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[007 Image]

Underwater Rebreather

Not seen since Thunderball, the underwater rebreather makes its reappearance. Bond uses this device when he is infiltrating Gustav Graves' headquarters and fake diamond mine. To get in, 007 must swim under a sheet of ice and up through an opening inside.
[007 Image]

Glass Shattering Ring

Q equips Bond with a ring that emits an ultra-high-frequency pulse that can shatter any piece of glass: even bulletproof. Bond uses it to escape from Gustav and to break the front window of his Aston Martin.
[007 Image]

OMEGA Seamaster Professional Chronometer

During the pre-title sequence, Bond's watch contains detonator pin and mobile detonator that he sticks in a bundle of explosives in a suitcase full of diamonds. Later, Q gives him another watch which has a high-power laser built into it which Bond uses to cut through a sheet of ice in Iceland.
[007 Image]

Bombardier MX Z-REV

To help them guard his Ice Palace, Gustav Graves supplies his guards with Bombardier skidoos. These vehicles find themselves running into and being hit by Bond's Aston Martin as well as being stolen by Bond later in the film.
[007 Image]

Graves' Icarus Suit

Not content with controlling Icarus from a suitcase-like device, Graves has a suit designed that can communicate with the satellite in addition to pulsating with 100,000 volts of electricity. He uses this suit to battle kill his father and to battle Bond.
[007 Image]

Icarus Satellite

The Icarus satellite's official use is to create day during the night and allow farmers to cultivate their crops year round. However, the megalomaniac Gustav Graves has also designed it to emit a high-powered laser onto a point of the earth in order to clear the minefield between North and South Korea in an effort to begin an invasion.
[007 Image]


Bond and Jinx fly down to North Korea on these switchblades dropped out of the cargo hold of a military jet. Able to elude radar detection, they are the perfect devices for entering the country in secret.
[007 Image]

Aston Martin Vanquish V12

Bond is back in an Aston Martin for Die Another Day; this time the $250,000 Vanquish V12. The car is equipped with all the usual refinements including front-firing rockets, passenger ejector seat, guns and a driver-accessible control panel. More impressive than all that, however, is the invisibility option. Actually an adaptive camouflage device, the car has projectors all over its skin which take a snapshot of their surroundings and make the car essentially invisible.
[007 Image]

Jagaur XKR

For the first time, the villains have a car that equals Bond's in terms of gadgetry. Zao's green Jaguar XKR has front grill missiles, machine guns on the hood, a gattling gun in the rear and mortar shells that can be launched.
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