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Happy Holidays from Universal Exports
On behalf of Universal Exports I would like to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, Happy New Year or best wishes in whatever holiday you are celebrating this season. 12.25.04

Roger Moore's Bond Reprise: Video Now Online
As previously reported, Roger Moore and Samantha Bond teamed up to reprise their famous roles as Bond and Moneypenny in a short video to promote London as the site of the 2012 Olympic Games. After clicking the below link and downloading the file called "Sport at Heart," you can find the pair at the 1:20 marker of the file. They appear as the video begins to talk about the "descreet and professional security" that London can offer. [download the movie: discuss] 12.15.04

Colin Salmon Will Not Be Bond #6
The recent rumors that Colin Salmon (Charles Robinson in the Brosnan era) would be the next Bond have been dismissed as a publicity stunt. The rumor, however, had gained so much momentum that betting on the next Bond actor was temporarily suspended after it was thought that some "top secret information" had leaked out. [read more: discuss] 12.15.04

Roger Moore Appears in UNICEF Christmas Cartoon
Roger Moore is currently staring in an online UNICEF Christmas cartoon titled The Fly Who Loved Me. The cartoon has nothing in common with the Bond series other than the title and the lead actor, but that alone makes it Bond-news. [view the cartoon: discuss] 12.15.04

David Arnold.com Debuts
Bond film composer David Arnold opened his official site on the November 14, which serves as the definite source for all things Arnold. David Arnold! The site contains NEWS, a PROFILE on the composer, the HISTORY on Arnold and MEDIA that contains downloadable tracks and cues from David's fantastic film scores. Such much awaited titles as Surf's Up (from the pre-title sequence of Die Another Day) and Kiss Of Life (also from Die Another Day) are available free-of-charge. [read more: discuss] 11.29.04

SpikeTV Thanksgiving Bond Marathon
Another Thanksgiving in the U.S., another SpikeTV Bond marathon. Don't miss your favorite movies, airing November 24-28. [read more: discuss] 11.23.04

No Samantha Bond in Bond 21
Now that Pierce Brosnan is no longer James Bond, Samantha Bond (Miss Moneypenny) will also bow out of the series. "I just don't want to go on being Moneypenny if Pierce isn't there," she said. "I really don't. It's an age thing, for a start. Pierce is just that little bit older than me - eight years - and when he's doing all that saucy flirting with Moneypenny, it looks OK and a lot of fun, which it is." [read more: discuss] 11.23.04

Roger Moore as Bond Again?
MI6.co.uk is reporting that Roger Moore will reprise his role as 007 in a short film to help London's bid to host the 2012 Olympics. Appearing alongside him will be Samantha Bond, also reprising her role as Moneypenny. [discuss] 11.23.04

Get Your jamesbond@hotmail.co.uk
Want to have the e-mail address jamesbond@hotmail.co.uk? Well, for a few thousand pounds, it can be yours. With proceeds going to the NSPCC charity, will you be the one to spend a huge amount of money for this or other prominant @hotmail.co.uk addresses? [read more: discuss] 11.23.04

Bond, James Bond Up for AFI Award
The American Film Institute is asking 1,500 Hollywood hotshots, among them actors, screenwriters and critics, to cast ballots for the 100 most memorable movie lines from a list of 400 nominees. Needless to say, "Bond, James Bond" is up for nomination. [read more: discuss] 11.23.04

Connery Backs McGregor for Bond #6
Sean Connery recently endorsed fellow-Scott Ewan McGregor for the role of James Bond in the next film. Connery said, "He should do it if he wants to do it. But it's a bit of a poison chalice. It is slightly more difficult than people realize because it has to look very comfortable and very easy and very cool." [read more: discuss] 11.23.04

Sean Connery Buys Moon Buggy Rumors a Fake
Recent rumors that Sean Connery bought the moon buggy from Diamonds Are Forever have proven to be false. The actual buggy is being auctioned off on December 14 at Christie's auction house in London and is expected to fetch $56,000. [read more: discuss] 11.20.04

