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TND is the top selling DVD of the year.

Roger Moore was honored for his charitable work with UNICEF.

Sean Connery may play Blofeld and Liam Neeson may play Bond if Sony creates their rival series

Jonah Lomu has been offered a role as an Odd-Job type henchman in Bond 19

Sophie Marceau has been signed to play Electra King in Bond 19.

Denise Richard has been signed to play Christmas in Bond 19.

Liam Neeson may play Bond if Sony makes their series.

There is an interesting article on Raymond Benson and his book signing.

Tomorrow Never Dies Limited Edition has been released for purchase in the US. You can order it now! on DVD or VHS; both with different bonus items.

Pierce Brosnan confirmed that Bond 19 WILL be called The World Is Not Enough.

You can now order a James Bond Visa.

Director Michael Apted will has stated that he will keep bikinis out of Bond 19. This is why.

The Guiness Book of Films has declared "Bond. James Bond" as the most memorable quote of movie history.

Q has signed on to do Bond 19! -Thanks Shyam Krishna

Raymond Benson's next Bond novel will be called "High Time To Kill".

Sean Connery's The Avengers is now available to rent on video.

The New Times LA has a lengthy but interesting article on the entire history of NSNA, Warhead 2000, Doomsday 2000, etc.

The next Bond short story is in the January 1999 issue of Playboy.

The rumors Depeche Mode have been signed to sing for the next movie, and that Posh Spice had been signed to play the Bond girl are not true.

GoldenEye 64 has been nominated for a Bafta Interactive Entertainment Award.

Filming on Bond 19 is set to begin in Istanbul this January.

Michael Lonsdale, Sean Bean and Jonathan Pryce are both in UA's new movie, Ronin.

A lot of original Bond props were auctioned off at Christies.

It's confirmed, Michael Apted WILL direct Bond 19.

Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian on Wednesday pledged as much as $889 million to support MGM. Read the article.

MGM is looking for a merge partner which could mean a sale of the company or a merger.

Sony is not allowed to continue production on their Bond films until the trial ends.

The court date for MGM vs. Kevin McClory is set for Dec. 15

TND has won the award for "Promotion of the Year".

Raymond Benson's new Bond novel, The Facts of Death has arrived in the USA. Order it from Amazon.com or Bookpages.

There is a page up for the Playstation TND game.

The new thrill ride, License to Thrill has opened at Paramount theme parks across North America.

Sotheby's New York will be auctioning off Mort Drucker's MAD magazine artwork for the satire of "For Your Eyes Only" and "The Spy Who Loved Me" on Friday June 5th.

Those creeps at Sony are suing MGM/UA for a share of the entire series' profits

Rod Devlin of E! Entertainment stated this week that contrary to other reports, Sean Connery is indeed interest in playing either Bond, or a villian in Warhead 2000.

Dame Judi Dench was nominated for an Academy Award but lost to Kim Bassinger.

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been hired to script Bond 19

At the British Academy film awards, Sean Connery won a lifetime achievement award and Judi Dench won Best Actress for Mrs. Brown.

There is an excerpt of Raymond Benson's new book, The Facts of Death in the July Playboy magazine.

The TND video features an ad with Q playing the TND video game on Playstation which is slated to come out this fall. The video also has the complete Crow music video at the end.

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