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Bond #6 May Be...Bond #5 - Brosnan
According to a report on DarkHorizons.com, now that the sale of MGM is final and the script for Casino Royale is close to completion, EON may turn their attentions to resigning Pierce Brosnan for the film. According to an MGM insider, "So - the next Bond. The buzz is that, ultimately, the filmmakers would like Pierce Brosnan back. All the stuff we heard about Brosnan being out is just a ploy from both camps. The negotiations between Brosnan and Eon came to an end because, in the last year, things were up in the air, thanks to all the organizational changes taking place." [read more: discuss] 4.4.05

Universal Exports Turns Nine!
More of a "tooting our own horn" than a Bond news story, on April 3, 2005, Universal Exports celebrated its ninth anniversary. Over that time the site has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the largest and most popular Bond sites online. I would like to thank every single visitor to the site for your support and time spent surfing the site. You are what makes it all worth while. Hope to see you all for at least another nine years! [Site Info: discuss] 4.3.05

Clive Owen to Be Announced as Bond #6 Next Week?
The Web site The Movie Reporter claims that Clive Owen will be introduced as the next James Bond some time next week. At a premire for Sin City, owen was asked "Yes or no to Bond." While nodding his head 'yes,' Owen replied "I will be busy for a while." Later, a reporter for the Web site was approached by a person/colleague that works with Clive and he/she stated that Bond was a done deal and that an official announcement by the trades is being brokered. To quote the reporter, "Would this person be lying to me? Anything is possible but then the question remains, why would he/she lie?" [read more: discuss] 3.29.05

Casino Royale to Be Released on November 17, 2006
An article on the buyout of MGM by Sony revealed that Casino Royale is slated to be released on November 17, 2006. [read more: discuss] 3.29.05

MTV's Take on How to Save Bond
In an interesting article, MTV.com offers suggestions on how to save the ailing series. MTV, who's audience has been aggressivly targeted by EON by placing Halle Berry and Denise Richards in recent films, really seems to get that even if they make changes, the people will still come in drones to see the next Bond adventure. They make suggestions such as 'Give us a Bond we can believe in' and making it a period piece so sexism and political incorrectness is acceptable again. [read more: discuss] 3.23.05

Ewen McGregor Fuels Bond Rumors
According to Hollywood.com, the Scottish star admits he's eager to don a tuxedo and succeed Pierce Brosnan, but he also finds the growing media interest in the next Bond thrilling. "I'd love to be Bond, but I can't say any more than that. Actually, the truth is I just love the rumors and this one has more mileage in it yet," said McGregor. read more: discuss] 3.22.05

A Young Bond Movie Series?
The Guardian and The Sunday Herald report that there is a growing interest about making a series of Young Bond movies, based on the new books by Charlie Higson. "We know Miramax, who are publishing the book in the United States, are very interested in the film rights too, and so are some of other big names, but we are holding off," said Corinne Turner, represantitive for the Fleming estate. [read more: discuss] 3.22.05

Timothy Dalton Turns 59
On March 21, Timothy Dalton, the fourth James Bond actor celebrated his 59th birthday. Dalton will next appear as Amphitryon in the TV miniseries Hercules. [read more: discuss] 3.21.05

Sean Connery's Voice to Be Used in From Russia With Love Video Game
Updating an earlier story, in addition to his physical likeness, Sean Connery himself will lend his voice to the upcoming From Russia With Love video game, marking the first time since 1983 that Connery has played the role of James Bond. [read more: discuss] 3.19.05

First Pics of From Russia With Love Video Game
The first screenshots of the upcoming From Russia With Love have hit the internet and will be featured in the current issue of Game Informer. The photos feature Sean Connery as Bond in such famous gadgets as the jetpack and the Aston Martin DB5, which reveals that the game will take in many aspects from the earlier films. [read more: discuss] 3.18.05

Next Bond Villain From Bollywood?
It is rumored that Gulshan Grover, a popular movie villain in 'Bollywood,' is being considered to play the baddie in Casino Royale. [read more: discuss] 3.16.05

