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Mission: Moonraker
Released: June 27, 1979
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Budget: $34 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $202.7 Million
Running Time: 126 Minutes

Villain: Hugo Drax
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The murder of all life on earth
Henchmen: Jaws, Chang
Girls: Jet Hostess, Holly Goodhead,
          Corinne DuFour, Manuella
Allies: Gogol, Colonel Scott
Bond's Kill Count: 4
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For Sale
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[Moonraker Special Edition]
The Gadgets:
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: Wrist Dart Gun
Status: In Storage

Description: To be worn times by all Double-0's in the field, this dart gun responds to the movement of the wrist. It was used twice: first to escape the G-Force emulator machine, and later to kill Drax.
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: Safe Cracker
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this device to break into a safe at the Drax compound in California. The safe contains secret documents on the creation of the death globes for the Moonraker space station.
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: 007 Camera
Status: In Storage

Description: A humorous device when one considers that a secret agent is not supposed to draw attention to his identity, this small camera is used to photograph the documents Bond finds in Drax's safe.
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: Moonraker Laser
Status: In Storage

Description: These laser guns are being tested by Q Branch and are later used by both the United States Space Marines and Drax's guards during the film's finale.
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: Gondola Hydrofoil
Status: In Storage

Description: Perhaps the most unbelievable Bond gadget of all time is this gondola that turned into a hydrofoil and even made a pigeon do a double-take. Still, it was a great way to escape his water-bound assailants.
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: CIA Black Book
Status: In Storage

Description: One of Holly Goodhead's CIA gadgets, this black book has a deadly dart that shoots out of the binding.
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: CIA Deadly Pen
Status: In Storage

Description: Another of Holly Goodhead's CIA gadgets, this pen has a razor-sharp end and dispenses a poisonous liquid when clicked. Bond uses this pen to kill Drax's python in Brazil.
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: Q's Hydrofoil Boat
Status: Destroyed

Description: This boat is equipped with rockets, jet propulsion, and a hand-glider that can be used in an escape. Bond uses it while he is escaping from Jaws.
[Moonraker Gadget]
Gadget: Seiko Watch
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond's watch on the Moonraker mission is a Seiko containing a string of plastic explosives powerful enough to blow up the grating in a rocket pit.