Maria Carey in Casino Royale 2006?
In the absurd Bond 21 rumor department, Maria Carey is reportedly in talks to star in a remake of Casino Royale. What makes this rumor particularly off-the-wall is that the remake is set to be of the 1967 spoof, not the serious movie. [read more: discuss] 11.17.04

Martin Campbell to Helm Bond 21?
Martin Campbell, director of GoldenEye, is rumored to be in negotiations to direct Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 11.10.04

Colin Farrell Calls Out Brosnan
Colin Farrell says he doesn't believe Pierce Brosnan is serious about him taking over the James Bond franchise. [read more: discuss] 11.10.04

Brosnan Refuses to Answer 007 Questions
MI6.co.uk is reporting that Pierce Brosnan now refuses to answer any Bond-related questions on his press junket for After the Sunset. The movie company has apparantly told the media, "Don't ask him about the Bond movies." [discuss] 11.10.04

James Purefoy is on a Mission to be Bond #6
James Purefoy refuses to stop talking about the possibility of playing Bond, hoping that his constant discussion will catch the eyes of Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson. [read more: discuss] 11.5.04

P Diddy as the Next Bond?
In a piece of Bond 21 news not to be taken too seriously, news outlets are reporting that rapper P Diddy wants to be the next actor to play Bond, stating "The world is ready for a black James Bond." [read more: discuss] 11.5.04

Brosnan Picks Farrell as Bond #6
Pierce Brosnan has gone on record stating that he feels Colin Farrel would be his pick for the next Bond. "I'll give it to Colin Farrell. He'll eat the head off them all," Brosnan said at the Irish Film and TV Awards. [read more: discuss] 11.5.04

IanFleming.org has reported that the script for Bond 21 may not include the Q character. This is a bit confusing, considering John Cleese is already signed on for the film. [read more: discuss] 11.5.04

Julius Harris, who played Tee Hee in Live and Let Die, passed away on October 17 from heart failure. The actor was 81. [discuss] 10.21.04

After months of speculation, Pierce Brosnan finally admitted that he had been fired from the role of Bond, James Bond. While on an interview to promote his new movie, After the Sunset, Brosnan was quoted as saying "It's over, it's over, it's absolutely over." [read more: discuss] 10.14.04

Spyland, a new theme park in France, will allow visitors to to race a motorised gondola, crack a safe and save the world from destruction by defusing a nuclear bomb, as well as experience other Bond and spy related thrills. [read more: discuss] 10.14.04

To correct an earlier story, the French James Bond Club has ONLY confirmed a delay for Bond 21 for a release somewhere in 2006. "They never told about 'going back to something like From Russia With Love, that was a typing mistake we did, we meant to wrote that 'we hope' Bond 21 should go back to the roots of the series. [read more: discuss] 10.5.04

Sony Pictures is looking to change the Bond character, "aiming for the kind of global audiences that flocked to Sony's Spider-Man blockbusters, believing there should be more to Bond's character than machismo." However, the Broccoli camp does not want to give Sony this control. This tug-of-war between the two parties is sure to grow in intensity as Bond 21 grows closer. Stay tuned. [read more: discuss] 10.4.04

After leaving the set of his latest movie, Josiah's Canon, there has been a lot of speculation that Sean Connery will retire from making movies. This news has also brought back into the public light Connery's quote, circa Diamonds are Forever, where he said "I have always hated that damned James Bond, I`d like to kill him." [read more: discuss] 10.4.04

Pierce Brosnan has obtained his American citizenship, making him the first "Yankee" 007, in order to vote for John Kerry in the 2004 Presidental Election. [read more: discuss] 10.4.04

The French James Bond Club has confirmed that Eon Productions will be taking 007 back to his roots in 2006, returning to a From Russia With Love style film with a down to earth spy thriller script. [read more: discuss] 10.4.04

