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For Ever is just the Beginning

A James Bond Story


Written By Josiah Pitchforth



April 1st


The man with the spiked blonde hair and the black attire slithered

through the vents. Armand Heissenstein was his name. He paused in his

actions and retrieved a stethoscope from his utility belt. Placing it

against the clanky metal he crawled through, he heard the sounds of a

guard underneath him in the structure. A guard at the Swiss

International Bank of Koeg. The name Koeg coming from Walter Koeg, a

wealthy ruler of the free world  and owner of this structure. Armand put

away his listening device and traded it in for a crossbow from his

utility belt. A moment of concentration and deep precision came over him

as he slowly positioned his weapon of choice in the correct spot, just

above the guard.  He closed his eyes and let fate take his hand. He

squeezed the trigger and heard the screech of a guard. He peeked through

the small hole the arrow left behind in his little confined head

quarters and spotted the guard dead on the floor. With an arrow growing

out of his head. Now it was time to move on to step two. He pulled out a

small explosive from his belt and planted it in the vents where he hid.

He slowly back crawled into a corner of safety. He reached for a small

remote from his belt and activated the mine. A loud thundering boom

echoed through the metal tunnels high above the bank's floor. One the

smoke cleared Armand slide himself towards the hole from the explosion.

He plopped down to the hard marble floor with a thud at the bottom of

his feet. He was in one of the largest safe's he had ever seen. Armand

did not waste any time. He went right to work.



April 2nd


The morning rays of an Italian sun graced upon the flesh next to Bond.

Beautiful curves and features highlighted by an admiring Mother Nature.

Bond smirked to himself and lit a cigarette. He kissed a spot of this

flesh and slipped out of bed. He placed his legs in the pair of pants

that were sprawled out across the floor, a relic of one night of

passion. He watched his feet pop out at the bottom and heard the slight

mummer of a sleeping goddess. “Don't go, James”. James paused and

searched his head for an appropriate response. When nothing came to mind

he uttered the truth.

 “I have too”

 “Will I ever see you again?” whispered the young woman

 “No” The young woman was hoping not to hear this but she was expecting

it. By now James had his turtleneck on and was ready to leave barefooted

just to escape this line of questioning. He sat at the edge of the bed

and put on his shoes.

 “Good bye James”

 “Good bye”

James continued to smoke his cigarette as Kira leaned close to him. “You

know those things will kill you”

 “Some things are worth the risk” replied James as he returned her

advances with a passionate kiss. It was one last attempt to get him to

stay and he knew that. As politely as he could Bond left the girl

waiting on the bed at the Ritz hotel, never to see her again. It was

always a tradition practiced by Bond to end each assignment with a night

of relaxation. That is of course before leaving on the next Jet to some

other country. Out side Bond spent the fresh morning on a safe pay

phone. Bond spoke directly M.

“We’ve been waiting for your call all morning, 007. Is every thing taken

off in Italy”


“Good. I knew we could count on you, 007. Earlier this morning The Swiss

international Bank of Koeg was subject to a vicious terrorist bombing.

The building was rigged to explode on entry of the earliest employee.

Eleven dead in the neighboring streets and every body wants an answer.

Koeg, as you know, is under charges by the Jewish community for with

holding money and valuables belonging to their relatives and loved one’s

from WW2. We highly suspect some Jewish terrorists are responsible. If

that’s the case then you must find them and you must stop them.”

“I don’t understand. Why would they blow up and burn their own money?”

“Probably seeing that they would not get it they decided it would be

easiest to destroy it. Owner of the Bank, Walter Koeg, committed suicide

shortly after a press conference in which heavy blame was placed on him

and talks of a Jewish retaliation by lawsuit began to take place. All of

this chaos has caught the attention of the Mossad, Israel’s secret

intelligence. They have contacted us and all the other major players in

this case and would like to help. They are convinced that Jewish

activist played no part in this role. They claim that before the

explosion and Walter’s suicide, Koeg had signed an agreement to return

some of the money.”

“Grant me a ticket to Switzerland and clearance to examine the site and

I’ll get right on it”

“Right, good luck Bond”


Switzerland, Bombing site

April 4th


Bond arrived at the site in his BMW, the undertone of the clean compact

engine fading to silence as he parked by an ambulance. He climbed over

small mountains of ruble, rummaging through for some sort of evidence.

