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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: Diamonds Are Forever
Released: December 17, 1971
Bond: Sean Connery
Director: Guy Hamilton
Budget: $7.2 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $116 Million
Running Time: 120 Minutes

Villain: Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Organization: SPECTRE
Scheme: The sale of nuclear supremacy
Henchmen: Mr Wint, Mr Kidd
Girls: Tiffany Case, Plenty O'Toole
Allies: Felix Leiter, Willard Whyte
Bond's Kill Count: 5
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[DAF Special Edition]
The Characters (in order of appearance):
[DAF Characters]

Asian Teaser Man

Played by: Unknown

Description: Bond throws this man through an oriental screen in the teaser sequence while trying to find Blofeld.
[DAF Characters]

Arabic Teaser Man

Played by: Frank Olegario

Description: The second man Bond attacks in the teaser, 007 puts his head against a spinning roulette wheel. His advice to Bond, "Marie, ask Marie."
[DAF Characters]

James Bond

Played by: Sean Connery

Description: Returning to the series that made him famous, Sean Connery once again portrays James Bond. Looking significantly older, Bond once again goes after and thwarts Blofeld's plan. This would be the final official Bond movie Connery is in.
[DAF Characters]


Played by: Denise Perrier

Description: Marie is the woman who finally tells Bond where he can find Blofeld, after 007 chokes her a bit with her bathing suit top.
[DAF Characters]

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Played by: Charles Grey

Description: After playing Dikko Henderson in You Only Live Twice, Charles Grey returns to the series to portray Blofeld. This time his plot involves the sale of nuclear supremicy to the highest bidder.
[DAF Characters]

Blofeld's Double

Played by: Max Latimer

Description: This man is undergoing a mud bath before his plastic surgery to become a double for Blofeld. Bond dispatches him by drowining him in the mud.
[DAF Characters]


Played by: Bernard Lee

Description: M gives Bond his orders during a meeting with Sir Donald in which Bond is informed about the details of diamond smuggling. M becomes a bit irritated by Bond when he is shown up by his extensive knowledge of Sherry.
[DAF Characters]

Sir Donald Munger

Played by: Laurence Naismith

Description: Sir Donald is an expert in the field of diamonds and diamond smuggling. He briefs Bond on the industry before he goes off to Holland.
[DAF Characters]

Dr Tynan

Played by: David de Keyser

Description: Dr Tynan is the dentist in Africa who is responsible for smuggling diamonds out of the mines. He is killed by Mr Wint and Kidd when they put a scorpion down the back of his shirt.
[DAF Characters]

Mr Wint

Played by: Bruce Glover

Description: A soft-spoken homosexual assassin employed by Blofeld, Mr Wint, along with Mr Kidd infiltrate an African diamond smuggling operation, help Blofeld in his scheme and try to kill Bond.
[DAF Characters]

Mr Kidd

Played by: Putter Smith

Description: Mr Kidd is a bookish, nearly bald, homosexual assassin who teams up with Mr Wint. They are tasked with infiltrating an African diamond smuggling operation, helping Blofeld in his scheme and the assassination of Bond.
[DAF Characters]

Mrs Whistler

Played by: Margaret Lacey

Description: A kindly teacher-turned-diamond-smuggler, Mrs Whistler is killed by Mr Wint and Kidd who dump her body into an Amsterdam canal. Before she dies, she delivers a huge diamond cache to Tiffany Case's apartment.
[DAF Characters]

Peter Franks

Played by: Joe Robinson

Description: Longtime stuntman Joe Robinson plays Peter Franks, a diamond smuggler for an organization being infiltrated by Blofeld. Bond assumes his identity as a means to meeting Tiffany Case and getting his 'foot in the door.'
[DAF Characters]

Miss Moneypenny

Played by: Lois Maxwell

Description: Miss Moneypenny gets the chance for some field work, meeting Bond at a border-control post and giving him artificial papers saying that he is Peter Franks. She asks for a diamond engagement ring as a souvenir of Bond's mission, but concedes that she would settle for a tulip.
[DAF Characters]

Tiffany Case

Played by: Jill St John

Description: Tiffany Case is a cocky redheaded diamond smuggler whose mission is to supervise the smuggling of a huge diamond cache into the United States. Later, she reluctantly joins forces with Bond against Blofeld, who eventually kidnaps her. She winds up on Blofeld's oilrig and tries to help Bond stop him. Unfortunately, by the end of the film she is little more than a bumbling fool.
[DAF Characters]


Played by: Desmond Llewelyn

Description: Q has his largest role yet with three different scenes. He is first seen in his workshop talking to Bond on the phone about the fake fingerprint. Later, he helps Bond disguise his voice to that of Burt Saxby. Finally, Q is using his inventions to his own advantage as he wears the slot machine ring.
[DAF Characters]