MGM has delayed the release of Bond 21 until 2006, due to the lack of a director, lead actor and final shooting script. Much of the delay came about because of the sale of MGM to Sony last month. [read more: discuss] 10.4.04

The James Bond video games are the second most popular spinoff games in the world, barely losing first place to those related to Lord of the Rings, according to Scotsman.com. [read more: discuss] 9.20.04

Although the sale of MGM to Sony may cause ripples and cancel many future MGM films from being made, one movie that will not be affected is Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 9.17.04

The future of the new young James Bond novels may be in jeopardy. Miramax Books' co-founder Harvey Weinstein may be about to split with corporate parent, The Walt Disney Co., possibly taking the profitable publishing unit with him. [read more: discuss] 9.17.04

MI6 has exclusive information on the new Ultimate Edition Bond DVDs. [read more: discuss] 9.17.04

Sony has officially purchased MGM/UA for around $2.85 billion. At the time of the sale, MGM was $1.9 billion in debt. [read more: discuss] 9.17.04

BondStars.com is conducting an interview with Lois Chiles (Holly Goodhead in Moonraker) and is accepting fan-submitted questions for consideration. [read more: discuss] 9.17.04

In an interview with LA Confidential magazine, Pierce Brosnan denied that he officially retired as 007. "There was no announcement. I think the reporter heard it wrong. I think what I said was, 'I?ve had my fill of talking about Bond'....It was not an official announcement." [read more: discuss] 9.17.04

The IMDB has released a plot summary for Bond 21. It is probably false, but it is as follows, "When a bridge in Russia is mysteriously destroyed, Bond is recalled from a mission in Egypt to investigate the connection with the recent 'attacks' and the machinations of a legitimate business empire called 'Scorpio'. Richard Falco, the owner, may hold the key to stopping the destruction of various monuments in the world...." [read more: discuss] 9.17.04

The Sunday Mirror, a UK tabloid, has named British actor Dougray Scott as the successor to Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. [read more: discuss] 9.17.04

EA Games has released a new Web site for GoldenEye: Rogue Agent where you can learn more about the game and see just how evil you are. [visit the page: discuss] 9.14.04

EA Games has released the final cover artwork for GoldenEye: Rogue Agent for the Playstation 2, X-Box and GameCube. [view the images: discuss] 9.10.04

Time Warner has beat out Sony in purchasing MGM, according to the latest Internet reports. However, this has yet to be confirmed by any of the companies. [read more: discuss] 9.10.04

Bulletproof tee-shirts has created a three-minute CGI Bond video starring 'Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.' [view the film: discuss] 8.31.04

DJ Paul Oakenfold is contributing to the stellar lineup of Hollywood artists lending their talent to the highly anticipated game, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent?. As music supervisor, Oakenfold will compose an original score and create the game?s overarching musical personality with hard-driving, rhythmic beats hand-crafted for every mission. [read more: discuss] 8.13.04

Eric Bana, the latest rumored replacement for Pierce Brosnan, has told TeenHollywood.com "I've said like a million times I wouldn't do it." He also claims he doesn't even want the coveted role - and has no idea where the story has come from. [read more: discuss] 8.5.04

A recent Imdb.com poll gave Eric Bana a big thumbs down, with 54% of those who voted going against Bana for the next Bond actor. [read more: discuss] 8.4.04

An article in the trade magazine Variety reports that Bond 21 is in "development hell," not a good sign for a film that is supposed to be right on schedule for a November 2005 release. However, the article also reported that the first draft of the script has been turned in, which has not been reported anywhere else. [discuss] 8.4.04

Numerous James Bond fan sites have reported that the plot for Bond 21 will be based around the novel Casino Royale. [read more: discuss] 8.4.04

The News of the World, a British tabloid, is reporting that Bond 21 will be called The Man With the Red Tattoo. However, since that was the title of the last Raymond Benson Bond novel, this does not seem too likely. [read more: discuss] 8.4.04