He was stopped by many that examined his identification thoroughly.

William Porter, Interpol investigator. “You there! Get over here and

help us with this child!” Bond turned to find a young woman bearing a

Red Cross uniform. He was taken a back by her bluntness and commands for

assistance. Bond paced over to where they were. A small child lay

unconscious and pinned beneath some boulders. Bond reached down through

the tiny gap between ruble and gently felt the boy.

 “He’s got a broken collar bone and a fractured elbow.” Bond turned to

one of the volunteers. “Get me something to stabilize him with, a brace

or a sling” Now it was the woman’s turn to be impressed. Her tone

lightened up a bit.

 “Are you a Doctor?” she asked.

 “No, but I’m experienced in injuries” Bond smirked. If she only knew

how experienced. Forgetting to introduce himself he quickly held out a

hand. “Bond, James Bond”

 “Kira Priceless”

 “I’ll say”

 “It’s a family name” Bond reached for a flashlight and flicked it on to

see more clearly where the boy was. “So are you Management or labor?”

she asked to start more conversation. Bond smiled again.

 “I’m not sure. I’m here with Interpol investigating the explosion.”

 “Oh, I’m sorry about before, I thought you were a volunteer.”

 “That’s all right, I like a woman who can take charge.” Kira smiled.

 “Thank you. Maybe we’ll meet up again.”

 “I’m sure we will.”

 “There’s a dinner for the Red Cross employees tonight at seven. The

food’s not that bad for cans. Maybe if you’re hungry you’d like to join

us” Can food? Thought Bond.

“Sounds delicious” Said Bond, drowning his Sarcasm with a charming


“Thanks for your help”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine” Said Bond and with that he left the area. Going

higher into the more unstable mounds of ruble.

“Wait!” Cried an Army National Guard to Bond. “That area is not cleared

yet. It could cave in at any moment!”

“I don’t have time to be safe, I have to find something” Replied Bond

“Sir I am permitted to stop you from going any further. Now, come down

off that with me and show me your papers.” Bond reached into his inner

pocket and fished out his papers. He tossed them to the guard who read

over them quickly. “Mr. Porter, please! I will have to report you to the

higher authorities” Bond jump down and scurried over to the guard in an

exhausted, almost annoyed manner. He quickly snapped his fist out ward,

punching and knocking out the guard. He dragged the guard to the bottom

of the ruble and laid him out on a stretcher to be hurried away to the

near hospital. With out wasting any more time he hurried back up to

where he was. He did not realize that Ms. Priceless had witnessed his

act. But kept to herself. Bond surveyed the material he was walking on

until he found a big enough slip to crawl into. Jackpot, Bond thought,

as he flicked on his flashlight and stared at the empty safe. Some one

had broken and robbed the bank then rigged it to explode so that the

people may think that the money is destroyed.

The food line at tent head quarters of the Red Cross was much like a

western cattle round up. Hundreds of hungry people huddle together in

social clicks much like a high school cafeteria. Mash potatoes were

flung down at Bond’s plate splatting his peas in the neighboring section

of his plate. The server smiled at Bond and at his regret for excepting

Kira’s invitation. She saw him and waved. Bond sat next to her at the


“I’m glad you made it,” She said having some of her soup. Bond smiled.



“Let me take you some where else”

Before they both knew it they were seated at a five star restaurant

enjoying caviar and Lobster. Bond smile in his element. The scenery of

luxury and wealth and power behind him seemed to just wrap itself around

him. Kira smiled as she gulped a mouthful of Caviar and smiled at the

thought. It was then that she realized just how different she was than

this man. She lacked the manners and the seriousness to be with him. The

thought still amused her as she opened up her mouth. She liked this man,

this mysterious man, but she did not feel sad to leave him. “I’m sorry,

Mr. Bond, this is not going to work out” Bond was again taken a back by

his newfound friend.

