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THE FIRST, OF SEVERAL 007 ADVENTURE NOVELS ENTITLED..................                                                                              










                           BY:SEAN GRADY






007 peered closely at the gaurdsman patrolling his post. 007 saw the truck he was to sneak aboard and was waiting for his que to jump into the back. As the officer walked around the snow drift, 007 ran to the truck. One of the gaurds on the watchtowers saw the agent running and sounded the alarm. 007 knew he was spotted and the truck started to drive away. 007 ran with all his might to catch the truck, but it kept on speeding up until he knew he couldn't catch it. As the bullets from the enemies rained down on him,he spotted


an unused motor cycle leaning against one of the solider barracks.He realized he could kill two birds with one stone so as he reached the barracks,and placed a C-4 explosive on the side of the building. He gave himself twenty-five seconds to drive away so he wasted no time getting the motor cycle started. A solider ran out from the barracks so 007 kicked him and grabbed his rifle, as the motor cycle sped up more gaurds seemed to appear and start shooting. 007 knew he wasn't going to make it but he pursued on. Just then 008 jumped out from behind the solider barracks armed with two uzis. He didn't waste time unloading the cartridges of lead. 008 dove onto the back of Bond's motorcycle.




                               "Where were you all this time?" Asked Bond.


                               "Lets just say I ran into unpleasant company while getting the data off the computers." Answered 008.


                                  "I see." 007 said.




                                              The motor cycle moved onward as 008 kept the gaurds from shooting by returning fire with his two uzis. The motorcycle moved alongside the exiting truck, the two agents jumped onto the back of the vehicle.


                                       Inside the truck, 007 pointed his silenced PPK at the back of the drivers head. With the gaurds closing in on the truck,the agents quickly threw the two drivers off the truck and into a canyon off the road. 008 peeked his head out the window with the driver's hat on and gave the pursuing motorcycalists a thumb up. The gaurds thought the drivers had killed the two agents so they stopped and drove back to home base.




                   The two agents had got the route to the hostage outpost and all the pass codes from the now dead drivers, they drove off and soon were at the complex. The truck stopped at the front entrance.




     "Security code and clearance pass?" The gaurd asked.


     " Right here," Answered 008 as he handed the gaurd the papers.


     " Alright, you're free to enter. Move along!" Ordered the gaurd.




                                 The agents pulled in at the parking lot and exited the truck. They pulled out the containers of bio-chemical gasses and strode into the complex.


                                  Inside, they walked for about fifteen minutes before they entered the chamber full of hostages.




                    " Hey where are your badges, you're not supposed to be in here!" The officer yelled.


                    " Your right, we're not." 007 said as he shot the officer in the chest.


                    " Alright James, you get the right side and I'll take the left." 008 ordered.




           The hostages were thanking the agents and blessing them, when gaurds stormed into the room. The hostages huddled in the corner as the agents knocked over a lab table, the bullets pinged and riccoched off the lab table.




                                  " So James, do you have a plan to get us out of this jam?" 008 asked impatiently.


                                  " As a matter of fact....yes." 007 said as he ducked his head.


               The C-4 explosive mounted on the door exploded. The Russian gaurds flew through the air, Bond and 008 told the hostages to follow them, the hostages listened. The agents ran into the chemical processing room. There, they planted C-4's on every one of the cannisters. After the timers were set, General Stavros burst into the room with his troops, the agents ran criss-cross around the room and fired their guns at the same time. The troop's bullets hit the floor underneath the scattering agents and missed 008's shin by 2 inches.




                 " I'm not really in the mood to stay and chat 007!" Yelled 008.


                 " Nor am I old friend, lets use the back door!" Answered 007.


                 " There is no back door James!" 008 yelled.


                 " There is now!" Bond yelled back as he grabbed a mini-rocket launcher strapped to his back. He fired one shot at the wall and turned to fire another another shot at the closing in troops. Their screams were not heard over the giant explosion.




                 " Where are the hostages?!" 007 screamed.


                 " They were right here a second ago!" Answered 008 as he fired of another round on his remaining uzi.




                 "  We can't stay much longer agent!" Ordered 007.


                 " But the hostages are gone!" 008 yelled back as a bullet hit the bar he was hiding behind.