The never-ending "Brosnan quits saga" heated up again today when numerous tabloids, including The Mirror have 'confirmed' that Brosnan will not be Bond in the next film. However, all these reports seem to be basing their facts on the one EW interview, and nothing has been officially announced yet. [read more: discuss] 7.29.04

Scotsman.com has a great article with new details on the young James Bond novels. [read more: discuss] 7.29.04

Time Warner has gained an edge over Sony in the potential buyout of MGM. "Time Warner has caught up and gone beyond Sony in terms of due diligence," said one source with knowledge of the talks. [read more: discuss] 7.29.04

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pierce Brosnan has stated that he is done with James Bond. "That's it," Brosnan told EW.com. "I've said all I've got to say on the world of James Bond." It seems that the months of rumors and uncertainty have finally caught up with the actor. Or is it just a ploy to get a bigger paycheck? "We went out on a high," Brosnan said, "and I look back affectionately at that time and doing those four movies. But I've said all I gotta say on it." [read more: discuss] 7.28.04

Ain't It Cool News is reporting that Eric Bana (The Hulk) is the frontrunner to play the next Bond. [read more: discuss] 7.28.04

Christopher Lee will reprise his role as Scaramanga by lending his voice to the new Bond video game, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. [read more: discuss] 7.28.04

Orlando Bloom is being rumored to play a young James Bond in a quasi-spinoff. The film would be produced by Miramax, who has the rights to the new Young Bond novels currently being written. [read more: discuss] 7.28.04

Pat Roach, who played Count Lippie in Never Say Never Again, passed away at the age of 67. [read more: discuss] 7.21.04

In an ironic story, Aston Martin has announced that their goal is to avoid distracting gadgets in their real-life, non-Bond cars. "Electronics such as BMW's iDrive and an over-reliance on traction control systems have taken the joy out of driving," said Henrik Fisker, chief designer for Aston Martin." [read more: discuss] 7.21.04

Variety has learned that the Bond producers have begun talks to film parts of Bond 21 in Prague. [read more: discuss] 7.21.04

IGN.com has released a handful of new screenshots of GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. [view them: discuss] 7.15.04

The Daily Telegraph has reported that while Brosnan may still be out for Bond 21, writers Purvis and Wade have finally convinced EON to make the film an "old school" Bond adventure. [read more: discuss] 7.15.04

Charlie Higson spoke to independend.co.uk about what to expect from the upcoming young Bond novels. Quotes include, "There's a lot of confused pre-sexuality. She wrestles him to the ground and pins him down with her thighs, and he likes it but he doesn't know why ... " [read more: discuss] 7.15.04

SpikeTV in the USA is currently having a James Bond marathon during the month of July. [schedule: discuss] 7.15.04

The Bond, James Bond exhibit has opened at Science World, a muesum in Vancouver, Canada. Through Sept. 12, 2004, visitors can take a behind the scenes look at 007 as well as view numerous Bond movies on a big screen. [read more: discuss] 6.16.04

Halle Berry has recently admitted to using her Die Another Day bikini to determine if she needs to lose weight. "If I can't get into it, I eat less junk food for a bit. It's really useful." [read more: discuss] 6.16.04

Sony and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer are reaching the end of a 15-day negotiating period and many of the details that could lead to a purchase of MGM by Sony have been worked out. The status of the Bond films in all these negotiations is still to be determined. [read more: discuss] 6.1.04

MKKBB is reporting that Pierce Brosnan's status for Bond 21 is still very much up-in-the-air, despite recent rumors to the contrary. They also report that the writers are penning a "generic Bond script" that could fit any number of actors, including Hugh Jackman and Clive Owen. [read more: discuss] 6.1.04

