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Mission: The Man With The Golden Gun
Released: December 19, 1974
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: Guy Hamilton
Budget: $7 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $97.6 Million
Running Time: 125 Minutes

Villain: Francisco Scaramanga
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The theft and misuse of a Solex Agitator
Henchmen: Nick Nack
Girls: Mary Goodnight, Andrea Anders
Allies: Hip, JW Pepper
Bond's Kill Count: 1
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For Sale
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The Characters (in order of appearance):
[TMWTGG Characters]

Nick Nack

Played by: Hervé Villechaize

Description: Attempting to cash in on the popularity of Fantasy Island, the producers cast Hervé Villechaize in the role of Scaramanga's henchman. Not particularly menacing, Nick Nack's best scenes involve the fun house where Scaramanga hunts his victims.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Mark Lawrence

Description: This man comes to Scaramanga's island to kill him and take the reward of $1 million. However, after getting lost in the fun house, this man falls victim to Scaramanga's golden gun.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Francisco Scaramanga

Played by: Christopher Lee

Description: Scaramanaga is the Man With the Golden Gun, a for-hire assassin who has a great affinity for James Bond. He charges $1 million per hit, but during his spare time he is also developing a high-powered laser to further his criminal enterprises. In the end it is his hubris that allows Bond to get the better of him.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Andrea Anders

Played by: Maud Adams

Description: Making her first appearance in a Bond film, Maud Adams plays Andrea Anders, Scaramanga's mistress. It is Anders who sends Bond the golden bullet in an attempt to trick Bond into killing Scaramanga.
[TMWTGG Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Roger Moore

Description: In his second turn as Agent 007, Roger Moore brings the same light-hearted attitude to the character. Unfortunately, in this tale of cat-and-mouse suspense and edge-of-your-seat action, Moore's portrayal actually works against him. He seems too friendly to be engaged in the hunt for Scaramanga. Additionally, he is still perfecting his character.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Bernard Lee

Description: M's role in this film is perhaps the low point of the series. Gone is the relationship that the two men have had for the past eight films and it is replaced by M barking at 007 with a seeming disgust for the man. He also tells Q to 'shutup,' another out-of-character action for Bond's boss.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Chief of Staff

Played by: Unknown

Description: The Chief of Staff makes a brief appearance in M's office when Bond first comes in for his mission debriefing.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: James Cossins

Description: Colthorpe is a ballistics expert who identifies Scaramanga as the man who sent Bond the golden bullet. He also is present in M's office in the beginning of the movie.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: In what seems to be a trend for MI6 in this film, Moneypenny is irate with Bond by the time they say their goodbyes. Bond asks why Scaramanga was never identified as Bill Fairbanks' killer and Moneypenny angrily replies, "Because they never found the bullet."
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Carmen du Sautoy

Description: Saida is the belly dancer who was having an affair with 002, Bill Fairbanks, when he was killed. She found the bullet and keeps it in her belly button as a good luck charm.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Fat Beirut Thug

Played by: George Silver

Description: In his brief scene, this man sends his henchman after Bond when he sees that Bond is taking an interest in Saida.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Unknown

Description: The fat Beirut Thug sends Ahmed in after Bond when he follows Saida into her dressing room.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Mary Goodnight

Played by: Britt Ekland

Description: Mary Goodnight is a British agent sent in to aid Bond in his mission. Bond considers her a nuisance as she frequently bungles her side of the operation. Regardless, she is still Bond's primary love interest of the movie.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Bottoms Up Waitress

Played by: Keiko Mari

Description: This waitress works at the Bottoms Up Club when Hip and Gibson are inside.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Lieutenant Hip

Played by: Soon-Tek Oh

Description: Lieutenant Hip is Bond's ally in Hong Kong. He helps Bond sneak into Hai Fat's compound, escape from the ninja training camp and retrieve the Solex Agitator from Andrea Anders.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Gordon Everett

Description: Gibson is a missing solar power expert who has perfected the Solex Agitator. Unfortunately, he is assassinated by Scaramanga and has the Solex stolen before he can turn it over to Hip and the British.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: In one of his most shameful roles, Q is reduced to being M's whiping boy. Told to "shut up" on numerous occasions, it is a portrayal that most Bond fans would like to forget.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Hai Fat

Played by: Richard Loo

Description: Hai Fat is a sinister Bangkok-based industrialist and the head of Hai Fat Enterprises. He is determined to acquire a monopoly on solar power and hires Scaramanga to help him. However, Scaramanga double-crosses Hai Fat, kills him and takes the Solex for himself.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Pool Girl

Played by: Unknown

Description: This beautiful Asian girl is swimming in Hai Fat's pool when Bond infiltrates his compound.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Cheung Cheun Nam

Description: One of Hip's nieces, Nara is an expert in Karate and uses her skills to help Bond out of a jam at the ninja training school.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Hip's Other Niece

Played by: Joie Pacharintraporn

Description: Hip's other niece teams up with Nara to help Bond escape from the ninja training school.
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Chan Yiu Lam

Description: Chula is the highest ninja at the ninja training school. After fighting Bond for a few minutes it seems apparent that Bond is going to lose the battle. To counter, Bond jumps out a window and begins his escape.
[TMWTGG Characters]

JW Pepper

Played by: Clifton James

Description: JW Pepper returns in a bit part when Bond is being chased by thugs from the ninja training school. He later returns in the car Bond steals to pursue Scaramanga.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Mrs. Pepper

Played by: Unknown

Description: Unlike in Live and Let Die, JW Pepper is on vacation in Hong Kong with his wife. She is portrayed as a typical American tourist.
[TMWTGG Characters]

Swimming Salesboy

Played by: Unknown

Description: This boy swims around the river in Hong Kong trying to sell wood elephants to tourists. Bond offers him 20,000 Bahts to make his motor pan go faster and when it works, Bond simply pushes him off the boat. The boy replies, "Bloody tourist!"
[TMWTGG Characters]


Played by: Sonny Caldinez

Description: One of Scaramanga's staff, Fraizer spent most of his screen time checking out Goodnight. He meets his demise after being struck in the back of the head by Goodnight and a large pipe.
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