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Manila Folder
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Case Name: Role of Honour
Year: 1984
Author: John Gardner
Villain(s): Tamil Rahani; Jay Autem Holy
Organization: SPECTRE
Bond Girl(s): Persephone Proud; Cindy Chalmer; Freddie Fortune
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Abandoning his 007 status, James Bond resigns from the service and heads down to Monte Carlo in his Bentley Mulsanne Turbo in search of a new Role Of Honour.

But what unthinkable consequences will follow so dramatic a departure? And how can Questions in the House over a top level security leak be quelled?

In a fiendish new plot, Bond finds himself embroiled with a computer wizard absconding from the Pentagon, a sinister mercenary army trained for an audacious terrorist operation and a hare-brained flight over Geneva while Summit Peace Talks are in progress, before honour is fully restored...

Review submitted by Eric Nisbet

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