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Mission: For Your Eyes Only
Released: June 25, 1981
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: John Glen
Budget: $28 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $194.9 Million
Running Time: 128 Minutes

Villain: Aris Kristatos
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The sale of an ATAC decoder to the KGB
Henchmen: Eric Kriegler, Emile Locque, Gonzalez
Girls: Melina Havelock, Bibi, Countess Lisl
Allies: Columbo, Jacoba Brink, Luigi Ferrara
Bond's Kill Count: 9
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For Sale
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[FYEO Special Edition]
The Gadgets:
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Blofeld's Wheelchair Control Panel
Status: Destroyed

Description: Blofeld uses this wheelchair control panel to pilot the Universal Exports helicopter in the pre-title sequence when he is trying to kill Bond.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Universal Exports Helicopter
Status: In Storage

Description: This Universal Exports helicopter picks Bond up at Tracy's grave during the pre-title sequence. Blofeld takes control of it in an attempt to kill Bond.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: ATAC
Status: Destroyed

Description: An acronym for Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator, the ATAC was lost when the St. Georges was sunk. The movie revolved around Bond, Kristatos and Gogol trying to recover it.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Hector Gonzales's Plane
Status: Unknown

Description: Hector Gonzales pilots this plane when he delivers Melina to her parents boat, shortly before he guns them down.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Lotus Esprit
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond once again drives a Lotus Esprit when he goes to infiltrate Hector Gonzales' villa. The car is destroyed when Gonzales' henchmen try to break into it.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Citroen 2CV
Status: Unknown

Description: After Bond has to hit the self-destruct button in his Lotus in For Your Eyes Only, he has to rely on Milena's Citroen 2CV to get away. Although the car may look like a joke, it actually is quite sturdy. With it, they go rolling down hills, jumping over trees, and more.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Identograph
Status: In Storage

Description: The Identograph was utilized by Bond and Q to identify Locque from the description Bond gave. It taps into the photo files of the French Surete, Interpol, the CIA, Mossad, and the West German police.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Melina's Crossbow
Status: Lost

Description: Melina buys this crossbow in a shop to murder Kristatos. She keeps it with her up through the final assault on St. Cyrils.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Hidden Tape Recorder
Status: In Storage

Description: Columbo uses this hidden tape recorder to discover what Bond and Kristatos are planning. He plays it back for Bond aboard his boat when he tells Bond the truth: that Kristatos is indeed the villain.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Diving Suit
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond and Melina must wear these deep-sea diving suits when they are recovering the ATAC from the sunken ruins of the St. Georges.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Melina's Submarine
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond and Melina use this submarine to decend the depths of the ocean while searching for the wreck of the St. Georges.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Henchman Submarine
Status: Destroyed

Description: One of Kristatos' henchmen uses this sub to attack Bond and Melina after they recover the ATAC from the St. Georges.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Rock Climbing Gear
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond uses this device while he is climbing the cliff leading up to St. Cyrils.
[FYEO Gadget]
Gadget: Bond's Watch
Status: In Storage

Description: Bond's latest watch does not appear until the end of the film when M uses it to connect Bond to Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister.