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An Afternoon With Richard Kiel at Pinewood Studios

A signed program from the event

On November 21, 2004, BondStars.com hosted "An Afternoon With Richard 'Jaws' Kiel" at Pinewood Studios in England. The event offered attendees a chance to meet various Bond celebrities including Michael Billington, Blanche Ravalec, Martin Grace, Alan Hume, John Grover, Colin Miller, Alec Mills and Richard Kiel himself. In addition, the event featured a tour around Pinewood Studios, including stops at Bond filming locations such as SPECTRE Island, Renard's Lair, a street from the Aston Martin chase in Goldfinger and more. Andy Bragg, member of the MI6 Debriefing Room, was in attendance and provides the following report.

The event consisted of video shows, tours around the studio, afternoon tea, a Q&A session with the stars and lots of autograph signing! We were given a very professional program of the event, which the stars signed for free. The welcome drink lasted about an hour while we queued up to meet the various celebrities.

The outside of the Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage
The stars would be signing autographs all day and after I had plucked up the courage, I ‘mingled’ with Richard Kiel, Alan Hume, Martin Grace, Michael Billington and John Grover. Also available was Bond merchandise from Spyguise.com and, of course, a trader with a stall full of Bond collectables. This ‘mingling’ session lasted around one hour before the most exciting event of the day began.

The Tour of Pinewood Studios:
The tour around the studios would take us to some of the most famous Bond-filming locations. These included the gardens where the pre-title sequence of From Russia With Love was filmed, the backlot where the volcano for You Only Live Twice was constructed, the location of the Korean base in Die Another Day and where part of the Golden Gate Bridge was built for A View to a Kill. The tour also took us inside the 007 stage, which was amazing. The size of it was colossal and it put into perspective how large some sets were. We then passed the Grotto, where Renard’s lair was filmed for The World is Not Enough.

The building used as SPECTRE mansion
After we arrived back at the SPECTRE mansion it was time for Afternoon Tea. This break also offered us another opportunity to mingle with the stars and receive autographs. It was rather pleasant and after Afternoon Tea had finished, it was back into the hall where there was a question and answer session with Richard Kiel. All in all, an outstanding day!

I would like to personally thank BondStars.com for organizing this event and would also like to thank everyone who attended, including Richard ‘Jaws’ Kiel. Definitely gets a 10/10.

Photo Gallery:

The inside of the 007 Sound Stage

Albert R. Broccoli plaque: reads "In celebration of Albert R. Broccoli, 1909 - 1996. Producer James Bond Films

A plaque celebrating humor in Bond films

The grounds used as SPECTRE Island in From Russia With Love

The grounds used as SPECTRE Island in From Russia With Love

The grounds used as SPECTRE Island in From Russia With Love

Broccoli Road street sign

Goldfinger Avenue street sign

The alleyway where the Aston Martin chase in Goldfinger was filmed

"The Grotto," which was used as Renard's hideout in The World is Not Enough

Review submitted by Andy Bragg

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