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Glint of a Gunbarrel

by Jarrow Merenivitch

Part one: Spotting a Gunbarrel. It was a lazy afternoon for James Bond. He had just left his london flat and was heading for M.I.6 offices for a daily report and maybe a new mission to some tropical place or crowded European city. But his first job was to pick up a copy of the Times so he could read it in his office to pass the time away. "Time, Times" Bond thought to himself " Sounds like a bad pun." It was windy and Bond was glad he had his Bowler hat, he spotted the nearest News seller and walked passed the numbers of people on this crowded street hurrying like rats to their seperate lives, so seperate that his life was like a badly drawn out fairy tale. He spotted the news seller and ran up to it. Phillipe Tomas emerged from the Stairs to the top of a large skyscraper, well of course Phillip Thomas was his real name, Phillpe was an assumed one, an alias because he was wanted in Great Britain. Phillip was an assassin paid by a unknown man to kill a secret service agent called 007. Phillip removed a fake mustache and toupee to reveal a bald scalding face of evil. He opened a large briefcase an assembled the miscellaneous parts to form a rifle, he saw the man he was to kill at a newsstand, he rose at the edge of the building and pointed at 007.

Bond walked away from the news seller and noticed something out of the corner of his eye. he clicked the computer that was his mind, it was round and it was pointing at him. Thinking of the obvious conclusion,and being a trained assassin himself,walked slowly and grabbed the gun out of his left armpit spun and shot at the glint.

Phillp was broke out of stance pointing at 007 because his sniper rifle exploded. Phillip saw the bullet from 007's gun going straight through his and given more spinning ability by the rifling of his barrel and breaking out the back of his and hitting his head. Blood trickled down into his eye and his head shook for a while then he fell of the building seeing the view of bond and the rifling of the gunbarrel as his last thought.

Authors note: this is a direct take on the gunbarrel sequence at the beginning of all James Bond movies thank you

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