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You Only Live Twice At-a-Glance

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You Only Live Twice - Characters

[YOLT Characters]

Hawaii CapCom

Played by: Ed Bishop

Description: This man is in charge of communications at NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas when SPECTRE steals the first space ship during the pre-title sequence.

[YOLT Characters]

Russian Diplomat

Played by: George Murcell

Description: After the theft of the American space ship in the pre-title sequence, diplomats from around the world meet to discuss who is responsible. This is the Russian diplomat.

[YOLT Characters]

American Diplomat

Played by: David Bauer

Description: After the theft of the American space ship in the pre-title sequence, diplomats from around the world meet to discuss who is responsible. This is the American diplomat.

[YOLT Characters]

Foreign Secretary

Played by: Robin Bailey

Description: At the same meeting, the British Foreign Secretary suggests that the space ship landed in Japan, which went against all the other men's thoughts in the room.

[YOLT Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Sean Connery

Description: In what was originally supposed to be his final portrayal of Bond, Sean Connery returns for a fifth time in You Only Live Twice. A bit older looking, Connery seems out of place amongst the huge sets and outlandish plot.

[YOLT Characters]

Hong Kong Girl

Played by: Tsai Chin (I)

Description: This woman is about to become another of Bond's lovers in Hong Kong before assassins come in and shoot 007, faking his death during the pre-title sequence.

[YOLT Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: Moneypenny finally gets to leave the office when she accompanies M to a submarine in the Hong Kong harbor. After their usual playful flirting, she tosses Bond a copy of "Instant Japanese," to which Bond replies "you forget...I took a first in oriental languages at Cambridge." Years later, in a novel, we learn that this line was a lie to impress Moneypenny.

[YOLT Characters]


Played by: Bernard Lee

Description: M, in full Admiral gear, briefs Bond on a submarine after his 'funeral.' Informing Bond, "this is the big one," M stresses just how important this mission is to the future of the world.

[YOLT Characters]


Played by: Sadoyanama

Description: Upon his arrival in Japan, Bond meets with the sumo wrestler Sadoyanama who gives him tickets to the match.

[YOLT Characters]


Played by: Akiko Wakabayashi

Description: Aki is Bond's main love interest in Japan in addition to being a loyal and capable agent of Tiger Tanaka and the Japanese Secret Service. She is killed by ingesting poison meant for Bond.

[YOLT Characters]

Dikko Henderson

Played by: Charles Grey

Description: Dikko Henderson is a fellow member of the Secret Service, operating out of Japan. Henderson lost his leg in Singapore in '42 and offers Bond a vodka martini, stirred, not shaken before he is killed by one of Osato's thugs.

[YOLT Characters]

Car Driver

Played by: Peter Fanene Maivia

Description: This man is one of Osato's thugs who drives Bond back to Osato Chemicals, thinking that he is in fact a fellow thug in pain. Bond and this man fight to the death inside the office building.

[YOLT Characters]

Tiger Tanaka

Played by: Tetsuro Tamba

Description: The head of the Japanese Secret Service and Bond's main ally for the film, Tiger Tanaka is an energetic man filled with life. He is with 007 on every step of his journey from his arrival in Japan through the final assault on Blofeld's volcano.

[YOLT Characters]

Bond's Masseuse

Played by: Jeanne Roland

Description: This woman is one of Tiger's personal masseuses who Bond requests for a massage. That massage is cut short, however, when Aki shows up to complete the job.

[YOLT Characters]

Osato's Secretary

Played by: Michael Chin

Description: This man is Osato's secretary who spies on Bond when he is waiting in Osato's office. He is also one of the two men counting down to liftoff at Blofeld's Volcano.

[YOLT Characters]


Played by: Teru Shimada

Description: Osato is a Japanese industrialist and SPECTRE agent. As the president of Osato Chemicals, he provides liquid oxygen to Blofeld who uses it as a propellant for his Intruder space ship.

[YOLT Characters]

Helga Brandt

Played by: Karin Dor

Description: A poor man's Fiona Volpe, Helga is Osato's confidential secretary as well as SPECTRE Agent 11. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Bond, Blofeld punishes Helga by feeding her to his pet piranhas.

[YOLT Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: Q joins Bond in Japan to equip him with the Little Nellie gyrocopter. Although his scene is short, he supplies Bond with one of the most memorable gadgets in the series' history.

[YOLT Characters]

Russian Spacecraft Communicator

Played by: Richard Marner

Description: This man is on duty when SPECTRE steals the Russian space ship, en route to World War III.

[YOLT Characters]

American President

Played by: Alexander Knox

Description: The President of the United States is in the war room when SPECTRE steals the Russian space ship. He is convinced that the Russians are stealing their own ship, and dismisses the British idea of them landing in Japan.

[YOLT Characters]

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Played by: Donald Pleasence

Description: For the first time, Blofeld is leading SPECTRE's plan on his own. Played by Donald Pleasence, the cat stroking criminal mastermind finally reveals his face after only seeing his torso in From Russia With Love and Thunderball.

[YOLT Characters]


Played by: Ronald Rich

Description: Hans is Blofeld's personal bodyguard who engages in hand-to-hand combat with Bond during the film's finale. He meets the same fate as Helga Brandt when Bond throws him into the piranha pool.

[YOLT Characters]

Blofeld's Financer

Played by: Hisako Katakura

Description: Hisako Katakura plays the man who is paying Blofeld to start World War III between Russia and America.

[YOLT Characters]

Tiger's Ninja

Played by: Unknown

Description: While Tiger has many ninjas at his training camp, this one is perhaps the most famous from all his screen-time during the trailer and his screaming attack with a sword.

[YOLT Characters]

Kissy Suzuki

Played by: Mie Hama

Description: Kissy is Bond's 'wife' in Japan and an agent of the Japanese Secret Service. She aid him on his assault of Blofeld's volcano and the two of them wind up alone in an escape raft after they complete their mission.

[YOLT Characters]

Countdown Voice

Played by: Bert Kwouk

Description: This man counts down to liftoff for the final flight of Blofeld's Intruder space ship.


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