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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: Octopussy
Released: June 6, 1983
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: John Glen
Budget: $27.5 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $183.7 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Kamal Khan
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: To steal Russian jewels and detonate a
               nuclear bomb on a U.S. Air Force base
Henchmen: Orlov, Gobinda, Mischka, Grischka
Girls: Octopussy, Magda
Allies: Vijay, General Gogol, Bianca
Bond's Kill Count: 14
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For Sale
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Novel (UK)
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The Gadgets:
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Acrostar/Horse Trailer
Status: In Storage

Description: During the movie's pre-title sequence, Bond's Acrostar jet is hidden in the horse compartment of this car and it's trailer.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Teaser Jet
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond's mission during the pre-title sequence is to destroy this top-secret airplane.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Briefcase Explosives
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond hides a payload of powerful explosives in a briefcase, which he then uses to try and destroy a jet in the pre-title sequence.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Acrostar Jet
Status: In Storage

Description: This small jet is hidden in the back of a horse trailer during the pre-title sequence. Bond uses it to escape from capture and destroy a top secret jet. The Acrostar's one downfall is its small gas tank; a problem that Bond solves by pulling up to a local gas station.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Company Kart
Status: In Storage

Description: While escaping would-be pursuers in India, Bond and Vijay escape on this "Universal Exports Company Kart," capable of performing wheelies and possessing more speed than any normal kart.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Killing Star
Status: Lost

Description: While battling Kamal Khan's thugs on the streets of India, one henchman throws this deadly killing star at Bond.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: The Property of a Lady Faberge Egg/Homing Device
Status: Destroyed

Description: Although it is not a gadget, this Faberge Egg is one of the centerpieces of the film. The egg is the main reason MI6 begins to investigate Kamal Khan and Q Branch places a homing device inside it.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Acid Pen
Status: Used

Description: This Q Branch pen contains an acid that can burn through any metal. Bond uses it to escape from his room at Kamal Khan's palace.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Earpiece
Status: In Storage

Description: Hidden inside the Q Branch pen is an earpiece that picks up audio transmitted by the homing device hidden inside the Faberge Egg.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Seiko Watch
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond's first digital watch contains a beacon that leads Bond to the homing device and the Faberge Egg. He uses it to find Kamal in his palace.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Alligator Boat
Status: In Storage

Description: Since he did not have a formal invitation, Bond travels to Octopussy's island inside this fake alligator.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Nuclear Device
Status: Disarmed

Description: Kamal Khan plans to detonate this nuclear device at Octopussy's circus when it is performing at a U.S. Air Force base inside West Germany. Bond disarms it just in the nick of time, while dressed in a clown costume.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Orlov's Mercedes
Status: Destroyed

Description: While chasing Octopussy's train, Bond converts this Mercedes into a a mock train. After the wheels blow out, Bond drives on adjacent train tracks using the car's rims as train wheels.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Hot Air Balloon
Status: In Storage

Description: During the film's climax, Bond and Q arrive at Kamal Khan's palace in this hot air balloon, sporting a Union Jack design.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Balloon TV
Status: In Storage

Description: As it is a Q Branch balloon, Bond and Q use on-board cameras and a TV to get a glimpse of the fighting going on below.
[Octopussy Gadget] Gadget: Kamal Khan's Plane
Status: Destroyed

Description: Kamal Khan and Gobinda use this plane to escape from Khan's palace at the end of the file, holding Octopussy hostage. Bond and Gobinda fight atop the plane, and Kamal meets his demise when the plane crashes into the mountainside.
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