BondStars.com is planning "An Afternoon With Richard 'Jaws' Kiel" at Pinewood Studios in November, 2004. The event will feature afternoon tea, Q & A with Richard Kiel including film clips, a tour of Pinewood Studios, a number of behind the scenes personal from the world of Bond attending and several dealers selling James Bond related merchandise. [read more: discuss] 6.1.04

Bruce Boa, who played the U.S. General in Octopussy, has passed away. [read more: discuss] 4.29.04

In an interview with Cinema Confidential, Pierce Brosnan confirmed that MGM has been talking with Hugh Jackman and Clive Owen about their futures with the Bond series. [read more: discuss] 4.27.04

TeenHollywood.com is reporting that Heath Ledger does not want to play Bond, as "Heath is worried he will be type-cast if he plays the suave spy." [read more: discuss] 4.27.04

Philip Locke, who played Vargas in Thunderball, died recently at the age of 76. [read more: discuss] 4.27.04

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Pierce Brosnan said "They said they wanted to do a fifth, and we started negotiations, and those negotiations have now ceased." [read more: discuss] 4.27.04

The upcoming GoldenEye 2 video game will be amongst the first to utilize X-Box Live. [read more: discuss] 4.27.04

In the first "official" word on the status of Bond 21, MGM vice chairman and COO Chris McGurk talked to Variety magazine and said that the film is still on track for a late-2005 release. Purvis and Wade are writing the film for a "generic Bond actor," as Brosnan still has yet to be approached for the film. "Decisions about a director, and who will play Bond, will be made 'in the next few months.'" [read more: discuss] 4.20.04

MGM, the company that produces the Bond films, turned 80 years old this month. [read more: discuss] 4.20.04

Canada.com has a great summary article of the problems going on with Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 4.20.04

Pierce Brosnan will appear on Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo in the U.S., Friday, April 23 at 7:00 p.m. EST. [read more: discuss] 4.20.04

The video game site SPOnG is reporting that EA Games' GoldenEye 2 has suffered a major setback following a disastrous focus test that is believed to have caused a major delay in the game's development. [read more: discuss] 4.8.04

Moviehole.net is reporting that the Australian everyone is talking about as the next James Bond is Heath Ledger. [read more: discuss] 4.8.04

Michael Madsen, neighbor and friend of Pierce Brosnan as well as Die Another Day co-star, has been quoted as saying that Brosnan does not want to do another Bond movie anymore. He also said that Brosnan would be replaced with an Australian, although he did not know which one. [read more: discuss] 4.8.04

Austin Willis, who played Simmons in Goldfinger, passed away on April 5, 2004 at the age of 86. [read more: discuss] 4.8.04

Quentin Tarantino told SCI FI Wire that he has talked to Pierce Brosnan about adapting Casino Royale as Brosnan's fifth and final James Bond film. The director noted that his challenge would be to convince producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to diverge from the current formula of expensive action set pieces. [read more: discuss] 4.8.04

Ian Fleming Publications announced that their next literary project would be a series of Teenage James Bond novels. The official site says, "James Bond is thirteen and just about to start at Eton having been educated at home by his Aunt Charmian since the death of his parents. The first adventure takes James to a remote Scottish castle where a wealthy American has been conducting some very disturbing experiments..." These new novels are aimed at the younger 9-12 market. [read more: discuss] 4.5.04

The IMDB reported today that in addition to the uncertainty surrounding Pierce Brosnan's involvement in Bond 21, there is a strife between screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade and EON. "The two scriptwriters want one kind of Bond, while Eon wants another. Neal and Wade want to go back to basics and concentrate on the plot and the characters, but Eon wants an even bigger special effects bonanza than Die Another Day, with loads of gadgets and computer wizardry. Obviously the issue affects the choice of who plays Bond." The report also states that Kylie Minogue is in the running to play a Bond girl. [read more: discuss] 4.5.04

Spike TV, a U.S. TV station, will be running Bond movies all day on Sundays throughout April. [read more: discuss] 4.5.04

