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Venice, Italy
[St. Marks Square] St. Marks Square and Piazzetta
When Bond first enters Venice and then again when he takes the hover-gondola through the streets, this is the Square he travels through.
Venini Glass Factory and Museum
Bond's search for the death orbs brought him to Venini glass after stealing a Venini blueprint from Drax's estate. The location is the same in reality as it was in the movie, however in Moonraker Venini had a orange awning. Also, the museum inside is far smaller than it appeared in the movie.
[Venini glass]
[Chang's Death] A clock in St. Marks Piazetta
After Chang and 007 had a battle in Venini Glass, they worked their way up stairs until Bond eventually threw him out a beautiful old stained glass clock. In reality it was a mock-up of the clock because as you can see this beautiful timepiece is still intact. It is located at the far end of St. Marks Piazetta and you walk under it to go to the merchant's section.

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