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Live And Let Quantum

A James Bond story by Robert Lee

Part one of seven:

Opening scene: Ministry of Defence building, London, England. M

opens the door to her office and snarls at Moneypenny. M demands to

know what is taking so long with the report. Moneypenny apologizes,

saying that the report is late because the entire building is having

computer problems. Frustrated, M has to verbally ask Bill Tanner

what is the status of 007’s latest mission.

Tanner replies that Bond still has not captured an assassin

nicknamed the man of ten thousand faces. However, their latest

information is that the man of ten thousand faces has a contract to

kill the Queen of England. Both the Queen of England and the

America president are currently at an ice rink, attending some

figure skating competition.

Tanner believes that this would be the perfect place to catch the

assassin. In fact, the security forces, under 007’s guidance, are

confident that they can stop this killer, matter how he changes his


The camera switches to the skating rink. The assassin is slightly

adjusting his disguise as James Bond. This disguise allows him to

dispose of a couple of security guards. He manages to get into a

small room and closes the door. In this room, he opens a carrying

case for skates. However, it does not contain skates. It contains

the components for a rifle. He assembles it, and attaches the

sniper scope.

He looks down at the crowd, and sees the Queen. The killer takes

aim, and is just about to shoot the Queen in the head. Just then,

the real 007 interrupts him. They engage in a savage, brutal hand

to hand fight inside the room.

A beautiful CIA agent, Pam Bouvier, appears in the doorway, but she

is not certain whom to shoot. Both men are wearing the same

clothes, and both have the same face. The real James Bond gains the

upper hand and strangles the assassin to death.

Pam has her gun pointed at the surviving James Bond. She is not

certain that that he is the real thing. Bond reaches down, and

peels of the face mask from the corpse. Pam relaxes, asking, "What

took you so long?"

Bond stands up. He looks at the corpse. He looks at the face mask

in his hand. Then he says, "You won’t be needing this any more, old


Bond throws away the mask. James Bond and Pam Bouvier leave the


Part two of seven:

The Queen is now visiting Washington, DC. Pam invites Bond to be

her dinner date at a Christmas party at the White House. Pam asks

Bond if he has ever here before. Bond says, "Not in this lifetime."

At the entrance, the Secret Service refuses Bond admission to the

party. Pam demands to know why. The Secret Service informs

them that Bond's parents were suspected of being Communist spies and

traitors. This comes as a complete shock to both of them. Pam

replies with her favourite expression, "Bullshit!"

The mix-up is straightened out. The Secret Service checks out all

visitors with a computer. However, that computer crashed, due to

some virus. Therefore the Secret Service had to use their older

backup computer systems. These older systems also had older data,

which still list Bond and his parents as undesirables.

Bond demands to know more about his parents. The Secret Service

decline to answer, saying the information is classified. Before

James Bond look into it any further, he is summoned to London.

Bond reports to headquarters. He engages in some small talk with

Moneypenny. She points out that she is aware of the episode at the

White House. Bond gives her a slightly dirty look, but Moneypenny

defiantly says, "Queen and Country, James."

James Bond enters M’s office. She wants to give him an assignment.

Recently, many important computers world wide, even ones in the

British Secret Service, have been attacked by powerful computer

viruses. Q points out that the Gildrose Software Corporation has

been very successful in creating vaccines to combat the viruses. Q

suspects that Gildrose has been secretly creating those very same

viruses that they provide vaccines for.

Bond is not really paying attention. He declines the assignment.

He asks M for two weeks leave, to look into his parents’ past. M

refuses. She says that their screening process knew about Bond’s

parents. However, they did not care, and neither should Bond. Bond

angrily blurts out, "Then you have my resignation!"

M is incensed, proclaiming, "This is not a country club, 007!"

Bond storms out of M’s office, to clear out his office. However,

Moneypenny manages to convince M to grant 007’s request for a

fortnight’s leave.

Part three of seven:

Bond goes to where his parents died, Mount Rushmore. He asks the

local authorities for any information that they have on their

computers. Inside the operations room of the Risico Corporation,

some technicians notice that some law enforcement agency is trying

to access some details pertaining to the old Quantum project.

Risico blocks off the data transmission and erases all details. At

Mount Rushmore, the local authorities inform Bond that the computer

system has crashed. When it comes back up, no information about his

parents is available.

Bond does not leave empty handed. He does find out that the agent

who handled the case has left government service and is living in

Orlando, Florida. Bond books a flight to Florida to speak with this

old retired FBI agent.