A movie theater in upstate New York will be playing Thunderball on June 10. [read more: discuss] 4.5.04

After a month on top of the UK video games sales charts, Everything or Nothing has fallen out of the top spot, making way for Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow [read more: discuss] 4.5.04

Viewers of the U.S. TV station E! participated in a poll on who they want the next James Bond to be. Pierce Brosnan finished first with 42 percent, while the rumored Orlando Bloom came in a close second with 38 percent. Hugh Jackman and Colin Farrell followed with a respective 14 and 6 percent. [read more: discuss] 3.25.04

The Brosnan out as Bond rumors have reached the point where bookies are placing bets on who will replace him. The current favorite is Hugh Jackman with 2-1 odds. Others include 7-2 Colin Farrell, 5-1 Orlando Bloom, 7-1 Jude Law, 8-1 Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, 12-1 Greg Wise, Jeremy Northam, 14-1 Russell Crowe, 100-1 Robbie Williams. [read more: discuss] 3.23.04

Pierce Brosnan has once again been interviewd on his up-in-the-air status for Bond 21, this time by mirror.co.uk and about.com. [read more 1: read more 2: discuss] 3.23.04

CHUD.com recently interviewed Pierce Brosnan who, when asked about his role in Bond 21, stated, "So, I don't know what's going to happen. I have no idea...Oh, my contract is up. They can do it or not...They say they're not talking to someone else." He also discussed EON's lack of desire to remake Casino Royale, which they now own the full rights to. [read the interview: discuss] 3.22.04

According to imdb.com, Hollywood bosses were forced to offer Pierce Brosnan the role for Bond 21. The imdb also says that EON deliberately leaked plans to gauge the response from the movie-going public - and were inundated with appeals not to ditch Brosnan. An un-named MGM executive said, "We didn't realize what an army of supporters Pierce has. We got the message Pierce stays." [read more: discuss] 3.22.04

Teen Hollywood is reporting that MGM is "pulling out all the stops" to make Orland Bloom (Legolas in The Lord of the Rings) the next James Bond. [read more: discuss] 3.19.04

In an interview on AMC's Sunday Morning Shootout, Pierce Brosnan was asked if he was returning for a fifth Bond film, to which he replied, "I don?t know. We?re in a very opaque land at the moment. I?m certainly willing to come back for a fifth and final one. But I think [with] the producers a certain kind of paralysis has set in. And they don?t know where to go, how to go with this film. So if it happens, great. If it doesn?t, I?ve done my four - the contract was for four...? [view the interview: discuss] 3.15.04

The Classic Cars Live auto show in London, taking palce March 20 and 21, will feature the Aston Martin DB5 and Vanquish and the Lotus Esprit. [read more: discuss] 3.12.04

Sky News has reported, probably falsely, that Anna Kournikova was offered a role in Bond 21 and turned it down due to her tennis commitment. [read more: discuss] 3.9.04

Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, screenwriters of the last two Bond films, have begun their work writing the script for Bond 21, slated to be released on November 18, 2005. [read more: discuss] 3.9.04

The long-lost Citadel level in GoldenEye 64 can now be accessed with GameShark codes, according to a new CbN report. [read more: discuss] 3.9.04

Fans of the EA James Bond video games have a chance to make their opinions heard. Electronic Arts will be conducting focus groups that will discuss James Bond video games on the evening of Thursday, March 11, in Encino, California. If you live in the area, head on down. [read more: discuss] 3.4.04

DVD Answers has posted photos of the prototype box set for the new Bond DVDs, set to be released in 2005 with enhanced sound and video quality as well as new documentaries and special features. [read more: discuss] 3.4.04

Dana Broccoli, widow of Albert R. Broccoli, passed away on February 29, 2004 of natural causes. She was 82. [read more: discuss] 3.3.04

Variety caught up with Pierce Brosnan at the 76th Annual Academy Awards, where he reportedly said that his involvement in Bond 21 is "opaque," which hints that his return is not as set-in-stone as previously thought. [read more: discuss] 3.2.04