Purvis and Wade Reveal Casino Royale to be Updated but Faithful
In an interview with Screen International magazine, screenwriters Neal Purves and Robert Wade revealed that Casino Royale will be updated to modern times, but will still be based around Bond's formative years. According to Wade, "At the moment it is a very faithful adaptation, updated. The book is the story of the incident that actually forges James Bond as a secret agent. There is a James Bond that everyone knows, but it would be nice just once to show how he got there." As for the content of the film, he also states that the infamous torture scene and last line of the novel will remain intact. [read more: discuss] 3.14.05

Tarantino Says Dropping Brosnan a Big Mistake
After months of petitioning EON to make Bond 21 be Casino Royale and letting him direct it with Pierce Brosnan fell through, Quentin Tarantino has lashed back at the producers for letting Brosnan go.""I would have liked to do Casino Royale with Pierce," said Tarantino at the Empire Film Awards in Guildhall. "But once I heard Brosnan isn't going to be doing any more Bond films, that killed it as far as I was concerned," said Tarantino. [read more: discuss] 3.13.05

Dench Confirms Role and Jan/Feb 2006 Start Date for Casino Royale Filming
In an interview with Steven Wright on BBC Radio 2, Dame Judi Dench confirmed that she would return as M in the upcoming Casino Royale and that the movie was set to begin filming in January or February 2006, which would put it on track for its rumored November 2006 release. However, Dench's reprisal of the role puts into question some continuity issues with the movie set in Bond's early years. [read more: discuss] 3.10.05

Casting For Bond #6 Down to Two Finalists
According to Glamour.com's daily gossip section, Nip/Tuck actor Julian McMahon has revealed he is on a shortlist of just two to become the next James Bond. The other person on this list is rumored to be Clive Owen. [read more: discuss] 2.25.05

Casino Royale Will Be "Grittier, Tougher and More Realistic
In an interview with the New York Daily News, director Martin Campbell discussed his vision for Casino Royale. "We'll be getting away from the huge visual effects kind of films. In the new film, Bond is essentially starting out in his career, and has just recently become part of the double-0 section. The idea is to put a bit of the dash back in Bond. By the end of the movie, the character will have been forged into the wiser, harder Bond we know." [read more: discuss] 2.24.05

Brosnan's $40 Million Asking Price Forced MGM's Hand
It was reported in Variety that the main reason for Pierce Brosnan's departure from the role of 007 was his asking price of roughly $40 million after seeing a part of the back-end profits. [read more: discuss] 2.15.05

Chapter One of Silverfin Now Online
The first chapter of the new Young Bond novel, Silverfin has been published online. It starts out as a semi-take on the start of Casino Royale. "The smell and noise and confusion of a hallway full of schoolboys can be quite awful at twenty past seven in the morning. The smell was the worst part-from this great disorderly mass rose the scent of sweat and sour breath and unwashed bodies, mixing with the two-hundred-year-old school odor of carbolic and floor polish. [read more: discuss] 2.4.04

Pierce Brosnan Confirms Stepping Down on His Web Site
On his official Web site, Pierce Brosnan officially stated that his time as James Bond was over. He said, "I would like to thank all of you who have supported me over the last year or so in regard to my playing Bond. It was a decade of my life that I will always hold dear to my heart and a time that will never be forgotten. And you dear friends stood by me throughout. Many, many thanks! But everything comes to an end, and one must accept this decision which cannot be dealt with in any other way but with some kind of grace and knowledge that I did the job to the best of my ability." [read more: discuss] 2.4.04

Young Bond Web Site Up and Running With Audio Extract
The new series of Young Bond novels now has its own site with a preview of the upcoming novel, Silverfin as well as audio extracts of the book. [read more: discuss] 2.4.04

Jeff Marshall Lithograph Auction for Tsunami Victims
Jeff Marshall (James Bond artist extraordinaire) has donated his own personal copy of The Spy Who Loved Me lithograph, which has been hanging in his office, for auction on Ebay. This litho has been signed by Roger Moore, Richard Kiel and Caroline Munro! All proceeds will go directly to aid tsunami victims. [read more: bid: discuss] 1.25.04