Bond meets him for lunch at Disneyworld. However, just before this

retired FBI agent can say anything, he is shot dead by a sniper.

Bond chases after the sniper. What follows is an exciting foot

chase and running gun battle through Disneyworld. However, the

killer gets into a waiting car and it drives away. Bond whips out a

pair of folding binoculars/camera and picks out the license number

of the getaway car.

Bond finds out about the license number. It is a company car,

registered to an Internet Service Provider called Risico. Bond

decides to go there for a midnight information gathering session.

Once in the building, he goes into the main office. Bond cracks the

safe, but when he opens it, an alarm goes.

Bond quickly grabs a diskette from the safe. Then he engages in a

blazing gun battle with some technicians and guards. He kills all

of them, except one. When confronting this last guard, both their

weapons run of ammunition at exactly the same time. Bond fights him

in hand to hand combat, wrestling with him, face to face, eye to

eye. However, the guard breaks free and runs into the parking lot.

Bond reloads his weapon, and also runs out of the building. The

guard stops beside his car. Bond takes aim at him. Just then, the

guard activates a remote control, and the entire building blows up

behind Bond. This explosion definitely throws off 007’s aim. In

fact, it knocks him right off his feet. The last guard gets into

his car and drives away.

The following morning, Bond confirms that the Risico Building is now

a pile of rubble. All the employees are either dead, or have

disappeared from their homes quite suddenly. Bond examines the

diskette from the safe. It indicates that the Risico Internet

Service Provider was a front for the Glidrose Corporation. James

Bond decides that it is time to accept the assignment from M.

Part four of seven:

M reviews the facts thus far. Many years ago, a FBI agent

investigated Bond’s parents. This agent concluded that the Bonds

were communist spies and traitors. This agent was recently

murdered. The killer escaped in a car registered to the Risico

company. Risico is now history. Glidrose secretly owned Risico.

M wonders if Bond is taking it all too personally. She wonders if

009 would be more suited for the assignment. Bond objects loudly.

Then, after a second to calm down, he quietly states that he will

handle the assignment objectively and professionally. M thinks

about it for a second, then calls Q into her office.

Bond will go on a job interview to the main headquarters of

Glidrose, in Miami. Q has built him a solid cover. He will be

James Fleming, a software engineer with an excellent work record.

Bond mentions that on his last assignment, his cover was actually

too good to be true. Q replies that now his work record will have a

few minor imperfections. As Bond leaves on this mission, M says to

Bond, "Come back alive."

James Fleming goes to Miami, passes the job interview and hired by

Glidrose. On his first day on the job he gets a guided tour of the

Glidrose Building. Unknown to him, he is recognized by the guard

from Risico. The guard tells the Glidrose management that James

Fleming is the person who asked about the Quantum Project at Mt.

Rushmore, and who also destroyed the Risico operation.

All this comes to the attention of the Glidrose chief executive

officer, Doctor Samuel Shatterhand. He wonders who the new employee

really is. An intensive computer search identifies James Fleming as

James Bond of the British Secret Service. Furthermore, he is the

son of Ian and Anne Bond. Shatterhand gives orders that he wants

Bond taken alive.

Shortly afterwards, Bond goes on a dinner date with a vice-president

at Glidrose, a beautiful woman named Vivienne Michel. Bond believes

that he can pump some information out of her. When they get back to

her place, Vivienne mixes him a vodka martin, shaken, not stirred.

Unfortunately for Bond, the vodka martini is drugged with chloral

hydrate. Bond passes out. Some henchmen arrive, and they take 007

to Dr. Shatterhand’s secret headquarters, an abandoned nuclear bomb

shelter in South Dakota.

Part five of seven

Shatterhand gloats at James Bond. He and James Maloney were once

partners, but they went their separate ways, and became bitter

enemies. Their companies both did contract work for the American

government. Both companies competed for a secret project called

Quantum. However, the American government awarded it to Maloney’s


Samuel Shatterhand paid a recently deceased FBI agent to plant

evidence on James Bond’s parents. Then Shatterhand killed Bond’s

parents. He made their deaths look like a climbing accident. It

would appear that they either stole or bought state secrets about

the Quantum Project from their close friend, James Maloney. This

destroyed Maloney’s professional reputation. The American

government cancelled the contract with Maloney’s company. The

government then awarded the Quantum project to Shatterhand’s

company, Glidrose.

