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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: For Your Eyes Only
Released: June 25, 1981
Bond: Roger Moore
Director: John Glen
Budget: $28 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $194.9 Million
Running Time: 128 Minutes

Villain: Aris Kristatos
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: The sale of an ATAC decoder to the KGB
Henchmen: Eric Kriegler, Emile Locque, Gonzalez
Girls: Melina Havelock, Bibi, Countess Lisl
Allies: Columbo, Jacoba Brink, Luigi Ferrara
Bond's Kill Count: 9
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For Sale
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[FYEO Special Edition]
Characters (in order of appearance):
[FYEO Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Roger Moore

Description: In his most serious turn as James Bond, Roger Moore returns for his fifth spin in the role. Although he was starting to show his age, Moore interacts perfectly with his surroundings and gives the best effort of his Bond-career.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: Unknown

Description: This priest tends the graveyard where Tracy Bond is buried. He informs Bond that the Universal Exports helicopter is en route while Bond is mourning.
[FYEO Characters]

Universal Exports Helicopter Pilot

Played by: George Sweeney

Description: One of Blofeld's less useful men, this helicopter pilot picks Bond up at Tracy's grave and is promptly electrocuted by Blofeld who takes control of the copter and tries to kill Bond.
[FYEO Characters]

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Played by: John Hollis

Description: Officially credited as "Wheelchair Villain," this man was obviously Ernst Stavro Blofeld: Bond's arch nemesis. He was put into the movie as a crack at Kevin McClory, the man who owned the rights to Thunderball and refused to let MGM use the Blofeld character. Bond seemed to finally put an end to this long-time villain by dropping him down a smokestack. Before his death, Blofeld uttered one of the strangest lines in the series, "I'll buy you a delicatessen...in stainless steel."
[FYEO Characters]

ATAC Controller

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man was responsible for using the ATAC system when a mine hit the St. Georges. He was killed before he was able to initiate the self-destruct sequence on the ATAC.
[FYEO Characters]

St. Georges Captain

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man was the captain of the St. Georges. He died when a mine hit the ship.
[FYEO Characters]

First Sea Lord

Played by: Graham Crowden

Description: The First Sea Lord, along with the Vice Admiral, is tasked with informing the Sir Frederick Gray, the Minister of Defence, what happened to the St. Georges.
[FYEO Characters]

Vice Admiral

Played by: Noel Johnson

Description: The Vice Admiral, along with the First Sea Lord, is tasked with informing the Sir Frederick Gray, the Minister of Defence, what happened to the St. Georges.
[FYEO Characters]

Sir Frederick Gray

Played by: Geoffrey Keen

Description: Sir Frederick Gray is acting as the head of MI6 while M is away "on leave." In reality, M was left out of the film as a tribute to Bernard Lee, who died shortly after the filming of Moonraker. It is Gray who gives Bond his orders on this mission.
[FYEO Characters]

General Anatol Gogol

Played by: Walter Gotell

Description: For the first time, General Gogol is working against Bond. He is attempting to retrieve the ATAC decoder for Russia so that they can gain a distinct military advantage.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: Eva Reuber-Staier

Description: Eva Reuber-Staier returns as Rublevich, General Gogol's personal secretary and lover.
[FYEO Characters]

Hector Gonzales

Played by: Stefan Kalipha

Description: Hector Gonzales is hired by Locque to murder the Havelock family. After trailing him to his villa in Spain, it is Melina who murders him in his pool.
[FYEO Characters]

Melina Havelock

Played by: Carol Boquet

Description: Melina Havelock is the heroine of the movie and Bond's main love interest. After Hector Gonzales murders her parents she sets out for revenge: a task that causes her to constantly cross paths with Bond.
[FYEO Characters]

Sir Timothy Havelock

Played by: Jack Hedley

Description: Sir Timothy Havelock is a Melina's archeologist father who is trying to find the wreck of the St. Georges. He, along with his wife, is gunned down on their boat moments after Melina returns home.
[FYEO Characters]

Iona Havelock

Played by: Toby Robins

Description: Iona Havelock is a Melina's mother She, along with her husband, is gunned down on their boat moments after Melina returns home.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: A Talking Parrot

Description: This parrot is one of the most important characters in the film. It is his quoting that tells Bond and Melina "ATAC to St. Cyrils." He also has a conversation with the Prime Minister at the end of the movie.
[FYEO Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: Lois Maxwell once again returns as Miss Moneypenny, M's faithful secretary. As usual, Bond and Moneypenny share a bit of repartee before he goes into M's office for his debriefing.
[FYEO Characters]

Bill Tanner

Played by: James Villiers

Description: Bond's oldest friend at MI6, Bill Tanner was a mainstay in Ian Fleming's novels. He makes his first on-screen appearance in M's office when Bond is being briefed.
[FYEO Characters]

