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Mission: Licence to Kill
Released: June 13, 1989
Bond: Timothy Dalton
Director: John Glen
Budget: $42 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $34.6 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $156.2 Million
Running Time: 133 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 005

Villain: Franz Sanchez
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Selling cocaine
Henchmen: Dario, Heller, Truman-Lodge, Milton Krest
Girls: Pam Bouvier, Lupe Lamora
Allies: Q, Felix Leiter, Sharkey
Bond's Kill Count: 12
Bond's Conquest Count: 2
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[License To Kill Special Edition]
The Characters (in order of appearance):
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Coast Guard Radio Operator

Played by: Mark Kelty

Description: This man radioed Felix Leiter (who was on his way to his wedding) to let him know that they had a chance to arrest Sanchez. The voice on the radio, however, was not of this actor but that of Michael G. Wilson.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Frank McRae

Description: Sharkey was Felix Leiter's good friend and CIA coworker. He was killed by Milton Crest's goons while piloting a boat for Bond.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Timothy Dalton

Description: Timothy Dalton was the perfect Bond actor to take 007 out of HMSS and on the run. Dalton once again played Bond as the ruthless and cold-blooded killer that Ian Fleming saw him to be and puts in one of the more believable performances of the series. Too bad it would turn out to be his last one.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Felix Leiter

Played by: David Hedison

Description: David Hedison became the only actor in the series to return as Felix Leiter, reprising the role he first played in Live and Let Die. Sadly, he does not get much screen time as the entire film circles around Bond seeking revenge on Sanchez after he fed Leiter's legs to sharks.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Grand L. Bush

Description: Hawkins is a DEA agent in Key West who was there when they first apprehended Sanchez and later told Bond that the Felix Leiter case is out Bond's jurisdiction and that he should go home.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

DEA Agent

Played by: Unknown

Description: This DEA agent accompanies Hawkins in the pre-title sequence.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Gerardo Albarrán

Description: Alvarez made the mistake of bedding Lupe Lamora, who is Franz Sanchez's lover. As a result, Sanchez tracks them down in the Bahamas, cuts out his heart and gives it to Lupe.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Alejandro Bracho

Description: Perez is one of Sanchez's main henchmen, despite having no lines. He helps hold down Alvarez and basically follows around Sanchez any time he leaves his Isthmus City headquarters.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Franz Sanchez

Played by: Robert Davi

Description: Sanchez is a ruthless drug lord who operates out of Isthmus City, which he practically runs himself. His capture by Felix Leiter leads him to maim Felix and thereby creates the entire plot of the film.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Benicio Del Toro

Description: Long before he was nominated for Oscars, Benicio Del Toro played Dario: Sanchez's main henchman. Dario is there for all the major Sanchez scenes, just waiting for orders to kill someone. It is his recognition of Bond at the meditation compound that leads to the film's finale.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Della Churchill

Played by: Priscilla Barnes

Description: One almost has to feel sorry to any woman getting married in a Bond film. Della enjoys one day of being married to Felix before she is murdered by Sanchez.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Della's Uncle

Played by: Samuel Benjamin Lancaster

Description: Della's uncle a main part of the wedding sequences and is not a big fan of her marriage to Felix. He is in the limo with her when they have to circle around the church because Felix is away on a mission.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

DEA Pilot

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man co-pilots the DEA helicopter in the pre-title sequence.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

DEA Pilot 2

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man co-pilots the DEA helicopter in the pre-title sequence.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Ed Killifer

Played by: Everett McGill

Description: Ed Killifer is Felix Leiter's coworker and good friend who helps get Sanchez out of jail for a two million dollar bribe. It is his actions that directly lead to Felix's maiming.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Pam Bovier

Played by: Carey Lowell

Description: Pam Bovier is the main Bond Girl of the film as well as being a CIA contact trying to bring down Sanchez for trafficking Stinger missiles. She winds up helping Bond in every aspect of his mission from getting a plane to fly to Isthmus City to helping him escape during the film's climax.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

US Marshall Driver

Played by: Chick Bernhardt

Description: In this man's few moments of screen time he gets to drive the truck transporting Sanchez and then is knocked unconscious when Killifer hits him in the face with the butt of a shotgun.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Ticket Agent

Played by: Teresa Blake

Description: While "checking him out," this woman gets Bond's return ticket ready for him moments before he learns that Sanchez has escaped.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Warehouse Guard

Played by: Carl Ciarfalio

Description: This man guards the Wavekrest warehouse where Felix was maimed and eventually dies by being locked in a closing drawer filled with live maggots and cocaine.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Robert Brown

Description: M first meets Bond in the Hemingway House in Key West, Florida. It is there that Bond tenders his resignation and goes off rogue. M later scolds Moneypenny for following up on Bond and making too many mistakes in her work.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Wavekrest Captain

