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[James Bond Movies]
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Mission: The Living Daylights
Released: June 30, 1987
Bond: Timothy Dalton
Director: John Glen
Budget: $30 Million
Worldwide Boxoffice: $191.2 Million
Running Time: 131 Minutes

Villain: Brad Whitaker
Organization: Self-Employed
Scheme: Drug and weapon trafficking
Henchmen: Georgi Koskov, Necros
Girls: Kara Milovy, Girl in Boat
Allies: Saunders, General Pushkin
Bond's Kill Count: 3
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For Sale
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The Gadgets:
Gadget: Teaser Plane
Status: In Storage

Description: After a briefing by M, Bond, 002 and 004 parachuted out of this plane, which was flying over Gibraltar, for a routine training mission that took a fatal turn.
Gadget: Teaser Truck
Status: Destroyed

Description: After killing 002 and 004, the assassin stole this military jeep and tried to make an escape. Unfortunately for him, Bond caught up, started fighting and eventually jumped off the jeep right before it exploded with the assassin still inside.
Gadget: Parachute
Status: Destroyed

Description: After the jeep exploded, Bond used this parachute to float to the safety of a woman's boat.
Gadget: Walther WA-2000
Status: In Storage

Description: During Koskov's "defection," Bond uses this gun to shoot Kara, who was posing as a would-be assassin. The gun has a infared sight and telescopic lense and can use soft-nosed bullets or armor piercing ones.
Gadget: Nightvision Goggles
Status: In Storage

Description: While Bond is setting up his shot during Koskov's "defection," Saunders uses these nightvision goggles to see what is going on and to watch Bond work.
Gadget: Phig
Status: Unknown

Description: In order to get General Koskov out of Russia, Bond arranges to have him transported in a cleaning phig that goes through the Trans Siberian Pipeline.
Gadget: Jet
Status: Unknown

Description: After his trip through the Trans Siberian Pipeline, Koskov is flown back to England in this fighter jet, which is being supervised by Q.
Gadget: Ghetto Blaster
Status: In Storage

Description: More of a gag-gadget than a useable one, the Ghetto Blaster is, as Q says, "something we're developing for the Americans." It is a giant boombox that shoots a rocket out of the side.
Gadget: Exploding Milk Bottles
Status: Destroyed

Description: When infiltrating the MI6 safehouse, Necros poses as a milkman. His milk bottles are actually explosive devices, which he uses to "steal back" Koskov.
Gadget: Keyring
Status: Destroyed

Description: This useful keyring has many features. By whistling the first few bars of Rule Britannia, a cloud of stun gas sprays out that disorientates any normal person for about 30 seconds. It also contains a lockpick that opens 90 percent of the world’s locks. Lastly, it becomes an explosive device when Bond does a wolf whistle.
Gadget: Aston Martin V8
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond's latest Aston Martin contains a whole slew of "winterized" gadgets. These include hubcaps lasers, an onscreen display that synchronizes the launching of two stinger missiles, an outrigger system on the tires, tire spikes to give the car snow-traction and a rocket motor to give the car some extra boost. Lastly, the car features a self-destruct button that, naturally, Bond uses.
Gadget: Scanner
Status: Destroyed

Description: A device inside Bond's Aston Martin, this scanner picks up police bands and helps Bond prepare for the roadblock attack while escaping Russia with Kara.
Gadget: Assorted Weapons
Status: Unknown

Description: This drawer of weapons are a sample of the ones that Brad Whitaker was paid to obtain for General Pushkin, as a part of the plot of the movie.
Gadget: Door Trigger
Status: Unknown

Description: Necros uses this device to rig a door in a cafe in the Vienna carnival to slam shut when he hits a button. The trigger is activated when Saunders goes through the door, to send a message to Bond that Necros can get to anyone.
Gadget: Bomb
Status: Destroyed

Description: Before getting trapped in the cargo plane, Bond sets this bomb to destroy the plane and the drugs being transported inside it. After disarming it, he later uses it to help the Mujahidin by destroying a bridge that the Russian army is approaching on.
Gadget: Cargo Plane
Status: Destroyed

Description: Bond's final battle with Necros takes place high above the ground in this cargo plane filled with drugs.
Gadget: Armor Gun
Status: In Storage

Description: Brad Whitaker uses this armor-shielded gun to try and kill Bond during their final battle sequence. Although Bond can not destroy the protective shield, he uses his keyring to kill Whitaker.
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