“Why not?” asked Bond. Kira just smiled, rose from her seat, and patted

Bond on the shoulder as she left. Bond followed her out into the empty

hollow streets. The sky was dark and the air was dark he stopped. “At

least finish your dinner”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Mr. Bond, I sorry I ever invited you to dinner”

Bond felt like he was intruding on Kira moment of self-reflection. She

shook her head in an exhausted and frustrated manner. “What is it with

me and men?” She asked God. “Why is it that I only attract weirdoes” She

turned to Bond. “No offense”

“I’m not sure I follow you”

“I saw you punch that guard out today. Now that I either tells me you

have a short temper or you are not who you say you are. In either case I

am not interested because it will not work out with us and I know that

from experience.” Bond paused. Dumb founded something inside him took

over his entire body. A completely new person. He grabbed Kira’s elbow

and yanked her around; face to face they were close. He waited then

kissed her with all his heart. At first she tried to fight him but soon

she was overwhelmed just like Bond. As fast as Bond started it he ended


“My name is James Bond, I am an agent of MI6, British intelligence and

I’m here investigating the bombing. For as long as I remember I have

done my job and nothing more. And you, you are the one person that can

change that” With that he kissed her again.


England, MI6 Head Quarters, “Q Branch”

April 5th


Q huddled over the package for Bond. A single suit complete with glasses

a new watch and the keys to a brand new BMW. Q mouth quivered with age

as he talked excessively over the phone with Bond. “I’ve prepared quite

the care package for you Mr. 007” He said proudly. “State of the art

equipment. Now pay attention” Q then hooked up his cordless telephone to

a telescreen so that Bond may se what’s happening. Q held up to gold

cufflinks. “Two standard cufflinks concealing two ounces of plastic

explosives. Twist them off the sleeve and a seven-second detonator will

be activated. A simple tie clip complete with two sets of special

contact lenses put them in your eyes. Then press the tie clip. You’ll

find that this gas grenade will be most useful. But don’t idle around

007 the contact lenses are only good up to five minutes. That’s just

enough time to get out of a sticky situation. ” Bond watched this all

with a grin. “Are you paying attention 007?”

 “Yes Q, I’m here. I see that I will be dressed to kill for this


 “Oh grow up 007, I mean really. Moving on, these glasses, at the frame

shoot out gasoline for up to ten feet and a single flame to ignite your

target. Do be careful 007, it is activated by adjusting the bridge of

the glasses.”

 “Thanks Q”

 “I’m sure you’ll have no trouble figuring out the BMW it’s on its way

to you now. You can pick it up tomorrow. I know you’ll have fun with

this new Rolex. Good bye, Mr. Bond”



“Good bye, Q” Bond turned to Kira who was lying right next to him in

Kira’s bunker. She smiled at him and snuggled in close to his bare


 “You know James, They’ve given me today off”

 “Good” said James.


Swiss Alps

Same Day


A hovering helicopter gave birth to the site of James and Kira on skies.

M watched them from a far peak with binoculars. M turned to her company.

“That’s Bond, mixing business with pleasure”

Mean while Bond and Kira were like school kids they inter-weave paths

and like flirting birds. Accelerating to speeds that would mimic their

heartbeats. Bond noticed M and knew that Kira could not join him for

this meeting. “Kira”


“I have business to attend too” Kira spotted the three silhouettes on

the mountain peak and understood.

“Make it quick, won’t you James”

“Of course”



 M and her company slowly slid to a stop and found Bond sitting in the

snow smoking a cigarette. “I see your still in hiding M”

 “Yes. My situation has worsened as several attempts on my life have

been made. Quite frankly Bond if you didn’t have your hands full” She

nodded to the distant Kira. “I’d have you by my side protecting me”

 “I’m hot on the trail, M”

 “Why would you ask me if any of the money in the bank could be traced”

 “Because it wasn’t in the bank when it exploded”

 “It seems as though you’ve cracked some open, Bond. Be careful” with

that M handed Bond a manila envelope. “This is your contact, Sissy

Velvet. We suspect she is ex-service, because her past is concealed. She

is the chief of security at Koeg International. She will assist you in

tracking down the money” Bond glanced back down again at the Distant

Kira. But she was no where to be found. “Oh and Bond, try not to get so

distracted on this case”

 Just then everyone heard a progressive sound, a thumping of sorts. It

was soon determined as a helicopter, not just one but three. Out of

these helicopters poured soldiers armed and on skies. “Bond!” cried M.