                 " Well go find them! I'll cover you!" 007 yelled to 008.


                 " You'd better do more than that!" 008 yelled over the gun fire.




 008 ran across the room to a door which wasn't open a minute ago. 007 shot his rifle. The bullets flew over 008's head, the door to the room was closing though.




                 " Come along James," 008 yelled across the room. " The door is closing!"


         James Bond ran with all his might as 008 covered him with his uzi. The two agents slid under the closing door just in time for it to close. Inside the room, the hostages were lined up across the floor on their knees with their hands behind their heads. General Stavros had his gun to one of the hostages.




              " Surrender your weapons and they will be spared." General Stavros ordered.


              " How do we know you'll let them live?" 007 asked.




    After that was said, General Stavros pulled the trigger once. That was enough for the two agents, they put their guns down and slid them across the floor to the troops. When this was done, General Stavros picked up their two weapons.




               " Kill the spys then the hostages." General Stavros ordered.




     The gaurds aimed their guns at the defenceless agents who looked at each other. The guns aimed at the agents heads clicked, the triggers were about to be pulled when from the shadows walked out a man.




                " Do not shoot them yet!" Said the figure. "Mr.Bond, I have longly awaited this moment. When I would meet one of the two remaining MI6 agents. It is a good thing for me, that both of you decided to come to my complex." The man said.




                " Who might you be?" 008 asked.


                " My name is Chitkoi Jaramonov, Mr.J to you." Introduced the boss.


                " Charmed," 007 answered.


                " 008, 007 before you die, I will let you have a tour of my complex. But please, no pictures. General Stavros, make sure they do not escape our tour." Ordered Mr.J.


                " Affirmative." Stavros said bluntly.




                                       The feet of the gaurds clunked loudly against the metal floors as the agents looked from their left to right at the main processing room. They entered a room that required several pass codes and finger scans to enter. When inside, the floor of the giant room opened, a giant shimmering Atomic Bomb rose from it's storage compartment to halt at the very top of the domed room. 007 and 008 staired in disbelif as Mr.J started his lecture about the destructive weapon.




                " As you agents can see, we have secretly constructed our own atomic bomb under the knowledge of our Russian superiors, with this destructive "toy" we could destroy your petty MI6 headquarters and almost all of England for that matter. Could you imagine how many lives this bomb could end?" Mr.J asked.




                " Well, with a psychopathic mind like your's, you probably would launch that bomb on England!" 007 yelled.  


                " So very correct Mr.Bond, but I am not crazy. I am the exact oppisite of crazy.... I am a genious!" Mr.J declared.


                " So, when will the launch comminse?" Asked 007.


                " Right now!!" Mr.J glared as he gave the signal to launch the missile.




                                  At that moment, 007 and 008 grabbed the gaurds behind them and took their guns. They shot wildly at the troops and scientists, hitting few while they fled.




                " Stop them immediately!" Ordered Mr.J.




                           The gaurds did their best to shoot the agents, but they were too fast as they slid across the floor into another lab room. Inside 007 ordered one of the scientists to tell him where the hostages were.




                 " Where are they?!" 007 ordered.


                 " They are being airlifted out of the complex soon!" The scientist answered.


                 " D**n!" 007 shouted.




                                Just then the troops swarmed the room aiming their guns at the agents. Quickly, the two escapees dove onto a moving platform which travelled to the bomb chamber. As they got there, Mr.J was about to push the launch button when 008 shot his hand with his PPK. Mr.J yelled in pain. The troops ran into the chambers just in time to see the two agents blow open a door that led to the helipad.




                 " They must not be allowed to rescue the hostages!" Mr.J ordered still in pain from his gunshot.




                                   The chopper was lifting off when the agents arrived, 008 held back the gaurds while 007 grappled onto the chopper. The pilot pulled out a gun when all of a sudden, 007 shot him in the arm. Climbing aboard, 007 ordered the pilot to land the chopper at point blanc. The chopper landed to pick up 008 when from out of nowhere, a rocket blast just missed the chopper. 007 realized then that 008 was nowhere to be found, when suddenly he saw 008 being pushed to the ground. 007 aimed his gun when 008 said: "For England James! For England!" Bond suddenly realized it was happening all over again, he looked again as 008 was pulled inside the building yelling something 007 couldn't hear over the gunfire. 007 then realized he had to escape. He lifted off and flew away into the horizon.






