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James Bond Movie Titles Around the World

The international success of James Bond has lead to some interesting versions of the titles. Many titles remain the same, but as you are about to see, many have strange translations. Only the titles different from English are listed. If you know of any not listed here, please submit them to Universal Exports.

 Dr. No

 From Russia With Love
  • Germany: James Bond Chases Dr. No
  • France, Belgium: James Bond Vs. Dr. No
  • Italy: Licence To Kill
  • Spain: Agent 007 Vs. The Satanic Dr. No
  • Japan: 007 Is The Killing Number: Dr. No
  • Denmark: Agent 007: Mission: Kill Dr. No
  • Sweden: Agent 007: Licenced To Kill
  • Brazil: 007 Against the Satanic Dr. No
  • Argentina: The Satanic Dr. NO
  • Germany: Love Greetings From Moscow
  • France: Hearty Kises From Russia
  • Italy: To 007, From Russia With Love
  • Belgium: Love and Kisses From Russia
  • Sweden: Agent 007 Sees Red
  • Denmark: 007 Is Being Chased
  • Finland: 007 In Istanbul
  • Brazil: Moscow Against 007
  • Argentina: From Russia with Love (The Return of 007)


  • Italy: Mission Goldfinger
  • Spain: Agent 007 Vs. Goldfinger
  • Germany: Fireball
  • France, Belgium, Spain, Italy: Operation Thunder
  • Japan: Thunderball Fighting
  • Denmark: Agent 007 Into The Fire
  • Brazil: 007 and the Atomic Blackmail

 You Only Live Twice

 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • Germany: One Only Live Twice
  • France: One Doesn't Live More Than Twice
  • Japan: 007 Dies Twice
  • Brazil: With 007 You Only Live Twice
  • Germany, France, Belgium: On the Secret Service of Her Majesty
  • Japan: The Queen's 007
  • Israel: On Her Majesty's Service

 Diamonds Are Forever

 Live and Let Die
  • Germany: Diamond Fever
  • France: The Diamonds Are Forever
  • Italy: A Diamonds Cascade
  • Spain: Diamonds For Eternity
  • Sweden: Diamond Fever
  • Brazil: With 007 the Diamonds are Forever
  • Japan: The Dead Slave

 The Man With the Golden Gun

 The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Brazil: 007 Against The Man With The Golden Gun
  • Argentina: 007 and The Man With the Golden Gun
  • Sweden: Beloved Spy


 For Your Eyes Only
  • Germany: Moonraker: Top Secret
  • Italy: Moonraker: Operation Space
  • Brazil: 007 and the Death Rocket
  • Argentina: Moonraker - Mission in space
  • Germany: On A Deadly Mission
  • Denmark: Agent 007: Strict Confidence
  • Sweden: From A Lethal Viewpoint
  • Finland: Very Confidential


 A View to a Kill
  • Italy: Operation Octopus
  • Brazil: 007 against Octopussy
  • Argentina: Octopussy - 007 vs. the deadly girls
  • Germany: In The Face of Death
  • France: Dangerously Yours
  • Italy: Moving Target
  • Spain: A Panorama To Kill
  • Japan: The Beautiful Prey
  • Belgium: Dangerous Mission
  • Israel: Murder In The Eyes
  • Sweden: Living Target
  • Finland: 007 And The Look of Death
  • Brazil: 007 At The Aim Of The Killers
  • Argentina: 007 At The Aim Of The Killers

 The Living Daylights

 Licence to Kill
  • Germany: Breeze of the Death
  • France, Belgium: Death Is Not A Game
  • Italy: Danger Zone
  • Spain: 007: High Tension
  • Denmark: Spies die at Dawn
  • Israel: 007 In The Dangerous Zone
  • Sweden: Ice Cold Mission
  • Argentina: 007 - His Name Is Danger
  • Italy: Private Revenge
  • Japan: The Cancelled Licence
  • Sweden: Time For Revenge
  • Argentina: 007, Wth a Licence to Kill


 Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Argentina: GoldenEye: The Return of 007
  • Italy: Agent 007 - Tommorow Never Dies
  • Brazil: 007 Tommorow Never Dies
  • UK: Shamelady (working title)
  • UK: Shatterhand (working title)

 The World is Not Enough

 Die Another Day
  • Italy: 007 - The World Is Not Enough
  • Brazil: 007 The World Is Not Enough
  • UK: Death Waits for No Man (working title)
  • UK: Pressure Point (working title)
  • USA: Fire and Ice (working title)
  • Finland: Death Can Wait
  • Brazil: 007 A New Day To Die
  • Buenos Aires: Another Day to Die
  • Czech Republic: Don't Die Today
  • Italy: The Death Can Wait
  • Poland: Death Comes Tomorrow
  • Portugal: A New Day to Die
  • Russia: Die, But Not Today

 Casino Royale
  • Germany: James Bond 007: Casino Royale
  • Brazil: 007 - Cassino Royale
  • USA: Bond Begins (fake working title)

Thanks to Marcos Piccinini, Jeppe Hansen, Yonatan Grossman, Martin Ernsting, Agent 007, Sam Copper, Nicolas Suszczyk and John Moren for their submissions.

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