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Tokyo (Japan), Bond goes toward a building of the company of software inktomi, in which one has access to the codes, bank bills and other things that the intelligence agencies manage around the world; There he/she is an employee of the company that has a treatment with 007, he/she should give Bond a microchip that was stolen by him, since this type was discovered trying to consent to the codes of some nuclear missiles that are being managed by terrorists, this is illegal and therefore if they discover it with the microchips this serious fatal. For this reason the enigmatic man of the company decides to give the microchip at the MI6 that he has sent to Bond.


Amid the conversation on the microchip, a man leaves a corner and it riddles the innocent employee, Bond he takes the microchip and it puts it in his pocket, it takes out his gun and it is clever to kill; this terrorist group the place, but Bond has taken it is able to leave for a ventilation tube that he/she goes toward the roof of the building. Bond is in the I finish floor and it is pursued by the men, but in these cases the 007 always bill with those "sacred" gadgets that now are product of the genius of R, it is thrown of the building, it oppresses a button in its clock, and an enormous spherical parachute that covers it completely comes out and it allows it to fall smoothly in a street of the Japanese capital. Bond goes sure, with the microchip in its pocket and I list to return to its dear England.

Bond is already in London, in the general barracks of MI6 o'clock where M waits for it with a very important information, there is a conflict between Arabs and Israelis in many east parts; M wants that 007 give birth to those disturbances and discover that it is what happens.

007 go toward the laboratory of R who this preparing a new car for the and a new invention: a ring that has the capacity to emit a ray with impressive radiation and alone human with pressing a tiny button, also a handkerchief that when it is played by a person different to Bond he/she will make an electric discharge that will kill her.

After the upset meeting with R, Bond goes toward the main computer that is the database of MI6 o'clock and there it revises what happens in the world, while this happens, moneypenny shows him a video that you this presenting live in the journalists from all over the world; this news so important is that the leader of a called Islamic extremist sect Reyad Saffar this executing to civil innocent in the streets of Jerusalem.

When seeing this Bond he/she is surprised and he/she requests to moneypenny that guides him to the office of the control satelital to see but that that this happening and to know who is this unscrupulous one maniac.

Tanner comes closer to Bond and it oppresses a key of the main computer, there this this criminal's registration born in Libya and looked for in east by the Israeli intelligence (mossad) to the one that are known crimes like extortion, kidnapping, and murder.

Bond is clever for what is with such of catching this terrorist and it stops that taking a flight of the British Airways toward Jerusalem.

When arriving in Israel Bond he/she meets with a double agent of the mossad that can give him information on the individual that this looking for, their name is Shuk Leyá, Bond it begins a conversation with Shuk in a park I publish of Jerusalem, Shuk tells him that Reyad Saffar is a very dangerous criminal and that apparently he/she has business with a well-known Israeli magnate that has software companies and that apparently it is also Islamic, this it is known with the nickname of "Globi." Shuk tells to Bond that that same night will have a party in a country club to the north of the city and that there he/she will be able to find Globi, but it won't be easy.

Bond has come out toward the country club in its car and he/she has entered to the party, when he arrives in the platform there is a gentleman, obese and with some gray-headed ones, the suspicion that that it is the such Globi that for its way of speaking of Allah would be said that if it is Islamic, just as agent Shuk Leyá, Bond he/she said he/she goes toward the barman and he/she requests its traditional vodka martini, not shaken jumbled.

The man that previously was giving a speech he/she comes closer to the barman and he/she requests a swig, Bond he/she asks him that if to him they call it Globi, he answers that if and he/she asks him that for that knows it, Bond tells him that if at all it is not here the in Jerusalem the man but well-known, Globi says that that is since true it is a name with many business, and he/she asks him the name, 007 say: My name is Bond... James Bond, Bond tells to Globi that is a manager of "Universal exports" and that he/she has come to Israel with him purpose from making business with him, Globi gives him its card, and he/she calls to a woman that this to the other side of the living room, the woman is presented with the sally name Johnstone and she says to be the girlfriend of Globi.

