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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: Octopussy
Released: June 6, 1983
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: John Glen
Budget: $27.5 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $183.7 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Kamal Khan
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: To steal Russian jewels and detonate a
               nuclear bomb on a U.S. Air Force base
Henchmen: Orlov, Gobinda, Mischka, Grischka
Girls: Octopussy, Magda
Allies: Vijay, General Gogol, Bianca
Bond's Kill Count: 14
About the Movie
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For Sale
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Novel (UK)
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[FYEO Special Edition]
Characters (in order of appearance):
[Octopussy Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Roger Moore

Description: Roger Moore returns for his sixth appearance as James Bond, a role which is now completely his. Moore has a certain confidence that, while more realistic, also comes across as slightly bored. In addition, his time in a clown outfit is one of the low points of the series.
[Octopussy Characters]


Played by: Tina Hudson

Description: Bianca helps Bond during the pre-title sequence by giving him Colonel Toro's ID badge, as well as helping Bond escape from captivity.
[Octopussy Characters]

Colonel Toro

Played by: Ken Norris

Description: Looking like Bond's long lost twin, Colonel Toro stops Bond from destroying his top secret plane during the pre-title sequence. However, he is killed when Bond leads a heat-seeking missile into a hanger with Toro and the plane.
[Octopussy Characters]

Teaser Soldier

Played by: Unknown

Description: This soldier is tasked with guarding Bond in a military vehicle, when he is captivated by Bianca's beautiful legs. As a result of this distraction, Bond escapes and the vehicle drives off the road.
[Octopussy Characters]

Gas Station Attendant

Played by: David Grahame

Description: Caught off guard while taking a nap, this man is shocked when Bond drives up to the pump in his Acrostar jet.
[Octopussy Characters]


Played by: Andy Bradford

Description: After escaping from Octopussy's circus with the Portrait of a Lady Faberge Egg, 009 is killed by Mischka and Grishka, but not before crashing into the British Ambassador's room and delivering the egg.
[Octopussy Characters]


Played by: David Meyer

Description: One of two identical twin henchmen, Mischka helps murder 009 and is killed by Bond aboard Octopussy's train and hidden in a cannon.
[Octopussy Characters]


Played by: Tony Meyer

Description: The other identical twin henchmen, Grishka also helps murder 009. He almost gets the better of Bond when he has 007 pinned to a wooden door, about to throw a final knife into his chest. Bond gets the better of him and throws a knife back at Grishka, killing him instantly.
[Octopussy Characters]

British Ambassador

Played by: Patrick Barr

Description: 009 crashes into this British Ambassador's room while he is getting ready for a dinner affair. After 009 drops the Faberge Egg, the Ambassador presumably delivers it to MI6.
[Octopussy Characters]

Penelope Smallbone

Played by: Michaela Clavell

Description: Miss Moneypenny's assistant, Penelope Smallbone is "as beautiful and charming as [Miss Moneypenny used to be.]" After welcoming her to Universal Exports and giving her a bouquet of flowers, Bond continues into M's office. She then sighs, along with Moneypenny, about their love that can never be.
[Octopussy Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: The ever-faithful Moneypenny shares her short screen time with a new assistant, Penelope Smallbone. Regardless, she has a short repartee with Bond, which involves an admission that she is getting older.
[Octopussy Characters]

Sir Frederick Gray, Minister of Defence

Played by: Geoffrey Keen

Description: No longer acting as head of MI6, Frederick Gray returns to his role as Minister of Defense and aids M in giving Bond his orders.
[Octopussy Characters]


Played by: Robert Brown

Description: Taking over for Bernard Lee who passed away shortly after Moonraker's release, Robert Brown acts as the same character. It is often debated that he is actually Admiral Hargreaves, Brown's character in The Spy Who Loved Me, but it is never finitely stated that he is anyone other than Sir Miles Messervy, who was Bernard Lee's M.
[Octopussy Characters]

Jim Fanning

Played by: Douglas Wilmer

Description: Jim Fanning is a fussy British Secret Service art expert who is determined to scrutinize the high bid on the Faberge Egg. He and Bond attend an auction at Sotheby's in London, where Bond is briefly the high bidder.
[Octopussy Characters]

Soviet Chairman

Played by: Paul Hardwick

Description: This man is the Soviet Chairman and is in charge of the massive military meeting where General Orlov first mentions his plans to destroy NATO powers with a massive show of force in Europe.
[Octopussy Characters]

General Anatol Gogol

Played by: Walter Gotell

Description: General Gogol is a major character in Octopussy, participating in the Soviet council, chasing General Orlov in Eastern Europe and awarding Bond the Order of Lenin.
[Octopussy Characters]

General Orlov

Played by: Steven Berkoff

Description: General Orlov is a crazed man, determined to destroy NATO through military force. He teams up with Kamal Khan and comes within seconds of achieving his goal. However, Khan's betrayal of Octopussy leads to Orlov's ultimate demise.
[Octopussy Characters]

Security Council Member/Man on Tour Boat

Played by: Michael G. Wilson

Description: Michael G. Wilson makes two cameos in Octopussy. First, he can be briefly seen on the far left of the Soviet Security Council in the wide shot, and later he is the man who helps Bond into the tourist boat in India (pictured to left).

