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"The Spy Who Loved Electra"

By Robert Lee

November 1998

Part one of seven

Opening scene: show a magnificent sunrise in the South Pacific.

Anchored off some islands, is a large yacht. Inside the yacht, we

see Commander James Bond and Colonel Wai Lin walking down a hallway,

escorted by several armed guards. The guards lead them into the

brig. The criminal mastermind, Noah Gates, enters the room and

gloats at them. Gates declares that the day of reckoning is at

hand. In thirty minutes, his satellites will be in proper position

above the earth. These satellites will melt the polar ice caps and

the resulting water will cover the earth in a cleansing flood.

Bond states, "All right, Gates, youíve made your point. How much do

you want?"

Gates replies, "Whatever do you mean?"

Bond explains, "The price for not activating those satellites. What

are your demands, how much money do you want?"

Gates chuckles, "My dear Mr. Bond, you are deluded. Society is

corrupt and decadent. Inevitably, it will destroy itself. I am

merely accelerating the process."

Wai Lin protests, "That does not justify mass murder."

Gates sneers at them, and says that they will now experience what

the rest of the world will. Gates and his thugs leave, and lock the

door. Water starts pouring into the room. It is obvious that Gates

wants to drown them.

Thinking quickly, Bond takes apart his watch. He pulls out some

plastic explosive, and attaches it to the door. Then they both move

to the corner. Bond uses the controls on his watch to activate the

explosive. As the door blows open, Bond quips, "Bang on time!"

Bond and Wai Lin escape from the brig. They overpower some guards,

and take their weapons. Then they have raging gun battle in the

boat. Bond destroys the control room. The satellites fall out of

orbit and burn up in the atmosphere. Bond shoots Gates dead with a

spear gun. As Gates expires, Bond says, "I think he got the point."

The boat starts burning and sinks. Bond and Wai Lin manage to get

on a rubber life raft. As they are floating on the water, Wai Lin

points a hand gun at 007, and she says, "The mission is over,

Commander Bond."

Bond suddenly remembers that in the line of duty, he killed a close

friend of Wai Lin. He also remembers that she swore that when the

mission was over, that she would have her revenge. Bond believes

that he can charm his way out of this predicament. He coyly asks

for a last request, "Letís get out of these wet things, shall we?"

Wai Lin stares at him for a moment, smiles, puts down the gun, and

starts kissing him.

Part two of seven

After the mission, Bond and Wai Lin realize that because of their

jobs, they have to go their separate ways. Instead, they decide to

get married. Wai Lin will quit her government job with the Peopleís

Republic of China. At the wedding, M and Q enjoy swapping stories

with their Chinese counterparts.

The newlyweds go on a honeymoon to Las Vegas, Nevada. In

particular, 007 and Wai Lin really enjoy the show of a very famous

entertainer there, named Electra. She is a master escape artist,

illusionist, magician, and hypnotist. As she finishes up a show,

she states how she will be traveling to England to do a television

special. She has never been there before, but she hopes that they

will remember her fondly.

It is now two weeks later. Go to a huge castle in England. Focus

on a high ranking government official, who asks her bodyguard, Wai

Lin, for the notes for the economic conference. Just then, Wai

Linís cell phone rings. She answers it, and hears a female voice on

the phone saying, "You only live twice, once when youíre born, once

when you look at death in the face." Wai Lin gets a funny, blank

look on her face. Then she whips out a gun, kills the government

official, then kills herself.

Part three of seven

Bond drives like a maniac to the morgue. Bond insists upon seeing

Wai Lin. The staff slide her corpse out of a drawer. They pull the

cover off her face. Bond still cannot bring himself to believe that

she is dead. He sobs, "Sheís having a rest. Weíll be going soon.

Thereís no hurry. You see, weíve got all the time in the world"

Later, Bond reports to headquarters. Q has the autopsy results.

They found a minute substance of some unknown substance in Wai Linís

blood. Q will work on identifying it. Meanwhile, M offers her

condolences and gives 007 some time off to make funeral


After the funeral, Q has an update. He has identified the

substance. During the cold war, the KGB developed it. It just so

happens that the General who was in charge of that program has

retired and is living in Toronto, Canada.

Bond agrees to follow up on this lead. He arranges to meet with the

General for lunch at Torontoís CN Tower, which is the worldís

tallest structure that is free standing. At the restaurant at the

top of the tower, the General explains how his team worked on a

project for brainwashing people by using hypnosis and drugs.

However, before they made any real progress, the cold war ended.

