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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: Diamonds Are Forever
Released: December 17, 1971
Bond: Sean Connery
Director: Guy Hamilton
Budget: $7.2 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $116 Million
Running Time: 120 Minutes

Villain: Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Organization: SPECTRE
Scheme: The sale of nuclear supremacy
Henchmen: Mr Wint, Mr Kidd
Girls: Tiffany Case, Plenty O'Toole
Allies: Felix Leiter, Willard Whyte
Bond's Kill Count: 5
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For Sale
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[DAF Special Edition]
The Gadgets:
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Pocket Mousetrap
Status: Lost

Description: Bond has this mousetrap in his inside breast pocket during the pre-title sequence. He uses it against one of Blofeld's henchmen to incapacitate him.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Hydrofoil
Status: Unknown

Description: Not actually a gadget, Bond rode this hydrofoil to Holland when he went to meet Tiffany Case for the first time.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Tiffany's Fingerprint Camera
Status: Unknown

Description: When Bond first meets Tiffany Case, she uses this camera to photograph Bond's fingerprints to verify that he is Peter Franks.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Fake Fingerprint
Status: In Storage

Description: Q supplies Bond with this fake fingerprint that he uses to fool Tiffany Case into believing that he is Peter Franks.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Blofeld's Voice Algorithm Recorder
Status: In Storage

Description: Blofeld uses this device to disguise his voice on the phone to that of Willard Whyte.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Moon Buggy
Status: Abandoned

Description: While escaping from Willard Whyte's Tectronics, Bond steals this moon buggy and drives it out into the desert. After a chase by some inept guards, Bond manages to make it out of the compound where Tiffany is waiting for him.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: 1971 Mustang Mach 1
Status: In Storage

Description: After Bond escapes in the Moon Buggy, Tiffany is waiting outside with her 1971 Mustang Mach 1. This sleek car manages to evade the Las Vegas police and make one of the most notorious bloopers in Bond history. When it goes down the ally and tips to one side, it comes out on the other.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Q's Voice Algorithm Recorder
Status: In Storage

Description: Q has his own version of Blofeld's voice disguiser that he uses to make Bond sound like Burt Saxby in an effort to find the real Willard Whyte's location.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Blofeld's Satellite
Status: Abandoned

Description: Blofeld's plot involves the creation of a laser satellite with the ability to destroy anything on Earth. He uses it to destroy nuclear weapons in an effort to sell nuclear supremacy to the highest bidder.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Slot Machine Ring
Status: In Storage

Description: Q has created a small ring that unrandomizes slot machines and ensures a jackpot every time. He is in the middle of explaining the science to Tiffany when she spots Blofeld sneaking out of the Whyte House.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Blofeld's Oilrig
Status: Destroyed

Description: Blofeld uses this oilrig as his base of operations at the end of the film.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Water Transport Ball
Status: Abandoned

Description: Bond travels across the ocean to Blofeld's oilrig in this sealed ball.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Bathosub
Status: Destroyed

Description: The Bathosub is Blofeld's escape vehicle that he enters while trying to flee the oilrig. However, it is Bond who takes over the controls to lower the bathosub and crashes it into the rig's control room instead, presumable killing Blofeld.
[DAF Gadget]
Gadget: Cake Bomb
Status: Destroyed

Description: During the film's finale, Mr Wint and Kidd attempt to kill Bond with a bomb hidden in a cake. Bond catches on and uses it against the would-be assassins.
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