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With over half the world's population having seen a James Bond film, who doesn't have an idea for a Bond story running around in their head. This section is a showcase for those who do. The people writing these stories are not professional writers; rather, Bond fans with a good imagination. If you have ever had an idea for a Bond adventure, the MI6 Debriefing Room is now the place to share them and get feedback from hundreds of other Bond fans.

Stories available

   by Melba Manzano
The Shadows Wrap The World
   by Alexander Auric Dust
You Can't Win Them All
   by Brian Cornelius
The Revenge Season
   by Kisna Banks
Hell's Delight, Etc.
   by Ben Hanley
The Sun Never Sets
   by Ran24
Birthday Story
   by Rolf Anderson
Race For The Border
   by Alexander Auric Dust
Never Argue With a Woman
   by Robert Lee
Glint Of A Gunbarrel
   by Jarrow Merenivitch
The Mensh And The Meshuggerner
   by Christy E. Gould
Second Class All The Way
   by Christy E. Gould
From Death's Door I Stab At Thee
   by Thomas Clink
Black Dragons Only Live Twice
   by Robert Lee
The Spy Who Loved Electra
   by Robert Lee
Live and Let Quantum
   by Robert Lee
Never Say Shamelady Again
   by Robert Lee
For Your Special Place Only
   by Robert Lee
   by Sean Grady
Planes, Pains, and Automobiles
   by Andrew Corvey
For Ever is just the Beginning
   by Josiah Pitchforth
The Unlit Candle
   by Chris Rivera
Doctor Dell
   by Dean Kilbride
A Close Second
   by K. Banks

Also in Universal Exports' Literature Section
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