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TND has been released on video for rental and on DVD for sale in the USA.

MGM has apparently started production on a 35 minute IMAX 3-D James Bond movie titled, "ESCAPADE." starring Pierce Brosnan. There is no current release date.

MGM/UA has pulled the Bond videos from the shelves through Fall 1999. DVD and TND will still be available.

TND is setting video and DVD records. It also won't be released for purchase for a year. Read why!

MGM has filed a motion to dismiss Sony's case.

Alan Cumming (Boris of GoldenEye can now be seen in NYC starring in the off-Broadway play, Caberet.

The Living Daylights soundtrack has been re-released.

Sean Connery won a Tony Award for his work on the play "Art"

TND was up for 2 MTV Movie Awards but went home empty handed.

GoldenEye 64 won 4 E3 Interactive Achievement Awards including Interactive Title of the Year.

MGM has filed an injunction against Sony to hault production on their new Bond film.

Raymond Benson's The Faces of Death is now available in the UK.

Sean Connery made a presence at the 70th Academy Awards by appearing with long-term Oscar winners and presenting the award for Best Picture to Titanic.

Sean Connery can be seen in the April 3 issue of Entertainment Weekly as well as in the April 6 issue of People along with Judi Dench.

The paperback of Zero Minus Ten is now out in England.

Roger Moore was denied knighthood.

TND was named the best marketed motion picture of 1997 by the Film Information Council.

Sean Connery was denied knighthood

New news in the Sony vs. MGM/UA lawsuit.

MGM and Electronic Arts announced a major new agreement where EA becomes MGM's International Co-Publishing Partner. This means the TND game will be by EA, not Rare.

Judi Dench is up for an acadamy award for Mrs. Brown

A new James Bond game is available for the Game Boy.

Jack Lord who played Felix Leiter in Dr. No has died at the age of 77.

Famke Janssen (Xenia of GoldenEye) can now be seen in Deep Rising.

The Tomorrow Never Dies game will be released in Autumn '98 for the Sony Playstation.

Judi Dench won a Golden Globe for Mrs. Brown

Roger Moore and Alex Cumming (Boris of GoldenEye) can now be seen in SpiceWorld.

According to an interview, Sean Connery will NOT make a Bond reprise.

Sean Connery will reportedly play James Bond in McClory's remake says People Daily

Read an interesting article on why we are fascinated with Bond.

MGM/UA is being sued over the script of TND.

Exclusive Toy Products has released TND figures of Bond, Elliot Carver, and Wai Lin. They are being sold only at Target, FAO Schwartz, and Toys R Us.

The Jan. 98 issue of Mad Magazine has a hilarious spoof on Bond villains.

The January issue of Cinefantastique, on sale now, has an in-depth look at TND

MGM/UA aquired the rights to Never Say Never Again

Brosnan got his star on the walk of fame on Dec 3, 1997

The TND soundtrack and David Arnold's "Shaken and Stirred" have been released in the USA.

Click here to hear the full Sheryl Crow theme in Real Audio or download a quicktime version of the music video.

MGM/UA and Danjaq are suing Sony to stop them from making their Bond series with McClory.

A fan bought an unpublished Fleming manuscript called State of Excitement

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