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The Garbage theme music video is now available for download.

The international trailer and poster are now available for download.

Eon Magazine has lots of great TWINE articles.

The Garbage TWINE theme song is available from the Definitive James Bond Sounds Page.

Sean Connery has been named as one of this year's Kennedy Center honorees in Washington DC.

Turner Broadcast System has given up the rights to all MGM movies as of Sept. 2000. Read the article here.

The official TWINE trailer is available for download in Quicktime 4 format. The teaser is also available.

The official trailer is also out in theaters. Look for it near you!

Garbage has been signed to record the theme for TWINE. Look for it later this month.

The official poster for TWINE is up.

Inkworks will be releasing a 90 card TWINE set with plot, girls, gadgets, and more.

The UK premire of TWINE has been set for Nov. 22. Call 0171-268-6856 in the UK for tickets.

The advertising blitz for TWINE has begun with movie ads as well as numerous tie-in ads.

John Cleese is signed to do 3 more Bond films after TWINE.

On November 24 there was a special charity premire of TWINE hosted by FSID.

On November 11 there was a special bond-like gadget and art auction hosted by Desmond Llewelyn in New York City. Read the press release.

The courts have dismissed the McClory vs. MGM/UA case and said that he can NEVER remake Thunderball. Read the article.

The Bond Collector's Weekend 2 is schedualed for July 2, 1999. Dame Judi Dench won an oscar for the Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Shakespeare In Love.

Bond will drive the new BMW Z8 in TWINE.

The name of the next Bond book by Raymond Benson will be "High Time To Kill".

The first must read article on TWINE has been published in The Sunday Times which deals with the film and its returning 007 to his roots.

The official World Is Not Enough web page is up!

Maria Grazia Cucinotta has been cast as "Cigar Girl"

Serena Scott-Thomas has been cast as Dr. Warmflash

According to the Boston Herald, Shirley Eaton, co-star of Goldfinger, will make a cameo in TWINE.
Part of the movie will be shot at the Guggenheim museum in Biablo, Spain

Filming began on January 11 in Chamonix

Claude-Oliver Rudolph has been cast as Renard's henchman.

John Cleese has been cast as R, Q's assistant.

UIP has released an official press release regarding Bond 19 which is now officially The World is Not Enough.

Denise van Outen has NOT been cast as Bond's doctor despite popular rumor.

Robert Carlyle has been cast as Renard in Bond 19.

On 12.28.98, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied a motion by Sony for a rehearing on the preliminary injunction.

Nintendo has purchased the rights to make the Bond 19 video game.

It's confirmed-parts of Bond 19 will be filmed in Baku, Azerbaijan.

There is a new official teaser poster for Bond 19.

London will be getting its own License To Thrill ride, just like the one in Virginia.

The rest of the Bond films will be available to purchase on DVD and VHS in May or Fall of 2000.

You can pre-order the TWINE novelization from Amazon.co.uk.

Raymond Benson's new Bond book, "High Time To Kill", is available from both England and the USA.

The official teaser poster for TWINE is up.

McClory has placed a new ad in Variety for Warhead 2001. Here we go again!

Pierce Brosnan will star and produce the new CIA action drama entitled Burnt Sienna.

There's a fascinating article on the guy who contributed a large amount of info for the OHMSS DVD. Read it!

TWINE is being considered for an Oscar nomination for best special effects.

The second Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack is now available with all the missing music from the first one.

Roger Moore and Jane Seymour were be awarded the Golden Nymph award for best actor and actress, respectivly, at the Monte Carlo Festival of Television in February.

Desmond Llewelyn's funeral occured on January 6, 2000 with a public memorial to be held in March.

Sean Connery, Shirley Bassey, and Jane Seymour were all knighted at midnight of New Years Eve 2000.

Muy Distorto has created its own little Bond movie called Millennium. Check out their page here.

Desmond Llewelyn, Q, died on December 19 after a head-on car crash. Read the article.

Future Legend Records has released their compilation CD, Stirred, Not Shaken.

AllParody.com is having a 007 Parody Contest.

CBS has purchased the TV rights to TWINE for $27 million.

The TWINE Soundtrack is now available.

The James Bond Collection is available for purchase.

Videogames.com has confirmed that TWINE will be released for the N64 as well as the other platforms. Read the article.

A federal judge dismissed McClory's case stating that he waited too long to file it. Thus ends the McClory/Bond debate. Read the article.

Desmond Llewelyn's memorial was on March 27 with hundreds of fans along with Roger Moore in attendance.

Raymond Benson's "The James Bond Bedside Companion" has been re-released for purchase in Online format.

Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again are rumored to be released on VHS and DVD this fall.

Charles Grey of DAF and YOLt fame has died at 71.

The TWINE video game will be released for the PC, Playstation, and Playstation 2 sometime in 2001.

While TWINE may not be up for an Oscar, it has been nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award for the area of "Worst Screen Couple" of Pierce and Denise.

TWINE is the highest US grossing Bond film with $126.8 million

Fox Studios in Sydney Australia has recentally opened a new Licence To Thrill theme ride.

Brosnan to do 4 more Bond films by 2007?

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