The powers that be disband the project. Now, he has retired. He is

happy to enjoy life in the decadent west, here in Toronto. This

North America tradition, Halloween, really fascinates him. Since

today is October 31, many, many organizations and their employees

dress up like monsters.

Both of them eye a beautiful woman who walks into the room. She is

scantily dressed. She is wearing a long red cape, a long pointed

tail, and a red mask with horns. As she sits down at the next

table, they notice that she is carrying a pitchfork. The General

snidely remarks how some westerners can lead him into temptation.

The General laughs at his own joke, looks out the window and says,

"What a view."

The devil woman then screams, "To a kill!" Then she throws the

pitchfork into the generalís chest. Bond pulls out his gun and aims

it at her. However, she kicks the gun out of his hand, and knocks

him down with the fake tail. Then the devil woman runs out of the


Bond quickly examines the General, who, with his dying breath,

gasps, "Electra!" Bond picks up his gun and chases after the devil

woman. She runs into a dead end on the observation deck. She

pulls off her cape, and we see that she has a parachute on her back.

Then she jumps off the CN tower, and makes a clean getaway.

Afterwards, Electra is in radio contact with headquarters, which is

on a very large, heavily fortified jet aircraft. She reports to

Number One that she has terminated her former colleague, the retired

General. However, there is one loose end that she would take care

of. She would like to terminate the man who was talking with the

General. He is a British operative named James Bond. Number One

wonders if it is really necessary. Is James Bond really that

dangerous to the plan? Electra replies that James Bond is very,

very dangerous. In fact, Bond killed her father, Francisco


However, Electra is a professional, and does not kill for mere

revenge. The Chinese have a saying, that before setting out for

revenge, you first dig two graves. However, Bond spoke with the

General. Now she believes she has a perfectly valid reason to kill

him. Number One agrees, and authorizes a hit on James Bond.

Part four of seven

Electra hypnotizes Bondís housekeeper, May, to kill Bond. May fails

to do so. Bond kills May in self-defence.

Afterwards, 007 and Bill Tanner are sitting in Bondís office. He

tenderly holds a picture of May, and confides to Tanner how May had

taken very good care of him for years. May was the closest thing to

a mother that he ever knew, and that he will really miss her.

Suddenly Bond looks at another picture on the wall. This is a

picture of Bond and Wai Lin on their honeymoon in Las Vegas. How

odd that in the same week, the two people closest to him tried to

kill their employers. This cannot be a coincidence. It must be

enemy action.

Bond demands that Q examine May. After closely examining her

corpse, Q branch finds some trace quantities of the same mysterious

drug. Bond asks Q who would have the resources to manufacture such

a substance. Q investigates, and he narrows it down to three

pharmaceutical companies. One is in Paris. The other is in Tokyo.

The last is in Las Vegas. Suddenly, Bond makes the connection: the

Generalís dying word was Electra. James Bond and Wai Lin went to

Las Vegas for their honeymoon, and saw a performer there named


Bond travels to Las Vegas. He goes undercover, as an executive named

James Lee. He gets a guided tour of the pharmaceutical company,

meets their executives, and even places an order with the company.

After James Lee departs, Electra comes out of an office. She

informs the company president that James Lee is really James Bond of

the British Secret Service. She gives him an assignment. Do not

allow Bond to interfere with their plans, because their clients are

expecting economic chaos to take place in the West within the next

forty-eight hours. She screams, "Kill Bond! Now!"

As Bond drives back to his hotel, thugs from the pharmaceutical

company try to kill him. This will provide the opportunity for an

action packed car chase in the desert. Bond emerges victorious,

using a car equipped the latest options from Q branch.

Part five of seven

At the hotel, the newly renovated Casino Royale, Bond meets his CIA

contact Jack Wade in the lobby. Bond tells Wade about his

suspicions about the pharmaceutical company. Wade orders the CIA to

place the company under observation.

Bond meets with the head of security of that hotel. It happens to

be a beautiful woman named Vesper. It just so happens that a very

high profile international economic conference is being held there.

Many world leaders will be attending. Bond, Wade, and Vesper piece

it all together. The pharmaceutical companyís plan is to

assassinate the world leaders at this economic conference.

The key factor in the plot was for Wai Lin to assassinate the

British government official. Due to that officialís untimely demise,

a substitute will attend the conference. This replacement will

carry a very powerful chemical bomb. However, Bond deactivates the

bomb with seconds to spare.