Played by: Roger Cudney

Description: The Wavekrest captain gets a lot of screen time as Bond is frequently hopping aboard the Wavekrest to stir up trouble.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Eddie Edenfield

Description: This man was directly responsible for Sharkey's death. Bond got his revenge, however, as Clive met is demise at the end of a speargun shot to the chest.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Seaplane Pilot

Played by: Andrew Castillo

Description: This man pilots the seaplane used to do the drug deal in the middle of the water with the Wavekrest. He is thrown out of the plane while it is in the air by Bond.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Barrelhead Waitress

Played by: Edna Bolkan

Description: This woman takes Bond and Pam's drink order and then finds herself in the middle of a huge brawl.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Man in Bar

Played by: Branscombe Richmond

Description: Branscombe Richmond plays a man in the Barrelhead bar where Bond and Pam meet.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Barrelhead Stripper

Played by: Jeannine Bisignano

Description: This poor stripper is in the middle of the melee between Bond, Pam, Dario and the rest of the thugs at the Barrelhead Bar.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Caroline Bliss

Description: For the first time in the series, Moneypenny and Bond do not directly interact. Instead, Moneypenny is trying to keep a caring eye on Bond from afar and even sends Q to help him in the field.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Isthmus City Hotel Bellboy

Played by: Sergio Corona

Description: This man shows Bond and Pam to their room in their Isthmus City hotel, Hotel Mar y Tierra.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Claudio Brook

Description: Montelongo is the manager at the Banco de Isthmus who Bond meets with to deposit his five million dollars.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Cynthia Fallon

Description: Consuelo is Montelongo's secretary who helps him count Bond's money at the Banco de Isthmus.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Bank Employee

Played by: Unknown

Description: This little man spends all his screen time carrying Bond's metal money briefcases in and out of Montelongo's office.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Anthony Starke

Description: Truman-Lodge is Sanchez's personal accountant and friend. He is always by Sanchez's side until Sanchez shoots him in a fit of rage during the film's climax.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Professor Joe Butcher

Played by: Wayne Newton

Description: Las Vegas' own Wayne Newton plays Professor Joe Butcher, a phony TV evangelist who's meditation chapel is actually a cover operation for Sanchez's drug business.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Casino Manager

Played by: Juan Peláez

Description: This man shows Bond and Pam to their private blackjack table at the casino in Isthmus City.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Description: Kwang is a Hong Kong Narcotics agent who had infiltrated the group of men preparing to buy drugs from Sanchez.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Diana Lee Hsu

Description: Played by an ex-Playboy playmate, Loti is another Hong Kong Narcotics agent who is posing as Kwang's girlfriend.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Asian Tycoon

Played by: Osami Kawawo

Description: This man is one of the Asian drug dealers who meets with Sanchez.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Casino Pit Boss

Played by: Jorge Russek

Description: This man is the pit boss for the table where Bond and Pam are playing blackjack in the casino in Isthmus City.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Don Stroud

Description: Heller is Sanchez's head of security who also runs Sanchez's Isthmus City army. He is directly dealing with Pam in her sting operation related to the stinger missiles.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Hotel Desk Manager

Played by: Humberto Elizondo

Description: This man tells Bond that his Uncle has arrived at their hotel.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: For the first time in the series, Q has a major role acting as a field agent in Isthmus City. After Moneypenny asks him to check up on Bond, Q comes through with a briefcase full of gadgets. He later helps Bond infiltrate the Wavekrest as well as the meditation chapel.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Asian Drug Lords

Played by: Unknown

Description: These are two of the Asian drug lords doing business with Sanchez.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Asian Drug Lord

Played by: Unknown

Description: This is another of the the Asian drug lords doing business with Sanchez.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

President Hector Lopez

Played by: Pedro Armendáriz Jr.

Description: Pedro Armendáriz Jr., son of Pedro Armendáriz who played Ali Kerem Bey in From Russia With Love plays the president of Isthmus City. President Lopez is completely loyal to Sanchez.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Stuart Quan

Description: Stuart Quan plays one of the ninjas working with Kwang when they capture Bond after he tries to kill Sanchez in his office.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Unknown

Description: This woman plays the other ninja working with Kwang when they capture Bond after he tries to kill Sanchez in his office.
[Licence to Kill Characters]


Played by: Christopher Neame

Description: Fallon is a British agent who is allied with Hong Kong Narcotics and tries to take Bond back to MI6 moments before Sanchez kills everyone inside except Bond.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Sanchez's House Guard

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is a guard at Sanchez's private villa and accidentally lets both Lupe and Bond get away. Pretty much your standard inept Bond movie guard.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Chief Chemist

Played by: Honorato Magaloni

Description: This man is the chief chemist at the meditation chapel who has come up with a way to hide cocaine in ordinary gasoline.
[Licence to Kill Characters]

Tanker Driver

Played by: José Abdala

Description: This man was driving the tanker that Bond took over by kicking him out of it during the movie's climax.
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