“How did they find me?”

 The men accompanying M quickly readied themselves for battle but it was

useless, the sheer numbers quickly gunned them down. M and Bond were now

quickly skiing down the mountain around large cliffs and through thick

forest. Being closely pursued by M’s attackers. “Kira” Said Bond to

himself and he was suddenly very panic. He M skied quite well for a

woman of her age and she was able to keep up with Bond. “Stick with me”

said Bond to his follower behind him “And we’ll loose them” Bond

suddenly spotted Kira lying in a ditch. He skidded to a halt. Kira,

unaware of the situation was playful and happy to see him.

 “Oh Bond thank you found me. I think sprained my ankle!”

 “We have no time for that we have move now!” M did not wait she

continued to pass Bond and Kira down the mountain.

 “James, what do you mean? What’s going on?” James took Kira under his

arm and started to sky with her, she could still be supported by her

right foot. Suddenly the gunfire started up again because Bond was no in

ranger of his attackers. The Heavy artillery that the attackers wielded

began to make the mountain rumble. Grenade launchings set off a small

avalanche and Bond new he was in Trouble. The snow began to chase Kira

and Bond. Kira started to loose her balance. “James. Let go of me, I’m

only slowing you down!”

 “Never!” cried James.

 “James, I’m going to get us both killed” With that Kira lost her

footing and was quickly devoured by the mouth of snow that swallowed

her. The majority of the attackers had been completely wiped out by the

avalanche. Bond drew his PPK and shot the remaining men. His pain of

loosing Kira blinded his sight with water eyes of hatred. He squeezed of

round after round until the men could not help but get in the way of

bullets and drop like flies. Bond channeled his emotions well, the loss

of Kira the tense situation with an unclear outlook, were all fired

through the air with those bullets hitting the nearest scapegoats Bond

could find. The armed skiers.


He slowly arrived to the bottom where M was waiting. “Are they dead?” M


 “Yes, they’re all dead.”


Bond found himself climbing back up the mountain retracing his steps and

actions. Every thing seemed peaceful now, almost like a dream. He saw

Kira’s sky sticking out of the snow and approached with a solemn dread.

He slowly dug and dug until he saw her beautiful face. It was blew now

and frozen. She was dead. He held her frozen body for one last good bye

and then left the mountain to get back to work.


April 6th

Sissy Velvet was divious looking, her clothes sewn with welath pure

wealth. Bond assumed that’s what made her look so evil. He noticed her

barging her through the Café at the sky lodge. “Mr. Bond” She said

hanging out a hand, almost as is she were fishing for Bond. James gently

squeezed it and gave it the proper kiss. “Sissy Velvet, head of security

at Koeg International”

 “I see.” Said Bond. Bond was dressed his best, from the Armony suit

that Q provided him with.

 “Perhaps we could go some where more private. I have a room in the

lodge just upstairs.” Bond followed her to her room.

 “Mr. Koeg committed suicide, in his office?”

 “Yes” Sissy said tradgically. “He shot himself”

 “What was your relations like with him, Ms. Velvet”

 “He adopted me at the age of seven and I lived with him in Germany. He

was the most precious man”

 “Could I examine the body, would you grant me that right?”

 “I’m afraid he was cremated just yesterday. His ashes spread across the

ocean. I think that’s how he would have wanted it” Bond pour a glass of

brandi for the two of them.

 “Have you made much progress on tracking the money?”

 “Yes Mr. Bond, I have. 4,200 dollars of it were spent to a German

antique dealer who in turned put it in Wulfenstein Bank. I got a fax

from them today.

 “The she we should leave immediately to Germany!”

 “No Mr. Bond, stay the night” With Sissy leaned in and Kissed James.

James retracted, his thoughts still on Kira.

 “No.” He adjusted his tie and rose to leave. Sissy quickly revealed a

noose made from velvet. She threw it over bonds head and began to

tightly squeezed his neck. James gasped from breath and slowly turned

around to face his killer. He drew from with in his coat his PPK and

pointed it at Sissy. Ms. Velvet paused. She was not counting on this and

realised that the tables were suddenly turned. She slowly retreated back

to the coach and sat down seductively.