Globi leaves alone to Bond and Sally, and these they have a conversation. Bond asks him that in that business its boyfriend are, she says that it is oil and he/she also has other things, Bond tells him that to that other things refer and she doesn't know that to say.

It has dawned in Jerusalem and Bond he/she receives a moneypenny call, she tells him that according to sources of other agencies of world intelligence Reyad Saffar it is in the city of Tel-Aviv in which has sowed the terror but secretly since is looked for by the justice, so Bond will have to travel to this city to catch Saffar and to see that it is what happens to the crisis in Israel.

Bond travels to Tel-Aviv, he/she goes toward a small hotel of the city, where according to the villagers Saffar this there being guarded by many armed men, Bond enters but the hotel this hole, revises the quarter ones but he/she doesn't find anything, the one thinks that it has lost the hint of Saffar but in the floor, under the bed of a room there is a letter, this letter he/she gets him a lot the attention because this written in Arab alphabet and he/she goes directed to Saffar, he/she also has a signature and it seems that until a date and a place I specify, Bond sends the letter on the following day to agent Shuk Leyá that works in the mossad, Leyá it confirms to Bond for telephone the content of the letter that is: dear friend Reyad, all this clever one so that we carry out the plan B that I eat you already know it will be here the day 2 in alha-sumadé, in your beautiful origin country, Sincerely Maud Halmaud; Bond asks to Leyá who is that man that the I name at the end, Leyá says that that it is the true name of Globi.

Bond has thought in that Globi will mean with that of the plan B, for that reason he/she has requested authorization of M to go to Libya and once and for all for all to capture the two terrorists: Reyad Saffar and Maud Halmaud (globi).

Bond this clever one to leave toward Libya, this in the airport of Tel-Aviv, you ascends in their airplane, there in the middle of flight knows a very beautiful woman, this he/she sits down beside Bond, they converse a while and there the woman is presented with Marie Lycos's name, she is American, her Hungarian parents, and she says to be agent of the CO., she goes after Saffar.

To Bond Marie sympathizes him and for that reason when arriving in Libya the it continues him the steps, she is picked up in a jeep by some men, Bond leaves in a taxi and he/she tells him that it follows them, Marie descends in a very big house, it stamps and who opens the door it is anything but and anything less than Globi. Bond this missed and he/she only wants to know the truth: maybe that story that Marie was an agent of the CO. it was alone a story gleaned to achieve that Bond followed it until there and... Bang!!, Bond has been hit strongly in the nape and it loses the knowledge.

Bond has wakened up, this tied in a seat and a man hits it, they open a door that this in that atrocious place and Globi and Marie enter, they are accomplices and now they are interrogating Bond of their intentions to catch Saffar, Bond says that what they drift will never happen because he put an end to all, alone Globi laughs at what Bond says, and he/she doesn't pay him attention. The hours and Bond have happened it continues tied to that seat, in that moment Sally enters who this willing one to help Bond when seeing that her boyfriend Globi has a lover, she loosens to Bond, He takes advantage of the situation and he/she thanks him for all...

Bond this armed one and he/she goes in search of Saffar, to find it he/she should make two very important things, I number one: to take gets Sally, I number two: to Interrogate Globi.

This complex of Globi is something like that as a castle, the guards are watchful, but Bond is able to open up step among the terrorists and to put an end to many of them; on the other hand Sally follows them, very cautious, and you/he/she indicates him the road that Globi and her lover took Marie.

Bond opens a great hall door that drives to the exit of the monastery, there there are several helicopters, one of them has just left being taken to Globi and Marie, Bond tells to Sally that distracts the guards while the taking a helicopter for its escape.

Sally calls to all the guards of the area and she tells them that they will bring him a medicine that supposedly this in the room of her, is thrown and you revuelca in the floor being made the sick person while the soldiers go to the strength, she comes out running and you/he/she is mounted in the helicopter with Bond.

Where could Halmaud have gone? Bond exclaims. Alone he/she told me that it should fulfill some business a very well-known partner in the earth that all hate alone to be the libertadora of the oppressed ones and... I don't remember but! Bond thinks that that of the oppressed ones only refers to a place: Russia.

