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You Only Live Twice At-a-Glance

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You Only Live Twice - Fan Reviews

You Only Live Twice Movie PosterUniversal Exports' Original Review:
A far cry from Fleming's original novel, this movie started out strong but quickly faltered after Bond's departure from the MI6 submarine. The plot was too far-fetched, considering the history of the films. Blofeld's volcano, although an ingenious concept, was implausible and didn't fit with the tradition of Bond films. The locations were beautiful, as were the women. Although Aki was worthy of Bond, Kissy was another stereotypical Bond girl who added little to the story. The high point of the film was the Little Nellie sequence. Only in a Bond film can a fully functioning, deadly helicopter fit into four suitcases. As for Connery, he is beginning to show his years. As a whole, the movie's replay value is low; it seems to lose something with every viewing.

Mark Reimiller
If someone who had never seen a James Bond movie asked me to recommend just ONE film to give them a good idea of what the whole 007 experience is like, I'd advise they watch YOLT. However, this recommendation would be prefaced w/the advice that they ignore the laughable 1960's special effects, (check out the STRINGS on the Russian space capsule!!), the lapses in continuity, (palm trees in Russia!?!) and the rather bad-looking rear screen pro- jection scenes (of which there are TOO many).

If it seems that I am being rather harsh on this film, bear in mind that it is said w/great affection. Take away these few forgivable faults, and you have, in my opinion, one of the best & most stylish adventures in the Bond series. This DOES seem to be the one movie that most people remember. Certainly comedian Mike Meyers remembered it when concocting "Austin Powers". Does that mean that it is ripe for parody?? Of course! This entry in the James Bond collection is the epitome of the Fantasy World of 007--- spectacular sets, (Ken Adams' volcano set is incredible.) innovative gadgets, (little nellie, the mini rocket cigarrette---NEVER give James Bond his cigarrettes!!) sexy women, (Kissy & Aki) and lush scenery. (If this movie plays like a travelouge occassionally, that's fine.

I've never been to Japan, but it LOOKS GREAT!) We are also treated to the definitive Blofeld as portrayed by Donald Pleasance. bald head, beige tunic, white cat, ect. PLUS ---perhaps Bond's coolest ally of the series---Tiger Tanaka. To me, Sean Connery looks his best in this film & gives us a very smooth & self-assured 007. All in all, the quintessential adventure of the screen's best-loved secret agent. Recommend it to a friend!


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