Rory McCann as James Bond #6?
Rumor has it that Scottish actor Rory McCann has been undergoing screen tests and is very close to being dubbed James Bond #6. The 6'6" actor is a relative unknown, following the producer's desires to make a more low-key Bond film. [read more: discuss] 1.25.04

From Russia With Love to be Next Bond Video Game
MI6.co.uk has learned that the next Bond game to be released by EA Games in late 2005 will be based on 1963's From Russia With Love. "Ever since Electronic Arts obtained the licence to create James Bond games, the preferred project was always a game based upon a classic movie, but Eon Productions and MGM's modus operandi of 'always moving forwards, never going back' has until now prevented this. Several variables in the 007 franchise have recently aligned to green-light a classic Bond videogame." [read more: discuss] 1.25.04

Did Austin Powers Kill James Bond?
Read an interesting article that theorizes that thanks to Austin Powers, other spoofs and changing times, James Bond can never be successful again in the way he was in the 1960s. [read more: discuss] 1.25.04

Lois Maxwell Interviews About Bond and Life
In a great interview with Lois Maxwell, who played Miss Moneypenny, 720 ABC Perth Radio learns about her life, experiences in Bond series, and favorite Bond movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Interesting tidbits include how she got the role, when she told Terrance Young "if you allow me to give her a background I would like to play Miss Moneypenny, and (sic) if you don't put my hair in a bun and horn rimmed glasses on me." [read more: discuss] 1.14.05

Bond 21 Delays Continue Due to Fued
According to ContactMusic.com, Bond 21 is still being delayed due to a continuing fued between the Broccoli family and Sony about the direction of the film. The Broccolis want to "return the spy franchise to the more serious, plot-driven films," while the movie company wants "to generate as much money as possible by sticking to the movies' well-established formula of gadgets, breath-taking stunts and big-budget special effects." [read more: discuss] 1.14.05

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent Voted Worst Console Game of 2004
According to the Web site CHUD.com, "Listen, if you’re going to make a sequel to one of the most beloved games of all time, you can’t half-ass the job. Just by slapping the GoldenEye moniker on your game, you’re immediately opening yourself up to a flurry of tough criticisms, and you’d better be prepared to deliver." [read more: discuss] 1.14.05

Martin Campbell "Signed" on to Direct Bond 21
According to the Hollywood Reporter, GoldenEye director Martin Campbell has signed on to direct the next Bond film. Campbell was rumored to be directing as early as October, 2004. There has still been no official word from EON. [read more: discuss] 1.5.05

Commercial Free STARZ! Bond Marathon on U.S. TV
Now through January 14, the U.S. tv station STARZ! is presenting, for the first time ever uncut and commercial-free, 17 classic Bond films. Visit their Web site for a full line up/schedules, sweepstakes and exclusive online content for registered users. [read more: discuss] 1.4.05

Hope Yet? Pierce Brosnan Back in Talks for Bond 21?
CbN is reporting that David Black, who runs the unofficial James Bond International Fan Club, has heard rumors that Pierce Brosnan might still come back for the next film. "Although the media reports that Pierce has had enough of the ongoing Bond debate and ruled himself out - I have heard rumours that some further negotiations may have just taken place and he may still be back for the new film due for release in 2006. Don't rule him out just yet - that's all I can say on the subject!!" [read more: discuss] 1.3.05

Roger Moore Asks For Help With Tsunami Victims
To help the suffering victims of the worst natural disaster of this generation, Sir Roger Moore has put out a call for donations through Unicef and the Unicef Web site. If you can spare it, please click over there and donate what you can. [read more: discuss] 1.3.05

John Cleese Seconds Away From a Fatal Car Crash
It what almost became a tragic irony, Q actor John Cleese was seconds away from a fatal car crash. His driver fell asleep at the wheel and, according to Cleese, "I shouted at him and I think we avoided being killed by about a second." Desmond Llewelyn, who Cleese replaced as Q, died in a head-on car collision in 1999. [read more: discuss] 1.3.05

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