                                          Back at the MI6 headquarters the next day.......


               007 entered the main room just after M finished talking to a special forces troop. She turned and saw James walk over to Money Penny. Money Penny looked up to see James take a seat beside her at her desk.




                 " Oh James, I just heard what happened. Are you alright?" Asked Money Penny.


                 " I'm alright I guess, just a little depressed." Answered Bond.


                 " Well, M has given you a little time off to rest." Money Penny said.




                                    M then came running over and started telling 007 about the just recieved message:


                 " Bond! Bond! We have just recieved a message from Jaramonov, he says he has 008 in one of his cells and we are picking up a direct conversation with Jaramonov now." M explained.




                  The trio came rushing over as a video started to play:




                 " Goodday MI6 headquarters! As you can see I have your petty agent behind me, he is still alive...for the time being. My demands are quite simple, surrender 007 to me and this other agent will live." Explained Jaramonov.




                 " What kind of demands are that! Of course we will not surrender 007 to you!" M yelled.


                 " Oh, I forgot to mention that we also have a atomic missile that is ready to launch on England, now do you see why you must surrender agent 007 to me?" Asked Jaramonov.


                 " He's mad!" M exclaimed to Bond.


                 " Fine I will give you a "call" when I want your agent will die and after that, we will launch the missile on England." As Jaramonov said this the screen went blank.


                 " What shall we do?" M shouted.


                 " Well if you want to surrender me to-" 007 started as he was cut off by M.


                 " We will definatey not surrender you to that madman!" M said.


                 " Well what else can we do?" 007 asked as he looked at M.




                        007 walked along the subway until he reached his car. He entered and the subway car started up. It later stopped at a station in the center of New York. He exited and walked up to the street. He looked up in the sky to see a banner for the movie "Godzilla". He chuckled. Just the thought of a giant iguana made him laugh. He entered a hotel and checked into a room on the top floor. He entered his room and threw his briefcase on the bed. From the next building, a figure watched his every move with a telescope. The figure was destined upon catching 007 and bringing him to Jaramonov. 007 sat on his chair, stairing bluntly at the wall, he took a sip of his martini and placed it by his PPK on a table. The figure snuck up behind him and was about to smack him over the back of the head. 007 saw the reflection of the figure from the blank t.v. screen. He turned quickly to see a young woman throwing a punch. He blocked it and threw her down. He picked her up and placed her on a coat hook. She squirmed and screamed. But she knew she couldn't get off the hook so she calmed. 007 stared at her a minute. Then asked.




                 " Who might you be?" He asked.




                  At first the woman just stared at him, then she answered.




                 " My name is Katelyn Kullion. What is it to you?"


                 " Well, I was just wondering because you were trying to kill me...weren't you?" Asked 007.


                 " Not kill you, not yet at least..." She answered.


                 " What do you mean by that?" Asked 007.


                 " Well," She started. "I was hired by Jaramonov to bring you to him."


                 " You failed then didn't you?"007 asked.


                 " Yes, it did....could you please let me down now?" She asked.


                 " How do I know you won't try to kill me?" 007 asked bluntly.


                 " Oh, you can trust me can't you?" She asked.


                 " I guess I have to take my chances." 007 answered as he took her off the coat hook.




              She looked at him and took off her coat. He took off his coat and they continued to undress.




           M looked at Money Penny and told her to get a line to Bond. Money Penny nodded her head and sat down at her computer desk.....




                                                 The beeping noise was quick and loud. 007 woke and turned to it. He picked it up and cursed once. Katelyn sat up with the blankets over her and asked:




                  " What is it James?"


                  " Buisness." Bond said as he started to get dressed.


                  " Will I ever see you again?" She asked Bond.


                  "Well if you work for Jaramonov, probably." 007 said as he exited the room.      _____________________________________________________________________________________________


                                              Meanwhile, 2 days later,at another secret headquarters of Jaramonov, Mr.J circled the semi-conscious agent who looked dumbfounded around the room with his one open eye. He had been beaten badly and had several bruises, cuts and scratches. General Stavros stood in the corner waiting patiently with his men while Mr.J staired curiously at the agent.




