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Manila Folder
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Case Name: Nobody Lives Forever
Year: 1986
Author: John Gardner
Villain(s): Tamil Rahani
Organization: SPECTRE
Bond Girl(s): Sukie Tempesta; Nannie Norrich
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James Bond is on holiday, but some strange things have been happening. A few deaths occur, and Bond discovers that someone has put a price on his head. It turns out that Tamil Rahani, the head of SPECTRE is dying of spinal cancer. Before he goes, he wants Bond's head presented to him on a platter. Therefore, he organized Head Hunt. This is a bounty where anyone can enter. Whoever delivers Bond to SPECTRE gets ten million dollars, Swiss. Bond runs into Sukie Tempesta and saves her from a couple of thugs. As sort of a thank-you, she meets up with her personal body guard, Nanny, and asks her to help protect Bond. Meanwhile, someone has kidnapped May, Bond's housekeeper, and Moneypenny. Bond searches for the culprit, while several attempts on his life fail. Eventually, Bond locates SPECTRE's headquarters, which are now on Shark Island. Nanny turns out to be a freelance agent, who is working for SPECTRE. Bond is captured and is about to be beheaded. Bond escapes, after he rigs the sleeping Rahani's bed to explode when someone raises the top. (It is like a hospital bed.) Bond escapes, with May and Moneypenny.

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Fan Reviews:

It starts with Bond's annual holiday coming through. Unfortunetly his housekeeper May is seriously ill. Bond is filled with cocern and takes her to the best hospital for this kind of illness in Salzberg. Bond decides to vacation there so that he can keep an eye on May. Suddenly people start trying to kill Bond. The reason for this is that the new head of SPECTRE, Tamil Rahani is dying of cancer and his last wish is to have Bond's head delivered to him on a silver plater. He has hired 30 killers to kill Bond and the one to deliver Bond's head will get 1 million dollars. Tamil has May and Miss Moneypenny(!) kidnapped and will kill them unless Bond surrenders. And all of this happens in the first 50 pages! I don't want to give away to much so all I will say is that the book is thrilling. There is one hair raising scene in which someone lets loose a bat in Bond's shower. The book isn't the typical Bond adventure but it is indeed a fantastic book.

Review submitted by Chris Bumbray

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