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James Bond is in Florida for his old friend Felix Leiter’s marriage. On the eve of the wedding Bond and Felix capture South America’s most ruthless drug lord, Franz Sanchez. But after a two million dollar bribe, Sanchez is a free man. To teach drug enforcement authorities a lesson, he brutally murders the new Mrs. Leiter, and feeds Felix to the sharks!

The usually cool James Bond is beside himself with rage. However, Her Majesty’s Secret Service doesn’t approve of “personal vendettas”. They feel that this is a matter best left to U.S. authorities and 007 is handed another assignment. For the first time ever, Bond refuses to obey...and his Licence To Kill is revoked!

Bond can expect no official assistance from the British or Americans, in fact they want him stopped! His sole allies are the beautiful ex-Air America pilot Pam and his old friend Q. It is only when he nears the end of his quest that Bond discovers bigger issues are at stake.

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