                 " So do you expect your friends to give us 007?" Jaramonov asked 008.




                       008 looked up at Jaramonov with his one open eye and spat in his face. Jaramonov cursed in Russian as he smacked the agent across the face.




                 " When they do surrender the agent, we will have both of you killed and then launch the missile on England. What do you think of that?" As Jaramonov asked the question 008 ran at him even though he was tied to his chair, 008 hit him hard and sent him crashing over a lab table, scattering things across the floor. This was quite enough for Jaramonov, he snapped his fingers and the gaurds rushed in and grabbed onto the scruff of 008's coat.




                                                           MI6 headquarters..................


             The giant screen blipped on and Jaramonov's head peered down angrily upon the busy agents and superiors. Everyone turned to the screen to see a shot of 008 on his knees with his hands behind his head, the whole room silenced, then Jaramonov's head appeared on the screen again. He walked up to 008 and grabbed him by his hair.




                " My demands are simple! Your agent will be killed now unless 007 is presented to me very soon! He will not survive much longer without medical attention!" Yelled Jaramonov.


                " You are a madman! We will not give 007 to you!" M shouted to the screen.


                " That is it! 008 is to be terminated immediately!" As Jaramonov turned, the metallic door behind him shot across the room as a giant explosion of flames shot through the room. The Russian gaurds and troops were thrown across the room. Groaning they started to get to their feet. Just as the mist cleared from the explosion, 007 strode into the room carrying a ZMG machine gun. 007 shot everyone in the room, purposely missing Jaramonov. As the last of the Russians fell to the floor, 007 pulled out his PPK and aimed at Jaramonov's head.




                 " 007? How did you manage to get in here?" Jaramonov asked.


                 " I used the door." 007 said as he threw Jaramonov to the floor, he ran over to 008 who was ducked behind a lab table.


                 " C'mon agent! We're going." 007 ordered.


                 " How come you never call me by my real name?" 008 asked stupidly.


                 " Okay, uh, what is it, Bill! Come along!" 007 ordered again.


                 " Aye aye!" 008 answered as they exited the room. 




                 " Bond wasn't told to retrieve 008!" Shouted M.


                 " No,he wasn't. This is his game now." Answered Money Penny.




                               The chopper was waiting on the roof of the headquarters, dead gaurds were spread across the roof top. 008 hoped into the chopper 007 turned, he thought he had heard a noise coming from the stairloft. He started down the stairs. Then out of nowhere, a bullet hit the wall beside his head. 007 pulled out his silenced PPK and looked down the stairs, there was noone there. He then noticed a swinging door that led to the statue room, he entered pointing his PPK around the room.There was only silence. He walked around the room inspecting the floors and walls for anything suspicious. There was nothing.Then like before, a bullet hit the statue beside 007's head. This time 007 saw the aselant, he ran into a different room. 007 followed. Inside the room, there was a very large pool. 007 pointed his gun around the room. Noone was in the room and there ware no other ways out. He walked up to the pool and pointed his PPK at the water, a figure burst out of the water and started shooting with his AK-47. 007 jumped backwards and slipped on a puddle of water. His PPK slid across the floor. The watery figure stepped out of the pool. The water was dripping down his face. It was General Stavros. He pointed his water-logged gun at 007. He pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. The General swore in Russian as he picked up 007 by the neck. 007 started chocking and coughing as he punched the General across the face. Stavros dropped 007 as he grabbed his nose. Blood oozed out of his gloves and down his face, 007 turned to grab his PPK and when he turned, the General was gone. All of a sudden from behind him, Jaramonov ran across the opening in the door. 007 got up and pursued him. Jaramonov ran into a small room, when 007 entered the room, a door was swinging that was heading outside.


007 ran out to see the helicopter he was to enter on the roof, crash in the snow in front of him and explode.


007 flew 7 feet in the air backwards from the explosion. He sat up to see the helicopter engulfed in flames, from inside, 007 heard a faint scream come from inside the copter. A figure ran out engulfed in flames and ran in circles. 007 shot him once in the chest, putting him out of his misery. 007 looked to see Jaramonov run into the bushes. 007 pursued. 007 caught up to Jaramonov and grabbed onto the collar of his neck. 007 threw him up against a tree.