  • Soviet Security Council Screen Capture (Wilson is on the far left)
  • Tour Boat Screen Capture
  • [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Eva Reuber-Staier

    Description: General Gogol's faithful secretary and lover returns, this time to deliver a message to General Orlov during the Soviet Security Council meeting.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Philip Voss

    Description: This man is the Auctioneer at Sotheby's Auction House in London. He is auctioning off the Portrait of a Lady Faberge Egg, amongst many other priceless treasures.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Vijay Amritraj

    Description: Vijay is Bond's main ally in India. A fellow British Secret Service employee, his knowledge of India proves invaluable. He meets his end at the hand of the villainous"Yo Yo Killer."
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Indian Hotel Worker

    Played by: Unknown

    Description: This woman shows Bond his hotel room in India and has a brief sexual repartee with Bond before departing.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Major Clive

    Played by: Stuart Saunders

    Description: Major Clive is the gentleman losing his fortune to Kamal Khan in Backgammon when Bond first arrives at the casino. What Major Clive does not realize is that he does not have a chance to win; Khan is using loaded dice.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Kristina Wayborn

    Description: At first glance, Magda appears to be one of Kamal Khan's henchman after she sleeps with Bond and steals the Faberge Egg. However, it is later revealed that she is in fact a member of Octopussy's Traveling Circus and helps lead the attack on Kamal Khan's palace during the film's finale.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Kamal Khan

    Played by: Louis Jourdan

    Description: The villain of the movie, Kamal Khan uses Octopussy and convinces her that he is helping her steal Soviet jewels. In fact, he plans to steal the jewels for himself and help General Orlov detonate a nuclear device inside a U.S. Air Force Base in West Germany, paving the path to the eventual destruction of NATO. He ultimately dies when his plane crashes into the side of a mountain.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Kabir Bedi

    Description: Gobinda is Kamal Khan's primary henchman, and very similar to OddJob. Silent for most of the film, Gobinda crushes Khan's loaded dice, much like OddJob crushed Bond's golf ball.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Peter Porteous

    Description: Lenkin is General Orlov's expert jewelry forger who works out of the Kremlin Art Repository. He becomes worried when the Faberge Egg is missing days before an inventory of all the Kremlin's art objects.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Khan's Thug

    Played by: Unknown

    Description: This man chases Bond through the streets of India during the exciting kart chase with Vijay.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Bed of Nails Sleeper

    Played by: Unknown

    Description: This man sleeps on a bed of nails in the streets of India. When he saw the action between Bond and Kamal's henchmen he stood up, allowing Bond to throw a pursuer onto the bed of nails.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Sword Swallower

    Played by: Unknown

    Description: After using the bed of nails to his advantage, Bond borrows this man's sword to continue battling Khan's thugs.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

    Description: Q once again equips Bond in the field, this time at his Indian workstation. Filled with many gadgets-in-development, Q places a homing device in the Faberge Egg and gives him a new watch and a pen with acid and an earpiece in it.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Jeremy Bulloch

    Description: Q's faithful assistant can be seen testing out the deadly door knocker in Q Branch.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Q's Secretary

    Played by: Unknown

    Description: This woman appears to be a Q Branch secretary, although her only purpose in the film is to serve as a sight gag. Bond uses the LCD camera to focus in on her chest, causing Q to shake his head in disgust.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Maud Adams

    Description: Octopussy is an international jewel smuggler as well as the owner of Octopussy's Traveling Circus. She is trying to steal a host of Soviet jewels and artifacts, but is betrayed by her partner, Kamal Khan. She is also Bond's primary love interest in the film.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Cherry Gillespie

    Description: Midge is one of Octopussy's girls who is tasked with keeping an extra-close eye on Bond.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Yo Yo Killer

    Played by: William Derrick

    Description: This man kills Vijay with his bladed yo yo on the orders of Gobinda. He later tries to murder Bond in the same manor, but after missing he loses a battle with 007, which costs him his life.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Hugo Bower

    Description: Karl is the driver of the car that takes Bond into West Germany.
    [Octopussy Characters]


    Played by: Gabor Vernon

    Description: Borchoi is the art inspector at the Hermitage Gallery. After looking at the fake Romanoff Star for a few seconds he realizes it is a fake, and smashes it on the ground.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Train Switch Operator

    Played by: Unknown

    Description: This man's quick thinking puts Bond's Mercedes onto an adjacent track to Octopussy's train, allowing Bond to pull up beside it and hop aboard.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    U.S. General

    Played by: Bruce Boa

    Description: While attending Octopussy's circus on a U.S. Air Force base, he finds that he must allow a "clown" to disarm a nuclear device.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    U.S. Aide

    Played by: Richard LeParmentier

    Description: This man is an aide to the U.S. General. The two of them are attending Octopussy's circus, along with Octopussy, Kamal, Gobinda and Magda.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    U.S. Air Force Base Guard

    Played by: Unknown

    Description: A gate guard at the U.S. Air Force Base, this man futilely tries to stop Bond from entering.
    [Octopussy Characters]

    Francisco the Fearless

    Played by: Richard Graydon

    Description: Francisco the Fearless is man who gets shot out of a cannon at Octopussy's circus. He offers a bit of comic relief after the tense disarming sequence.
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