Felix Leiter

Played by: Norman Burton

Description: Norman Burton plays Felix Leiter during Bond's current trip to the USA. He first meets him at the airport and clears the body of Peter Franks for entry into the country. Later, he helps Bond try and track the diamonds in Las Vegas. He also goes with Bond when they locate Willard Whyte.
[DAF Characters]

Slumber's Thug

Played by: Marc Lawrence

Description: This man is Morton Slumber's right-hand man. He picks Bond up at the airport when he comes in with Peter Franks' body. Later, he throws Plenty out of Bond's hotel room. When Bond comments that it was a good shot he replies, "I didn't know there was a pool down there."
[DAF Characters]

Morton Slumber

Played by: David Bauer

Description: Morton Slumber is the owner of Slumber Inc., a front for diamond smuggling and Blofeld's operation. Here, Bond has one of his most terrifying brushes with death when Mr Wint and Kidd knock him unconscious and toss him in a coffin bound for cremation.
[DAF Characters]

Shady Tree

Played by: Leonard Barr

Description: Shady Tree is a wisecracking Las Vegas lounge entertainer and smuggler. The leader of a lounge act called Shady Tree and His Acorns, Tree is killed in his dressing room by Mr Wint and Kidd.
[DAF Characters]

Craps Dealer

Played by: EJ "Tex" Young

Description: Tex plays the craps dealer at the Whyte House when Bond first meets Plenty and Saxby. This is also the first time that Blofeld sees Bond and realizes that he is on the case.
[DAF Characters]

Plenty O'Toole

Played by: Lana Wood

Description: Plenty O'Toole is a casino floozy who meets Bond at the craps table of the Whyte House. She is later found dead in Tiffany Case's pool, at which point Tiffany realizes that Blofeld is trying to kill her and turns to the side of good. Plenty had a much bigger role in the original script, but two of her scenes were left on the cutting room floor.
[DAF Characters]

Burt Saxby

Played by: Bruce Cabot

Description: Saxby is the floor manager at the Whyte House while secretly working for Blofeld. He is a no-nonsense hoodlum who continually fails to get the real diamonds back from Bond. CIA sharpshooters eventually kill Saxby when Bond frees Willard Whyte.
[DAF Characters]

Balloon Game Operator

Played by: Unknown

Description: This man is in charge of the water balloon game at Circus Circus. When Tiffany comes to play, he fixes the game so that she wins a dog filled with the real diamonds.
[DAF Characters]


Played by: Unknown

Description: Zambora is a person in a gorilla outfit at a show in Circus Circus. Tiffany Case goes into the show to lose the CIA agents following her and uses Zambora as a distraction to escape.
[DAF Characters]


Played by: Joseph Fürst

Description: Professor Metz is a laser specialist employed by Blofeld to help in his scheme. Metz has designed a laser satellite powered by a huge diamond solar shield. A bit of a pacifist, he hopes that the world will meet Blofeld's demands.
[DAF Characters]

Klaus Hergersheimer

Played by: Ed Bishop

Description: In yet another bit role, Ed Bishop plays Klaus Hergersheimer, head of G Section who is in charge of inspecting radiation shields. Bond impersonates Klaus when he finds the "Marches of the World" tape which doubles for the control tape for Blofeld's laser.
[DAF Characters]

Las Vegas Police Officer

Played by: Unknown

Description: This Las Vegas police officer chases Bond around the city after Bond escapes from Tectronics. It is this officer that chases Bond into the alley when he makes his car do the famous wheelie that comes out on the other two wheels.
[DAF Characters]


Played by: Lola Larson

Description: One of Willard Whyte's 'guards,' Bambi is an athletic girl who gets Bond into a leg-headlock while hanging from a bar in the ceiling. She and Thumper eventually lose a fight with Bond in the pool, at which point they tell him where Whyte is living.
[DAF Characters]


Played by: Trina Parks

Description: Along with Bambi, Thumper protects Willard Whyte in his house on the hill. She is very acrobatic, doing cartwheels before kicking Bond onto his back. She and Bambi eventually lose a fight with Bond in the pool, at which point they tell him where Whyte is living.
[DAF Characters]

Willard Whyte

Played by: Jimmy Dean

Description: Willard Whyte is a billionaire recluse who is kidnapped by Blofeld. Since no one has seen Whyte in five years, Blofeld finds it easy to take over his global empire, especially with the aid of the voice algorithm recorder.
[DAF Characters]

Metz's Assistant

Played by: Janos Kurucz

Description: This man is the personal assitant to Metz, but is also an employee of Willard Whyte. When Whyte escapes from his stronghold, this man tells him about Metz's work with the satellites.
[DAF Characters]

Countdown Voice

Played by: Unknown

Description: What villain scheme would be complete without a man counting down the time to implementation during the movie's finale.
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