Part six of seven

Meanwhile, back at the pharmaceutical company, Electra makes a phone

call to one of the bodyguards to the company president. The

bodyguard then kills the company president and then kills himself.

Electra muses how she has just inherited a pharmaceutical company.

Electra wants to know just how the hotel security figured out and

foiled their scheme to assassinate the delegates. Therefore, her

thugs kidnap Vesper and bring her to the company.

Jack informs Bond that the CIA stakeout teams noticed the thugs

taking Vesper inside the pharmaceutical company. Bond and Wade

decide to mount a rescue operation. Bond will go in first. Bond

sneaks into the drug factory, frees Vesper, and starts a wild shoot

out. Jack Wade then bursts in with the Federal Marshals, and more

shooting occurs.

The Federal Marshals capture Electra, and take her away in

handcuffs. Later, we see that she truly deserves her reputation as

a world class magician. She escapes.

Part seven of seven

Bond has a weekend of mad, passionate sex with Vesper. On Monday

morning, M telephones him in Bondís hotel room. She orders him to

report to headquarters right away. Bond refuses. He insists upon

staying in Las Vegas, because Electra is still at large. This

angers M, who declares, "Effective immediately, your license to kill

is revoked!" Then M demands that Bond check out of his hotel room

and take the first flight back to London.

Bond hangs up the phone. Vesper wakes up and she asks what that was

all about. He ruefully mutters to her, "This is proof that we made

the wrong decision, your place or mine!"

Bond reluctantly goes back to England, and reports to headquarters.

On his way in, he talks with Moneypenny. Those two do their usual

flirting. Then she says that he is to go right in.

As Bond enters Mís office, he notices something odd. M has a blank

look on her face. Bond turns around and sees Electra, with a phony

mustache and beard. She is wearing an electricianís overalls. She

points a gun right at Bondís head. Electra disarms Bond, then

starts bragging that with her talents, breaking into the Ministry of

Defence was childís play. She even hypnotized M, as Bond can

plainly see.

Bond refuses to believe it. Electra invites him to see for himself.

Bond walks over and bends down to have a close look at M. She is

definitely out of it. Bond distracts Electra for just a second, and

presses the intercom button on Mís desk.

In the outer office, Moneypenny starts to hear Electra bragging.

Her favourite technique is to hypnotize bodyguards into killing

their own employers. She hypnotized Wai Lin in Las Vegas, and May

in London. The drug factory was providing the chemicals to help

with the conditioning. Right now, she is on a mission of revenge,

because Bond killed her father. Therefore, Electra has dug two

graves, one for Bond and the other for M.

Like most criminal masterminds in the James Bond universe, Electra

talks too much. Just as Electra is about to shoot Bond, Moneypenny

bursts through the doors, pointing a large caliber handgun. She

orders Electra to drop her weapon. Electra does, but then

Moneypenny comes closer. Electra slaps the gun out of her hand and

knocks her out with one blow. Bond and Electra then have a savage

hand to hand fight in Mís office. They trade vicious blows. They

wrestle with each other right on Mís desk, but M still has a blank

look on her face.

Suddenly, Q walks into the office, and that momentarily distracts

Electra. Bond grabs a lamp from the desk and smashes Electra across

the head. Then Bond turns around, picks up Moneypennyís gun, and

aims at Electra. However, Electra whirls, picks up another gun from

the floor and grabs Q from behind. She decides to use this old man

as a shield. The old man looks harmless enough. He is unarmed.

All he has in his hands in a cell phone.

Too bad for Electra, in the heat of battle, she did not recognize Q.

That is not a regular cell phone. Q activates the cell phoneís

huge electrical discharge, which stuns her. Bond calmly walks over

and shoots Electra right between the eyes. Bond says, "Thatís for

Wai Lin." As Electra jerks spasmodically in her death throes, Bond

shoots her again, saying, "And thatís for May." Electra collapses

in a lifeless heap, in a pool of her own blood.

Bond helps Q to his feet. Bond notices that Q dropped the cell

phone. Bond can pick it up for him, and make some snide remark

about the equipment still being in pristine condition.

Bond is grateful for Moneypenny for saving his life. He decides to

ask her out on a date. She replies that she would be willing to go

almost anywhere with him, should it be a rock show, the opera,

dinner, or the movies. However, there is one place that she would

never, never go, for their first date: a magic show.

Q manages to help M snap out of her trance. She orders Bond to

leave on an urgent mission immediately. Bond says to Moneypenny

that they have to put their date on hold until he gets back. Then

he leaves. Moneypenny signs...


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