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Mission: Devil May Care
Author: Sebastian Faulks
First Published: May 28, 2008

Villain: Julius Gorner
Organization: Self Employed
Bond Girl: Poppy & Scarlett
Allies: M, Felix Leiter,
           Moneypenny, Darius

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    Devil May Care UK Hardcover First Edition Book Cover

  •  Devil May Care World Premire: A Background

    Much like the life of Ian Fleming's creation, the details of Sebastian Faulks' Devil May Care was a closely-guarded secret up until the novel's release on May 28, 2008, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fleming's birth. . As the date approached, news-wires and Bond site RSS feeds were filled with the only information we could get our hands on: the schedule of promotional events surrounding the launch. Needless to say, the event managed to live up to the hype!

     A Royal Entrance

    Tuuli Shipster delivers the first copies of Devil May Care
    Tuuli Shipster delivers the first copies of Devil May Care on a Royal Navy sea-boat.
    In typical grandiose 007 fashion, the event began with a Royal Navy Pacific 24 sea-boat and Royal Navy Black Cat Lynx helicopter escort for Tuuli Shipster, the model featured on the front cover, who was carrying the first seven copies of the novel in a special see-through briefcase. Accompanied by naval officers, Tuuli and the novels sped their way down the River Thames towards the Tower Bridge where a Type 42 destroyer, the HMS Exeter, was moored.

    Upon arriving at the HMS Exeter, Tuuli was greeted by Sebastian Faulks, members of Ian Fleming's family and the ship's captain, Philip Brown. From there, the precession switched modes of transportation as a caravan of Bentleys escorted everyone to its ultimate destination, Waterstone's bookshop in Piccadilly, where Bond fans had lined up overnight to get their hands on special luxury editions of the novel.

    Signed by Sebastian Faulks and limited to 200 copies, the individually numbered luxury edition of Devil May Care carried the hefty price tag of 100. Still, this did not stop fans from coming to Waterstone's to try and get their hands on one. Cheers were heard as the first and 007th copies were sold to devoted fans and Bond music played over the loudspeaker in the store throughout the day as the book flew off the shelf.

    So popular is the novel in the UK that Amazon.co.uk named it the biggest fiction pre-order of 2008. Even in the USA, where Bond novels usually go unheralded, book stores are promoting in their windows and on their "popular new releases" tables. How the novel's popularity withstands the test of time remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure...the release will never be forgotten.

     Devil May Care World Premire Video Coverage

    A clip show of all the day's events from start to finish
    Clips of the event
    from start to finish
    EuroNews coverage of the Devil May Care launch
    EuroNews Coverage
    Frost Over the World segment
    Frost Over the World

     Devil May Care World Premire Photo Gallery

     Tuuli Shipster on a Royal Navy sea-boat with the first copies of Devil May Care      Tuuli Shipster adelivers the first copies of Devil May Care       Tuuli Shipster and Sebastian Faulks with the first copies of Devill May Care

     Sebastian Faulks and Tuuli Shipster arrive at Waterstone's with the first copies of Devil May Care      Sebastian Faulks poses with one of the first copies of Devil May Care      Sebastian Faulks poses with one of the first copies of Devil May Care

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