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The James Bond Movies


Released: June 27, 1979

  Roger Moore as James Bond
  Lois Chiles as Holly Goodhead
  Michael Lonsdale as Hugo Drax
  Richard Kiel as Jaws

Directed by: Lewis Gilbert

Running Time: 126 minutes

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Moonraker Ultimate Edition DVD

  • First time Bond jumps out of a plane without a parachute

  • First returning henchman (Jaws)

  • First time someone is killed by dogs

  • First time Bond goes into space

  • First laser fight

  • First (and only) time Jaws speaks

  • First henchman with a girlfriend

  • First time Pinewood Studios was not the main shooting studio. It was mainly for special effects.

  • First film released out of planned sequence (For Your Eyes Only was originally slated to follow Moonraker, but the success of Star Wars led the producers to send Bond to space)

  • First appearance of the NASA Space Shuttle in a movie

  • First time 007 goes to Rio de Janeiro

  • First time the villain's headquarters is situated in an ancient ruin

  • First villain modeled after a famous dictator (Adolf Hitler)

  • First time 007 hang-glides across a waterfall (Iguazu Falls)

  • First error in geography (a Mayan pyramid in the Brazilian jungle)

  • First time Bond pilots a space shuttle

  • First time 007 boards an Air France flight

  • First time a gurney crashes into a billboard with a British Airways ad

  • First appearance of Marlboro cigarettes in a Bond film (Dr. Goodhead has a pack of Marlboros in a drawer, and a Marlboro ad was seen on a billboard during the ambulance scene)

  • First time a score from a science fiction film was heard in a Bond film (the score from Close Encounters of the Third Kind)

  • First appearance of a stray cat in a Bond film (when 007 goes into an empty warehouse in Rio de Janeiro)

  • First time Jaws goes through a metal detector (he doesn't remove his dental implants after smiling at the airport security officer, and goes through the metal detector again)

  • First time 007 sits in a G-Force simulator

  • First time 007 experiences 15 Gs

  • First appearance of skydiving in a Bond film

  • First appearance of stuntman B.J. Worth (skydiving stunts)

  • First time Bond makes love in outer space

  • First time Bond fences

  • First time Bond does not travel in a car (He travels in a jet, helicopter, golf-cart, gondola, motorboat and spaceship but not a car.)


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