Emile Leopold Locque

Played by: Michael Gothard

Description: Emile Leopold Locque is one of Kristatos' henchmen and the man who paid Hector Gonzales to kill the Havelocks. He also murders Ferrara, an act that enrages Bond who eventually kicks him and his car of the top of a cliff.
[FYEO Characters]

Locque's Thug

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man tries to stop Bond from escaping Locque's villa and later chases Bond and Melina through the streets of Spain.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelen

Description: Bond visit to Q Branch includes a walk through the actual lab where new gadgets are being developed en route to the Identograph, which they use to identify Locque. Later, Q poses as a priest in St. Cyrils to give Bond information on the possible location of Kristatos.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: Jeremy Bulloch

Description: Smithers is Q's assistant who gets to try out all of the new gadgets. This time, he is experimenting with a cast that acts as a high-powered smashing device.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: Unknown

Description: Sharon is Q's personal secretary; her only purpose in the film is to deliver coffee to Bond and Q when they are using the Identograph.
[FYEO Characters]

Luigi Ferrara

Played by: John Moreno

Description: Luigi Ferrara is Bond's Italian connection that introduces him to Kristatos. He is murdered by Locque inside Bond's Lotus, an act that is initially blamed on Columbo.
[FYEO Characters]

Aristotle Kristatos

Played by: Julian Glover

Description: Kristatos is the villain of the movie. His goal is the recovery of the ATAC decoding device for sale to General Gogol. He is eventually killed by Columbo atop St. Cyrils.
[FYEO Characters]

Bibi Dahl

Played by: Lynn-Holly Johnson

Description: Bibi Dahl has the distinction of being the only woman Bond ever rejected. An Olympic skater, she is the protégé of Jacoba Brink and is being sponsored by Kristatos.
[FYEO Characters]

Jacoba Brink

Played by: Jill Bennett

Description: Jacoba Brink is Bibi Dahl's tough ice skating coach who disagrees with her flirtatious and distracting ways. Although she works for Kristatos, she is not involved in his nefarious activities.
[FYEO Characters]

Eric Kriegler

Played by: John Wyman

Description: Eric Kriegler is an East German biathlon champion and one of Kristatos' henchmen. He first tries to kill Bond in the Italian Alps during the film's ski-sequence. He later meets his death when Bond pushes him out a window in St. Cyrils.
[FYEO Characters]

Flower Shop Employee

Played by: Robbin Young

Description: This woman runs the flower shop in Italy where Bond goes before being attacked by motorcycle thugs.
[FYEO Characters]

Horse and Carriage Driver

Played by: Unknown

Description: When Bond is taking Melina to the airport in Italy, they take a horse-drawn carriage. This man is the carriage driver who is convinced the two of them are in love.
[FYEO Characters]

Man With Wine

Played by: Victor Tourjansky

Description: Victor Tourjansky once again plays the "Man With Wine," a character that has been drinking wine and being amazed by Bond's exploits since The Spy Who Loved Me.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: Paul Brooke

Description: Bunky is Countess Lisl Von Schlam's card-playing friend whom Bond meets at the chemin de fer table at Columbo's club in Corfu.
[FYEO Characters]

Countess Lisl von Schlaf

Played by: Cassandra Harris

Description: Countess Lisl von Schlaf is Columbo's girlfriend who seduces Bond in an effort to learn more about his intentions before Locque later runs her down on the beach. In real life, Cassandra Harris was the wife of future Bond, Pierce Brosnan.
[FYEO Characters]

Milos Columbo

Played by: Topol

Description: Milos Columbo is a pistachio-chewing Greek smuggler, ex-resistance fighter and casino owner. After sorting through Kristatos' lies, Bond learns that Columbo is in fact his ally and seeks his assistance is stopping Kristatos' plot.
[FYEO Characters]

Bad Submarine Pilot

Played by: Graham Hawkes

Description: This man is one of Kristatos' henchmen who tries to kill Bond and Melina in a thrilling underwater submarine battle.
[FYEO Characters]

Greek Priest

Played by: Michael G. Wilson

Description: Making his usual cameo, Michael G. Wilson appears as a Greek priest at St. Cyrils.

Click here to see the full scene
[FYEO Characters]

Columbo's Friend 1

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is one of Columbo's sidekicks who helps with the final assault on St. Cyrils.
[FYEO Characters]

Columbo's Friend 2

Played by: Alkis Kritikos

Description: This man is one of Columbo's sidekicks who helps with the final assault on St. Cyrils.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: Jack Klaff

Description: This man, one of Kristatos' main henchmen, tries to kill Bond while he is scaling the cliff of St. Cyrils.
[FYEO Characters]

Margaret Thatcher

Played by: Janet Brown

Description: After another job well done, Bond receives a watch-phone call from the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. What she does not realize is that she is actually having a conversation with Melina's parrot.
[FYEO Characters]


Played by: John Wells

Description: Denis is Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's husband and appears at the end of the film.
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