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Case Name: Icebreaker
Year: 1983
Author: John Gardner
Villain(s): Konrad von Glöda
Organization: National Socialist Action Army
Bond Girl(s): Paula Vacker; Rivke Ingber
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Posted by M to the freezing forests of north Finland, the indomitable 007 is obliged to collaborate with the KGB, the CIA and Mossad. Their task: to discover and eradicate a secret terrorist group whose worldwide activities have reached alarming proportions and whose HQ, the Ice Palace, may very well be across the border in Arctic Russia.

Right from the start, Bond senses that things aren’t what they seem. First there is Paula Vacker, Bond’s old Helsinki dalliance. Why are two knife-welding professionals waiting for Bond in her apartment? And why the giant snow ploughs lying in ambush on the frozen roads of the North to make a sandwich of Bond’s SAAB.

Then there are his mission partners: the KGB’s Kolya Mosolov, a chameleon; “Bad” Brad of the CIA who trails Bond’s snow scooter; and Mossad’s Rivke Ingber, whose wiles and beauty entice Bond to one of the rare blunders of his career?

Behind them all lurks the mysterious Count von Gloda, he is of the Nazi calling, devisor of the ice torture, as deadly a power as Bond has encountered. Von Gloda’s part of the bargain? To deliver James Bond - alive if possible!

Review submitted by Eric Nisbet

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