Russia? These crazy one? We won't go to that alone pigpen for that you mean it Sally, Bond it ignores it and it deviates their helicopter toward a near base Israeli where they can lend him help, there agent Leyá is who provides Bond a very complete Jet with the one she will be able to maneuver in the Russian air space, you/he/she is invisible to the radar and she has armament systems and seat ejectable. Beep Beep, is a message of the satellite of the MI6, sending data to the mossad on several maneuvers terrorists that are carrying out in the frontier of the former Soviet republic of uzbekistán. There he/she goes 007.

Flying over the area is seen that there is kind of an immense camp, Bond receives the order from destroying the place, but he prefers to land in a more distant part to see who this forging this situation.

Sally goes with Bond, both are willing to stop this, but Bond you/he/she convinces Sally so that she leaves that they catch it and arrive to Saffar, later the I/you/he/she rescued her like be, but they will leave this together.

Bond has some binocular that you/they allow him to see at distance in the night, Sally it was taken to Reyad Saffar, the terrorist that the search.

Bond installs mines in an easiness that the terrorists protect, perhaps be malicious something.

Bond climbs the easiness where he/she is Saffar and its henchmen, it breaks a glass and it lowers with mountaineer's rope, then it is captured and tied with Sally next to a tank of gas with an explosive that exploded in any moment, Saffar he/she leaves in a helicopter with its henchmen and they leave to the troops so that they put an end to Bond.

Bond remembers the ring that gave him R, it presses the small button and it goes out the ray laser with which cuts the strings, he/she takes Sally and they steal a jeep with which you/they go toward the place where this its Jet, they fasten it and they leave that place that has exploded by reason of the tank with which they will kill to Bond and the mines that the same one placed in the easiness.

The radar shows to five helicopters going toward Israel, but exactly toward Jerusalem.

The city has been sieged, all their citizens are hostages of the villainous one and its vast one I exercise who have a bomb chemical layers of destroying all rake of life in the sacred city, the bomb this guarded by many men, it seems that it will be impossible to disable it.

The city is wrapped in the shades of the ignoracia, arrogance and cruelty of the villainous one who he/she requests millions of dollars to reconstruct Libya of what you/they made him the Israelis according to him.

Bond lands the Jet in a square it publishes and it should arrive to the bomb in less than one hour. Bond and Sally go toward an oil sediment of Globi in which is the immense chemical bomb, Sally he/she hides in a sure place while Bond goes for Globi.

Globi is in an office to which Bond enters and it interrogates him about Saffar, but for the window of the office it is seen that they have found Sally and they have taken it to Saffar, Globi takes advantage of the negligence of 007 and it escapes making sound the alarm of the place, Bond only runs and it discharges its artillery against the evil ones.

He/she has finally stopped to escape the fat Globi who this very afraid one, but from behind Bond is attacked by the evil Marie who receives its desert when Bond pushes it to kind of a pool with petroleum of the one that cannot leave, Globi escapes on the other hand but it is passed over by a hook that Bond activated.

Bond goes toward the Bomb where Sally meets with Saffar who has it caught of the hair and threat with killing her, Saffar wants to be taken to Sally in a near helicopter, Saffar mounts Sally first and he/she stays a while talking with Bond, as Bond you go that he/she cannot make anything the only thing that tells him it is that he/she takes a memory on its behalf and it throws the handkerchief to Saffar, immediately an electric discharge puts an end to the maniac.

Bond goes with Sally toward the bomb and they try to disable it, when seeing that they won't be able to make it they decide to extract the head of the missile and to take it in Sally's shirt, but the bomb continues counting the time and they lack forty seconds so that it explodes, Bond and Sally run for all it manufactures it until arriving to the highway and they come the tremendous explosion that could have destroyed any indication of life in the city of Jerusalem, Bond it leaves with Sally toward the mossad where the wait Shuk Leyá, Bond requests to Leyá that guides him to him and Sally toward a room to contact with M and to warn that the world this outside of danger another time, instead of that Bond takes Sally and makes it his in a desk.


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