                  " Did you destroy the helicopter?!" 007 asked.


                  " Not me, it was Destr-" Jaramonov started as a bullet went through his back.


                  " Who!? Who?! Who?!" 007 yelled to Jaramonov as the dying Russian tilted his head back.


                  " D****t!" 007 cursed as he looked around for the sharpshooter. Whoever it was,was gone.




                                         At a secret criminal base in Moscow, the next day.......


                  " How did the buisness with the agent go?" Asked a highly paid buisnessman.


                  " I am afraid that the agent was abducted from the base." A Russian spy answered.


                  " By whom?" Asked the mercenary.


                  " I cannot say," started the spy, " I had to exit the building via helicopter because of another agent who broke in to rescue the captive,"


                  " Then how do you know he was abducted and not retrieved?" Asked the buisnessman.


                  " I was informed later, by one of the searchers." the spy started, " He said the body was not among the dead in the helicopter, he also informed me that they found Jaramonov and another body. They were both shot."


                  " By who?" asked the buisnessman.


                  " That I do not know." Answered the spy.


                  " We must immediately put an end to Mr.Bond." Said the buisnessman.


                  " May I suggest Sergi Juisstin or the 'Specialist'." Asked the spy.


                  " Good suggestion, hire him and bring him to me." Told the buisnessman.


                  " Right away." Answered the spy as he turned and walked out of the giant room.




    As the spy left the room,the man turned his chair from looking out the window and stroked his white cat's head as he started laughing a sinister laugh.




                                Meanwhile, at MI6 headquarters Money Penny talked with M.............


                  " How is James?" Asked Money Penny.


                  " Not to well, I'm afraid." Answered M. " I fear this climax might make 007 go over the edge, and do something rather stupid."


                  " Oh I know 007. He'll hang on." Assured Money Penny just as Q Branch burst into the conversation to give good news:


                  " It's ready." Was all he said as he made a gesture for the two woman to come to his lab. They followed. They entered the lab to see scientists scurrying around and writing cooridinates down and so on.


Q was occupied at a table in the corner, Money Penny and M came over to see what Q was so excited about.


                  " Mr.Branch, what are you so extatic about?!" Contridicted M.


                  " My newest invention!" Started Q, "The device I call 'Terminolegy'!"


                  " Terminolegy? What does it do?" Asked Money Penny.


                  " What does it do? What doesn't it do!" Answered Q.


                  " What do you mean?" Asked M.


                  " It has a built in communicator, a laser,a mini proximity mine, a camera, a line that supports up to 500 lbs, and the part I am most proud of..... a mini flamethrower!" Answered Q excitedly. " And it looks like a cuffling of a shirt! Ha!" Answered Q excitedly.


                  " Totally ingenious Q! How long did it take you to complete this device." Asked Money Penny.


                  " To long for me to remember!" Q answered. 


                  " Have you informed James yet?" Asked M.


                  " Yes I have, he's on his way." Answered Q.




                        Bond was briefed when he aqquired the gadget, he was to enter a party held by who the MI6 headquarters believed to be involved in the disappearance of 008, the party was in the center of Moscow. There as a guest, he was to investigate the premisis of the house for anything that could lead to 008's kidnapping.




                         The Roles Royce pulled up at the entrace of the mansion, inside,violin music was being played. 007 stepped out of the car and gave the keys to the chouffer. 007 walked up the front stairs and into the giant house. Inside, Bond looked around for a poker table. He found one and sat down at it. All of the players staired at him as he picked up some cards. An employee of William R. Destrovel stood along the balcony overlooking the entire room. He spotted Bond and turned on his walki-talki.




                 " Bond is here." The employee said briefly as he turned the walki-talki off and walked along the balcony, he stood beside some men and said:




                 " Follow me men, Bond is here."




                      The dressed up fellows followed behind him as they walked down the stairs. As they reached the poker table, Bond was no where to be found. Meanwhile outside, 007 ran along the wall of the house. He looked up to see an open window up on the top floor of the mansion. He pushed a camouflauged button on his cuffling and a wire shot out and latched onto the wall beside the window. He walked up the side of the building and jumped through the open window. He landed inside to find himself surrounded by men with machine guns, uzis and other types of guns. William R. Destrovel walked out of the crowd and said:




                  " Mr.Bond, I have waited for you to arrive for quite some time. I see you have come looking for your captive friend, 008? Well, all I can say is he is in very safe hands in this very mansion. But why would you worry, you will be dead soon as for he. Do you wish to come quietly, or should we use force?"


