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Mission: Goldfinger
Released: September 20, 1964
Bond: Sean Connery
Director: Guy Hamilton
Budget: $3.5 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $124.9 Million
Running Time: 111 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 006

Villain: Auric Goldfinger
Organization: Red China
Scheme: The detonation of a nuclear device inside Fort Knox
Henchmen: Oddjob
Girls: Jill Masterson, Pussy Galore
Allies: Felix Leiter
Bond's Kill Count: 2
Bond's Conquest Count: 4
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[Goldfinger Special Edition]
The Characters (In Order of Appereance):
[Goldfinger Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Sean Connery

Description: In what is arguably his best portrayal of 007, Sean Connery returns to the role to battle Goldfinger and stop his plot to detonate a nuclear device in Fort Knox.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Raymond Young

Description: Sierra is Bond's South American contact in the pre-title sequence. He warns Bond not to stick around after Mr. Ramirz's heroin operation is destroyed.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Nadja Regin

Description: A double agent posing as a flamenco dancer, Bonita lures Bond to her dressing room in the pre-title sequence. There, he picks her up out of the bathtub, kisses her, and then sees Capungo's reflection in her eyes.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Alf Joint

Description: Spanish for "Thug," Capungo sneaks up behind Bond when he is kissing Bonita in her dressing room. After a struggle, Bond throws Capungo into the tub and knocks an electric heater in with him, electrocuting the would-be assassin.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Margaret Nolan

Description: Dink is breifly seen giving Bond a massage by the pool of the Fontainbleau Hotel when Felix Leiter comes by to give 007 his orders.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Felix Leiter

Played by: Cec Linder

Description: After giving Bond his orders in Miami, Felix later trails him in Kentucky and aids 007 in his final battle at Fort Knox.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Auric Goldfinger

Played by: Gert Frobe

Description: The villain of the movie, Goldfinger's plan is to detonate a nuclear device inside Fort Knox, making the gold untouchable for 58 years. He is being paid by Mr. Ling and the Red Chinese Army who want to destabilize the Western economic system.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Mr. Simmons

Played by: Austin Willis

Description: Goldfinger's gin pigeon in Miami Beach, Mr. Simmons has lost $10,000 before Bond turns the tables on Goldfinger.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Jill Masterson

Played by: Shirley Eaton

Description: Jill Masterson is one of the most famous Bond girls due to her death by asphyxiation after Oddjob covers her in gold paint. One of Goldfinger's girls, Jill is helping him cheat in gin when Bond finds her.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Bernard Lee

Description: M's briefing includes a trip to Colonel Smithers' house for a fine dinner, some brandy and much talk about gold. This is the first time we see M out of the office and it is an interesting insight into his character when he seems to be upstaged by Bond and barks at him.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: The ever-faithful Moneypenny refuses to believe that Bond has a work appointment for dinner. However, once M informs her Bond is telling the truth, she goes back to her usual affectionate ways.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Colonel Smithers

Played by: Richard Vernon

Description: A Bank of England executive, Colonel Smithers briefs Bond and M on Goldfinger's activities and lends 007 a bar of gold to lure in Goldfinger.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: Bond's first visit to Q Branch is filled with glances at Q-projects in the background. Q gives 007 his gadgets including the famous Aston Martin DB5. After describing the ejector seat, Bond suggests that he is joking to which Q responds, "I never joke about my work 007."
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Harold Sakata

Description: Oddjob is Goldfinger's mute henchman. He is incredibly strong and uses his razor sharp bowler hat to decapitate a statue and kill Jill Masterson. Oddjob is electrocuted when trying to retrieve his hat in Fort Knox.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Gerry Duggan

Description: During his golf match with Goldfinger, Bond is partnered up with a caddy who is more than thrilled to be a part of Bond's golf-ball double-cross.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Tilly Masterson

Played by: Tania Mallet

Description: Jill Masterson's sister, Tilly is out for revenge on Goldfinger. After following him to Switzerland, Tilly meets up with Bond and meets her untimely demise at the hands of Oddjob's bowler hat.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Mr. Ling

Played by: Burt Kwouk

Description: Mr. Ling is a Red Chinese specialist in nuclear fission who is providing Goldfinger with the "nuclear device."
[Goldfinger Characters]

Pussy Galore

Played by: Honor Blackman

Description: Pussy Galore starts out working for Goldfinger. However, after Bond "appeals to her maternal instinct" she switches to the side of good, helps switch the Delta-9 nerve gas and winds up with Bond under a parachute after Goldfinger's death.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Mei Lingk

Description: This gold-clad stewardess informs Bond that his black attaché case was damaged when examined. She also tries to spy on Bond when he freshens up in Goldfinger's plane.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Tricia Muller

Description: Pussy Galore's copilot on Goldfinger's jet, she is also the leading member of Pussy Galore's Flying Circus.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Pussy Galore's Flying Circus

Played by: Unknown

Description: The pilots of Pussy Galore's Flying Circus are responsible for spraying the Delta-9 nerve gas over Fort Knox.
[Goldfinger Characters]


Played by: Peter Cranwell

Description: This man joins Felix Leiter when they are trailing Bond around Kentucky.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Inept Guard

Played by: Unknown

Description: The first of many inept guards in a Bond film, this man is fooled when he thinks Bond has magically disappeared out of his cell. After going in to investigate, Bond knocks him out and learns about Operation Grand Slam.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Mr. Solo

Played by: Martin Benson

Description: Mr. Solo is the one gangster who opts out of Goldfinger's plan. After loading his car with gold bullion, Oddjob drives to a car-junkyard where both Mr. Solo and the gold are crushed into a cube.
[Goldfinger Characters]

Atomic Specialist

Played by: Robert MacLeod

Description: This man stops the "nuclear device" right before it would have gone off. He originally stopped it at 003 seconds, hence Bond's "three more ticks" line. However, this was changed in the American release version to 007.
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