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AS A MOVIE: Well, I liked it. I thought that it was a great action movie. But it only succeeded as an action movie. As a James Bond movie, it left much to be desired. There weren't enough of the key elements that make a Bond movie a Bond movie. Too much emphasis was put into the action scenes, and not enough on the others. For example, the relationship between Alec Trevelian (006) and Bond could have been much better developed, as could have the relationship between Onnatopp and Bond.

THE PLOT: Another problem with the movie was that the plot was nothing to scream your head off about. It has been done before, and will probably be done again. That is why there was so much action, to fill in the many breaches in plot development. Let's just hope that someone uncovers fifty original Fleming manuscripts that were in the attic of his house.

THE MUSIC: As for the music of the movie....It stunk!!!!! The theme song was good. Tina Turner sung GoldenEye very well, and it was an awesome song. It reminded me a bit of the theme of Goldfinger. But aside from that, the music left me dumbfounded. How could the John Barry allow Eric Serra to desecrate the theme like that. Not once in the entire movie was the classic James Bond theme in its unedited form. There was always a variation playing, and not a good one at that. In every movie, the real theme was played at least twice; once during the intro/gun chamber shoot-out; and again during some action-packed fight scene. Here, not once was it played. The closest we got was in the tank scene. And as for the CD soundtrack, it was way off. It contained tracks that weren't even in the movie(thank god!) and left others out.

FELIX ANYONE?: Now we get to the topic of Jack Wade, he has to go. Felix Leiter is still alive. Sure, he is missing his legs, but in this era of synthetic limbs, he could get fake ones. There is no way that they can have the original C.I.A. guy replaced by an actor who was a Bond villain a mere two movies ago. The producers can easily rectify this problem by bringing back Felix.

'M': On to the new 'M'. I have no problem with her. In fact, I think that if the producers play her right, she can lead to much in the way of humor. Judi Dench is a talented actress, and a formidable obstacle in Bond's path. Let's just hope that they don't replace 'Q' with a woman.

QUESTIONS LEFT UNANSWERED: The movie also didn't deal with one major issue, how the heck did Bond get back into Her Majesty's Secret Service? At the end of License to Kill, Bond had gone AWOL and was released from service. The movie started out with Bond in action, as 007, without any explanation about how he came back. The closest we got was when 'M' told Bond not to make his mission into a personal vendetta, and Bond said, "Never!" That was it. Bond at least should have had a flashback of his reinstatement at one point during the movie.

AND OF COURSE, PIERCE: Last, but not least, Pierce Brosnan. He is pretty good. Give him two to three more shots at the Bond character until he perfects his approach. As a whole, I liked him. He needs to get a bit more stern, but not like Dalton. I foresee about six more movies for Brosnan. Keep it up Pierce!

OK, ratings time. Out of seven Double 0's, I give it......


GOLDENEYE ON VIDEO:As can be expected with any video release, it lacks the power and effect that it has on the big screen. However, it is still a good translation, so long as you purchase the Letterbox version. I had taped GoldenEye off Pay-Per-View this summer which is in Pan and Scan. Then, I was so amazed when I bought the video in Letterbox, how much was cut off the sides of the screen. The Letterboxed version adds so much to the film that the Pan and Scan cuts out. It is almost like watching a different movie. Also, the home video uses THX sound and picture. THX is state-of-the-art technology which brings the sound and picture to a level otherwise unimaginable on one's television. To sum it up, as far as translations go, stick with the Letterbox and you will be happy.

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YES!!!! He is invincible!!! The coolest person in the whole movie! This is what we, the viewing audience want more of. Boris! Good job!

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