                  " Well, I would hate to spoil a beautiful evening so I had better come along quietly." Answered Bond.


                  " Good decision," Destrovel said as he turned to leave the room. " Men! Follow me."




                            The men turned to Bond. He looked back at them, they grabbed onto each of his arms while another batted him over the head with a gun.




                                            When Bond came to, he found himself tied up in a damp room of some kind. He looked around to see nothing but metal walls and a door. The door then opened and out walked William R. Destrovel, he glared at 007 as he paced around the captive agent. Destrovel turned to the gaurds that had followed him in. He snapped his fingers and they nodded and left the room. Destrovel turned to Bond as he said:




                    " Mr.Bond, you have been meddling with my affairs lately. I have grown quite tired of it. So now before you die, I will let you have the pleasure of watching your friend die. He will have a quick death while you slowly die with much pain."




                                008 was thrown into the room. He landed on the floor with a hard thud. Destrovel turned to him as he started his speech as he was about to kill 008:




                    " These agents are getting very annoying, but I have learned there are only two 00 agents still alive, this will give me much admiration as a crime lord after I kill the both of you. Do any of you have any last requests before you die?"


                    " Well just one really," Bond started as he turned on his mini laser and started to burn through the ropes.


                    " Oh. Really. What is it?" Asked Destrovel.




                    " That you have a very cheap funeral!" 007 said as he pointed his cuffling and shot at Destrovel. The laser hit him in the shoulder and he fell to the ground. Bond picked up 008 and quickly shot out the proximity mine at the furthest wall. The two agents ducked as the wall blew up and collapsed. 007 carried 008 out of the room and lowered him out of the window with his line. 007 then climbed down the line himself. When he landed on the ground, 008 was nowhere in sight. Bond looked around as he pointed his PPK all around him aiming at nothing. He then saw more gaurd run around the side of the mansion. When Bond ran around the side. A limosine drove down the drive way. 007 ran over to a BMW that a chauffer was parking he grabbed onto the chauffer and threw him out of the car. 007 sped up and drove alongside the limosine. One of the tinted windows opened and out pointed a machine gun. 007 ducked his head as the bullets sprayed all over te car. Making bullet holes all over the windshield and hood. James lifted his head back up and slammed into the other car. Just then, a spluttering noise made his car engine smoke. He dove out of the BMW onto the limosine roof bullets shot out of the top of the car roof. 007 rolled around on the roof dodging the bullets. He then pulled out his PPK and leaned over the side of the car. He could barely see one of the men. He shot the man in the chest as he smashed through the window of the car. Inside, was Destrovel himself yelling at the remaining man to shoot, 007 pulled the man out of the car as he closed the door.




                       " Lovely evening we're having tonight isn't it?" Asked Bond.


                       " DIE!" Shouted Destrovel as he pulled out a .48. 007 pulled the gun away from him and quickly punched him in the face. 008 looked up.


                       " Well it's about time 007." He said.


                       " Sorry, I was in a rush." Answered 007.


           Just then, the car roof opened and flying above them, was a helicopter.


                       " Get in 007!" Shouted an officer from the MI6 headquarters.


           Bond and 008 were about to get in when a rocket blast blew the helicopter up in mid-air. The two agents ducked back in the limo as a car drove up alongside them. The car door on the limo was ripped out by two metallic hands. The man who was gripping the door laughed out loud as he threw the peice of scrap. He picked 007 up by the neck and pulled him out of the limo, into the car in which he was in.


                       " So Mr.Bond," Started the stranger, " do you want to die today?"


                       " Not exactly no, why do you ask?" 007 asked sarcasticly.


                       " Ooohhh, a funny man!" Said the stranger. " I hate funny men." He said bluntly as he threw 007 out of the car. Quickly 007 threw a tracking device onto the bumper, he then rolled painfully around on the road until he came to a stop. He looked up to see the car drive off.


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