTRE, Red Grant's mission is to keep Bond safe in Istanbul until he can get the LEKTOR decoding device. Once it is in Bond's possession, Grant's orders are to kill Bond and Tatiana, recover the LEKTOR and embarrass the British Secret Service. Before Bond kills Grant aboard the Orient Express, they have one of the most memorable fight sequences in the series, if not in movie history.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Walter Gotell

Description: Morenzy is the head of SPECTRE Island, the training ground for SPECTRE agents. He is also very close with Blofeld, as Morenzy is present when Rosa Klebb kills Kronsteen. Walter Gotell, the actor who plays Morenzy, would come back to the series 14 years later to play General Gogol in The Spy Who Loved Me.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Vladek Sheybal

Description: A chess master, Kronsteen is secretly a member of SPECTRE. Stealing the LEKTOR and setting up the British Secret Service is his plan, and when it fails Blofeld holds him solely responsible.
[FRWL Characters]

Rosa Klebb

Played by: Lotte Lenya

Description: Rosa Klebb defected from SMERSH to SPECTRE, although that secret is known by only a few people outside Moscow. This allows her to convince Tatiana that she is actually working for The State on a mission of deception against the British. When the plan fails and a desperate Klebb goes to Venice to steal back the LEKTOR, Tatiana gets her revenge and shoots Klebb.
[FRWL Characters]

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Played by: Anthony Dawson

Description: The head of SPECTRE and James Bond's most famous foe, Ernst Stavro Blofeld's first on-screen appearance is very low-key. His face is hidden throughout his scenes, and most of the focus is on his hand stroking his cat. The actor who plays Blofeld is Anthony Dawson (Professor Dent from Dr. No), but his voice is dubbed by Eric Pohlmann.
[FRWL Characters]

Grant's Masseuse

Played by: Jan Williams III

Description: When Rosa Klebb and Morenzy find Grant on SPECTRE Island, this beautiful woman is giving him a massage.
[FRWL Characters]

Tatiana Romanova

Played by: Daniella Bianchi

Description: Bond's primary love interest, Tatiana Romanova works as a cipher clerk at the Russian consulate in Istanbul. She believes that she is working for Mother Russia in a scheme to misinform the British. Somewhere on the Orient Express, she realizes that she has been lied to and turns to the side of good.
[FRWL Characters]

Sylvia Trench

Played by: Eunice Gayson

Description: Bond's one and only returning girlfriend, Sylvia and Bond are enjoying some quality time in a boat by a lake with a bottle of chilling Dom Perignon . However, Bond's beeper goes off and he is called back into action; but not before he "brushes up on an old case."
[FRWL Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Sean Connery

Description: Bond is sent into Istanbul where Tatiana Romanova, a Russian cipher clerk, has supposedly fallen in love with his personnel photo. Although MI6 knows it is a trap, the bait is a LEKTOR decoding machine and the mere possibility of obtaining it means Bond is sent in. Connery's approach to Bond is a perfect match for the low-key nature of the film.
[FRWL Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: Moneypenny and Bond's scenes together are rather short in this film. However, she also sits in on a meeting where M and other members of the British Secret Service listen to the tape where Tatiana describes the LEKTOR. She is promptly asked to leave when a racy story about M comes up on the tape.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Bernard Lee

Description: M gives Bond his orders to go to Istanbul and possibly retrieve a LEKTOR decoding device. A bit on M's past comes out on the audio tape of Tatiana describing the LEKTOR when we learn Bond and M spent some time in Japan.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: When Peter Burton was unable to reprise his role as Major Boothroyd, Desmond Llewelyn stepped into the role of Q, which he would play for the next 36 years. Q's first gadget is the famous briefcase which contains an AR-10 folding sniper rifle, 50 gold sovereigns, ammunition, a knife and an exploding safety device disguised as a can of talcum powder.
[FRWL Characters]

Kerim's Chauffeur

Played by: Neville Jason

Description: Ali Kerim Bey's personal chauffer, this man drives Bond to met Kerim Bey. He also explains to Bond how it is customary for rival organizations to follow each other in the open.
[FRWL Characters]

Bulgar Agent

Played by: Hasan Ceylan

Description: This unnamed Bulgar agent tailed Bond from the Istanbul airport to Ali Kerim Bey's office. He then is killed while following Tatiana to the St. Sophia Mosque.
[FRWL Characters]

Kerim's Girlfriend

Played by: Nadja Regin

Description: Ali Kerim Bey's girlfriend saved his life when she called him over to the settee just moments before the Russians tried to kill him with a limpet mine attached to the outer wall of his office.
[FRWL Characters]

Ali Kerim Bey

Played by: Pedro Armendariz

Description: Head of Station T-Turkey, Kerim Bey is Bond's closest ally and friend on his mission. Highlights of his part include spying on the Russian consulate, the assassination with Bond's sniper rifle, the night at the gypsy camp and his untimely demise aboard the Orient Express.
[FRWL Characters]

Gypsy Belly Dancer

Played by: Lisa Guiraut

Description: This beautiful woman offers Bond and company a sultry dance at the gypsy camp.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Francis de Wolff

Description: Vavra is the head of the gypsy camp whose life Bond saves when Bulgar assassins attack. For that effort, Vavra bestows the honor of "son" on Bond.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Aliza Gur

Description: Vida is one of the two gypsy girls in love with the same man. They engage in a memorable catfight with the winner taking his affections.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Martine Beswick

Description: The other half of the gypsy catfight, Zora is also looking for victory and love. After the Bulgar battle, Vavra lets Bond spend the night with the girls to decide who gets the man.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Fred Haggerty

Description: Krilencu is a Bulgar assassin who has a personal vendetta against Kerim Bey. After staying out of Istanbul for a few years, he returns for the attack on the gypsy camp. After shooting Kerim Bey in the arm, he has the favor returned when Kerim Bey shoots him dead trying to escape from his apartment.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Peter Bayliss

Description: Benz is the agent in charge of surveillance at the local railroad station. After spotting him on board the Orient Express, Kerim Bey agrees to watch him until Bond escapes over the Turkish/Bulgarian border. Unfortunately, Red Grant sees all this and kills both Benz and Kerim Bey.
[FRWL Characters]

Train Conductor

Played by: George Pastell

Description: The conductor of the Orient Express accepts a bribe from Bond to keep Kerim Bey and Benz's deaths a secret until he is off the train.
[FRWL Characters]

Captain Nash

Played by: Bill Hill

Description: Nash is a Yugoslavia-based British agent sent to meet Bond at the train station in Zagreb. Instead, Red Grant steals their introduction code, kills Nash in the station bathroom, and impersonates Nash for what little remains of Grant's life.
[FRWL Characters]


Played by: Peter Brayham

Description: Rhoda is the truck driver that Red Grant was supposed to meet after his escape from the Orient Express with the LEKTOR. After Grant's death, Bond and Tatiana jump off the train and Bond forces Rhoda to drive them to the ocean instead.
[FRWL Characters]

SPECTRE Helicopter Pilots

Played by: Unknown

Description: These SPECTRE helicopter pilots attack Bond in a field before Bond destroys the copter by shooting flares into it.
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