Afterwards, Maloney and his wife divorced. Shatterhand boasts that

with Maloney so despondent, it was the perfect opportunity to kill

him and made it look like suicide. Over the next couple of decades,

Shatterhand’s company grew and grew. Now he is ready to make his

move, the move that he has been waiting all his life for.

Dr. Shatterhand brags how the anti-virus software gives Glidrose

secret control over any computer system that uses it. This gives

him control over computers that handle communications, banking,

hospital records, and nuclear weapons. This control will enable him

to trigger a nuclear war, an Armageddon to purify the earth with

fire. From these cleansing fires, the Almighty will create a

paradise. At the stroke of midnight, on January 1st, Shatterhand

will launch the nuclear missiles.

Shatterhand says Bond will live just long enough to see the

destruction of the world that he so foolishly protects. Then

Shatterhand will execute Bond for his all his dirty deeds. Bond

says that in his country, it is customary to give the condemned man

a final request. Shatterhand replies "Granted, within reason."

Bond asks for a night with Vivienne. Shatterhand laughs. He calls

Bond small-minded, but grants the request anyway.

Part six of seven

Throughout the night, Bond keeps the British end up with Vivienne.

Bond works his charm on her so successfully, that she agrees to help

him. Maybe 007 convinced her that Shatterhand is a lunatic who must

be stopped. Maybe Bond must have appealed to her maternal


Vivienne leads Bond to the communications room, where he sends a

message to Pam. Pam and her anti-terrorist squad arrive at the

entrance. Shatterhand is prepared to use the bomb shelter’s

powerful defences to blast Pam and her troops to smithereens.

However, Bond sabotages the bomb shelter’s defences just in time,

and opens the entrance for Gala’s forces to enter. More shooting

and explosions take place. Pam’s forces start to emerge victorious.

Bond tries to reach the control room to disable the computer program

that will launch the nuclear missiles. In order to do that, he has

to get past Shatterhand’s personal bodyguard, who is a huge, vicious

brute. Bond kills him, by throwing him into a pool of piranha. As

the fish eat the bodyguard, Bond chuckles, "Bon appetite!"

Bond stops the countdown. Vivienne is delighted that Bond saved the

world. She hugs him, and kisses him. Just then Shatterhand tries

to shoot Bond. Vivienne takes a bullet for 007 and dies.

Bond shoots back. Shatterhand runs to escape. Bond chases after

Shatterhand, who tries to get away in a helicopter. Bond jumps and

grabs on to the helicopter just as it is leaving. As the helicopter

flies away, 007 clings on for dear life.

Eventually, Bond climbs his way into the cockpit. Both 007 and

Shatterhand can both take turns throwing punches at each other and

handling the controls. Bond overpowers Shatterhand, and throws him

out. Samuel Shatterhand lands with a thud on the faces of Mount

Rushmore. Bond can say, "Play it again, Sam!"

Part seven of seven

Display a graveyard, covered in snow. Bond places flowers on the

graves of his dead parents, Ian and Anne. On the tombstones is

written the Bond family logo "The World Is Not Enough." Bond does

not say anything. After a few moments, he leaves.

As he is leaving the cemetery. The caretaker runs after him, asking

him to stop. The caretaker says, "Mr. Bond, I’m so glad that I

caught you. They’re sending a helicopter here for you. Some sort

of emergency, or so I heard."

Bond replies, "It usually is. Thank you."

The helicopter arrives. To his surprise, an old woman steps out of

it. This old woman thanks him for clearing the names of Ian and

Anne Bond. Suddenly Bond recognizes the old woman from pictures.

She is the former wife of James Maloney.

She says that she always knew in her heart that the Bonds were not

traitors. The Maloney family and the Bond family were very, very

close. In fact, Ian and Anne Bond named their firstborn son after

her husband, James.

She turns to walk back to her helicopter. Bond asks her to attend a

party at the White House with him. She replies that there is no

reason why Bond would want to take an old woman that he does not

even know. He is a handsome young man, and there are plenty of

eligible young woman who would want to go to a dinner party with him

to the White House. Bond says he only wants her.

Again, she asks why. Bond says that she could tell him about his

parents. He has no memory of them. The old woman smiles. The

camera pans away. We cannot hear what the old woman is telling

James Bond. We really do not need to. A slow, mellow song from

Elton John would be perfect at this point...

James Bond will return.

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