“Why Bond, what big guns you have”

 “All the better to shoot you with Ms. Velvet”. Just then a man dressed

in covert military attire burst through the window. He armed his gun and

aimed it at Bond. Bond dropped the PPK on the table causally. “I see you

have friends Ms. Velvet” Ms. Velvet suddenly became very scared she

shielded her self from this intruder with Bond’s body.

 “James, James please don’t let him take me!” The man said nothing but

simply inched his way toward her. He unmasked himself and Bond reconized


 “Where do I know you from?” Bond asked the man.

 “Kawait.” Replied the man simply. “It’s good to see you again Mr.

Bond”. Sissy now began to view her chances as hopeless. “I hope I wasn’t

interupting anything” smirked the man. Bond’s friend was called Joseph

Abuhl and he worked for the MOSSAD. “Becarefull with this one though.

We’ve been watching her closely. She likes to kill with Velvet.”


Hours Later…


With her own Velvet tools of Murder, Sissy sat there, tied to a chair.

Gut wrenching pain all over her body as Joseph slowly burned her with

hot coal from the fire place. Bond was tied up next to her. “I’m sorry I

had to tie you up, Bind. But I was afraid your Western morals would get

in the way of my line of questioning. Trust me you’ll have your turn

with her.” Bond shrugged, not letting his anger show. “Where is your

father?” asked Joseph.

 “My Father is dead, he committed suicide!”

 “Lies!” cried Joseph and he burned her once more “Your Father faked his

suicide we know that! Your father stole money from my people and we will

get it back. One way or the other!” He burned her again. “Where is he?”

 “I don’t know!” Sissy cried. Not good enough Joseph burned again.

 “Tell me!” Bond was left helpless a gag over his mouth prevnted him

from even talking to Joseph to get him to stop he knew that Sissy was

with holding information but he did not believe in tortuing it out of

her. Joseph burned her again. “Tell me!”

 “Brazil!” cried Sissy. Joseph burned again.

 “Where in Brazil?” Sissy needed a moment to catch her breath and Joseph

turned to bond. “MI6 could learn a few things from us, Bond” With that

he burned Sissy again. “Where in Brazil?” Just as Sissy was about to

answer the room was suddenly ambushed by a sniper. The window leading

out to the balcony was shattered and Sissy had a bullet in her chest.

“Seit high!” she cried as another bullet found it’s way to her head.

Bond tipped his chair over into cover and Joseph jump to the ground. He

crawled over to Bound and untied him. Bond got his PPK off the table and

began to return fire into the darkness at his unknown assailant.

“Bond! We’ve got to get out of here. Head for the door. I’ll cover you!”

Bond raced to the door and Joseph soon followed.


Berlin, Germany

April 8th


Bond and Abuhl roamed by foot down the Berlin streets, each with

cigerette hanging from the mouths. They quietly turned off the side walk

and entered into Boris Antiques. Boris was an older rather crazy looking

gentleman. He muttered to himself as they entered. “Hello there, my name

is Bond, James Bond. This is my associate Joseph Abuhl. We would like to

ask you a few questions.”

 “About what?” replied Boris.

 “A purchase made here on April third for $4,200” Boris suddenly became

very reluctant to answer the question

 “I know nothing. People by stuff from here all the time”

 “Yes, don’t you have any kind of record” Boris didn’t answer. Jospeh

decided to act he quickly grabbed Boris by the Collar and pushed him up

against the wall.

 “OK, it was stolen! But I don’t know who stole it! I swear!”

 “We don’t care about that” said Bond. “We are more interested in the

man who bought it and what it is”

 “Big guy, spiky hair. He comes in here a lot. His name is Armand

Heissenstein. He’s a kick boxer by trade. Undefeated, so I hear”

 “What did he buy?” asked Bond.

 “I’ll show you” said Boris began to lead Bond into a back room

somewhere. Joseph followed. Boris turned and stopped Joseph. “Not him”

Boris said to Bond. Bond nodded to Joseph to tell him it was ok. So

Joseph waited out side the room.

 Inside was the largest collection of Nazi Memerabila Bond has ever

scene. “Something like this.” Boris held up a gold cross with a

Swatische engraved on it.

To be continued………





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