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Mission: GoldenEye
Released: November 17, 1995
Bond: Pierce Brosnan
Director: Martin Campbell
Budget: $60 Million
U.S. Boxoffice: $106.4 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $356.4 Million
Running Time: 124 Minutes
UnivEx Rating: 005

Villain: Alec Trevelyan
Organization: Self-Employed (Janus)
Scheme: Money theft and the destruction of all electronic
               devices in England
Henchmen: General Ourumov, Xenia Onnatop,
                   Boris Grishenko
Girls: Natalia Simonova, Caroline
Allies: Jack Wade, Valentin Zukovksy
Bond's Kill Count: 12
Bond's Conquest Count: 2
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[GoldenEye Special Edition]
The Gadgets:
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Carabineer
Status: Lost

Description: Perhaps the most simple of gadgets, Bond uses this carabineer to bungee jump in the pre-title sequence.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Grappling/Laser Gun
Status: Lost

Description: This gun aided Bond after his bungee jump by pulling him towards the entrance and then cutting it open with the laser.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Keypad Decoder
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond and 006 use this keypad decoder to break into high-security areas of the Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Timer Explosive
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond and 006 set the timer on these bombs around the Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility for six minutes ...except for the one Bond sets to three minutes, thereby scaring 006's face.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Propeller Jet
Status: Unknown

Description: After escaping from the Arkangel facility, Bond drives a motorcycle off a cliff to catch up with this freefalling plane that he gets into and uses to fly to safety.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Aston Martin DB5
Status: In Storage

Description: According to the novels, Bond purchased his old Aston Martin DB5 and now uses it as his personal car. In GoldenEye he races Xenia in it as well as using it to seduce Caroline, the woman sent to evaluate him.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Ferrari Spider 355
Status: Unknown

Description: This beautiful Ferrari is driven by Xenia when she first meets Bond, just after the title sequence.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Transmitting Camera
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this transmitting camera to send photos of Xenia and the Manticore back to MI6 where they are processed by Moneypenny.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Car Transmitter
Status: In Storage

Description: While it may be his personal car, Bond's Aston Martin still has a host of gadgets in it including this printer and transmitter that connects directly to MI6. After sending Moneypenny photos from his transmitting camera, she replies with the identity of Xenia and everything they know about the Manticore yacht.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Tiger Helicopter
Status: Destroyed

Description: The Tiger Helicopter is a prototype that is resistant to all electromagnetic radiation and interference. After stealing it and using it to hijack the GoldenEye, 006 tries to destroy the evidence as well as Bond and Natalya by strapping them into the helicopter and attacking it with its own missiles.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Boris' Severnaya Computer
Status: Destroyed

Description: Boris uses this computer to hack into computer systems around the world as well as to send his "Spike" program. An interesting tidbit, if you look at the lower left hand corner of the monitor you can see Star Trek logos.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Voice Verification
Status: Destroyed

Description: This is the voice verification system at Severnaya that Ourumov uses to gain entry.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Handprint Verification
Status: Destroyed

Description: After passing through the voice verification system, Ourumov must place his hand on this pad to get the access codes for the GoldenEye.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: GoldenEye
Status: Destroyed

Description: This is the GoldenEye device. These two keys had to be turned at the same time in order to activate the targeting device. The actual GoldenEye is the device in the center which contains the targeting info.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Petya Satellite
Status: Used

Description: Much like it's twin, Mischa, the Petya satellite is capable of shooting off an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The Petya is used to destroy Severnaya while the Mischa burns up upon reentry into the Earth's atmosphere during the film's climax.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: X-Ray Document Scanner
Status: In Storage

Description: One of Q's devices that is never used on Bond's mission, this X-ray document scanner doubles as a coffee tray. Q shows Bond that he can clearly see his ticket through the envelope on the computer monitor.

Click here to view a screen capture of Bond's ticket.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: BMW Z3
Status: In Storage

Description: One of the few cars Bond ever gets from Q that is not destroyed, the Z3 was more eye-candy than a useful vehicle on his mission. It features a parachute breaking system, stinger missiles, ejector seat and all-points radar ...though none of these are every used.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Grappling Belt
Status: Lost in the Field

Description: This was no ordinary belt. It shot a grappling beam 100 feet and could support Bond's weight. He used it to escape from the Russian Hall of Records.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Omega Seamaster
Status: Destroyed

Description: A new Bond means a new watch. This time it was an Omega that had a laser and a on/off switch for explosives. "Still press here?" (Alec Trevelyan)
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Explosive Pen
Status: Destroyed

Description: The now-famous exploding pen that armed up after three clicks. Boris loved this pen; until it blew up.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Q's Lunch
Status: Digested

Description: The final joke in Q's lab involves Bond playing with a sandwich on the table. Q replies, quite annoyed, "Don't touch that. That's my lunch!"
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Jack Wade's Car
Status: Unknown

Description: In stark contrast to Bond's Aston Martins and BMWs, Jack Wade drives this old piece of junk in St. Petersburg that he has to use a hammer to start.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: The Tank
Status: Destroyed

Description: In perhaps one of the most memorable chases in the series, Bond steals a Russian tank and uses it to chase Ourumov through the streets of St. Petersburg. During the chase, Bond destroys numerous buildings and cars before taking a moment to admire his handiwork and fix his tie.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Armored Train
Status: Destroyed

Description: Trevelyan, Ourumov and Xenia use this old Russian armored train as a mobile headquarters. After chasing Ourumov with the tank, Bond boards the train, kills Ourumov and learns the location of 006's secret base before Alec's explosives destroy the train.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Jack Wade's Plane
Status: Destroyed

Description: Jack Wade trades Bond this plane for his BMW Z3 so that 007 and Natalya can go investigate the satellite dish in Cuba.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: 006's Satellite Base
Status: Destroyed

Description: Doubling as a pond in the middle of the jungle, 006 uses this satellite base in Cuba to run his dastardly scheme of EMP'ing London back into the stone age.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Remote Mine
Status: Destroyed

Description: After infiltrating 006's satellite base, Bond arms this remote mine on a canister of flammable material. Unfortunately for him, Trevelyan realizes that his watch is the detonator and turns the mines off.
[GoldenEye Gadget] Gadget: Finale Helicopter
Status: Unknown

Description: Natalya hijacks this helicopter to rescue Bond from the top of the exploding satellite dish.
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