Although it has been known for months now, Raymond Benson has officially announced that he is done writing James Bond novels. [read more: discuss] 3.2.04

EA Games has officially announced that their next game will be called GoldenEye 2, will allow players to control Bond's villains instead of Bond and will be released around holiday time 2004. [read more: discuss] 3.1.04

Yahoo! Movies has reported that Bond 21 will be released on November 18, 2005. [read more: discuss] 2.18.04

Pierce Brosnan has confirmed that he will in fact return as James Bond in the next Bond film, and that the past few days of rumors were completely false. [read more: discuss] 2.13.04

The Latino Review has reported that they have SPOKEN WITH MGM and the rumors of Pierce Brosnan being ousted are NOT TRUE. However, we still have yet to see any form of release from MGM. [read more: discuss] 2.13.04

PetitionsOnline.com has started a petition to MGM to keep Pierce Brosnan around for Bond 21. [sign it: discuss] 2.13.04

EA Games has announced that their next Bond game will be a new version of GoldenEye. This will not be a remake of the Nintendo 64 version; rather, a completely new game. [read more: discuss] 2.13.04

The rumors of Brosnan being replaced for Bond 21 have reached a fever pitch, with reports coming in from reputable sources such as the Chicago Sun Times, MKKBB, CbN and radios across the world. However, there is still no official word from Pierce Brosnan himself or MGM. Until it it 'officially' announced, continue to view this rumor with some skepticism. [read more: discuss] 2.13.04

Tabloids have been reporting that Brosnan has been ousted for Bond 21 and that young replacements such as Jude Law, Christian Bale, Orlando Bloom, Colin Farrell and Hugh Jackman are being considered to take over the role. [article 1: article 2: discuss] 2.11.04

GamingChart.com has some great images of character models from Everything or Nothing. [read more: discuss] 2.5.04

The Aston Martin AMV8 Vantage has been confirmed as the car in Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 2.5.04

MGM has stated that Britney Spears is not up for any kind of part/role in Bond 21, and that their meeting was at Spears' request and was granted as a courtesy. [read more: discuss] 2.5.04

Britney Spears met with the Bond producers in London; it is not known if it was for a part in Bond 21 or to sing the title song. [read more: discuss] 2.4.04

EA Games has released a new trailer for Everything or Nothing. [download: discuss] 1.28.04

Mya's theme song to Everything or Nothing is available for download. [download: discuss] 1.26.04

A new series of Bond DVDs with enhanced sound, digital prints of the earlier movies and new extra features will be released in 2005. [discuss] 1.26.04

MGM will be placing the Bond DVDs on moratorium beginning January 19. While the sets will no longer be produced, stores will be allowed to sell out. [discuss] 1.26.04

Raymond Benson is giving a speech on Bond at the Addison Public Library in Addison, IL, USA, on February 3, 2004. [read more: discuss] 1.26.04

The new Bond comic, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has been released and is available at a comic book store near you. The second issue is due out on February 18. [read more: discuss] 1.26.04

Pierce Brosnan escaped a speeding ticket driving in California in his Aston Martin Vanquish. [read more: discuss] 1.26.04

Aishwarya's agent insists that all recent rumors about his client having a role in Bond 21 are completely false. [read more: discuss] 1.26.04

The Classic Cars Live auto show in London, taking palce March 20 and 21, will feature the Aston Martin DB5 and Vanquish and the Lotus Esprit. [read more: discuss] 1.26.04

GameInfowire.com has a bunch of new screenshots from the PS2 version of Everything or Nothing. [read more: discuss] 1.26.04

John Cleese and Honor Blackman, past and present Bond film actors, both rejected offers of being Knighted by the Queen of England. [read more: discuss] 1.26.04

The Everything or Nothing official site has released a summary of the game's plot. [read more: discuss] 1.26.04

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