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Case Name: Cold
Year: 1996
Author: John Gardner
Villain(s): General Brutus Clay
Organization: COLD
Bond Girl(s): Beatrice Maria da Ricci; Toni Nicoletti
Alternate Titles: Cold Fall
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When a British-owned aircraft is destroyed at Dulles Airport, killing almost 400 passengers on board, including his former lover, the Principessa Sukie Tempesta, James Bond embarks on a personal quest to find the fanatical terrorists responsible.

The search for Sukieís killers will turn out to be the most complex and demanding assignment of Bondís career. Across continents and through ever-changing labyrinths of evil, he follows the traces of clues into the centre of a fanatical society more deadly than any terrorist army: codenamed COLD.

Review submitted by Eric Nisbet

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