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You can now order Everything Or Nothing for the GameBoy Advance. [buy now: discuss] 12.3.03

Catherine Zeta Jones is reconsidering an offer to become the next James Bond girl after some advice from former 007 star Sir Sean Connery. [read more: discuss] 12.3.03

Read a fascinating article about the lives of three ex-Bond girls: Maud Adams, Lynn-Holly Johnson and Lana Wood. [read more: discuss] 12.3.03

Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in Dr. No has been deemed the 'Sexiest Screen Moment' by UK Channel 4. read more: discuss] 12.3.03

Michael Kamen, conductor, composer, musician and the man behind the score to Licence to Kill, passed away at the age of 55. [read more: discuss] 11.22.03

The Special Edition DVD Boxed Sets Volumes 2 and 3 have been released in the United States. Volume 1 has also been re-released. This marks the first time that all 20 Bond movies are available in Special Edition at the same time. [order volume 1: order volume 2: order volume 3: discuss] 11.18.03

Robert Brown, who played M from 1983-1989 as well as Admiral Hargreaves in The Spy Who Loved Me, passed away at the age of 85. [discuss] 11.17.03

Spike TV in the U.S. will be having a 65-hour Thanksgiving Bond marathon, including their premire of The World is Not Enough. [read more: discuss] 11.17.03

Alex Parks, Fame Academy winner, was rumored to have a cameo role as a baddie in Bond 21. Needless to say, this rumor has quickly been debunked. [read more: see a photo: discuss] 11.17.03

Cbn has reported that Christian Wagner, editor on Die Another Day, will return to work on Bond 21. read more: discuss] 11.17.03

A USA Today report quotes Halle Berry saying "As for future projects, the Bond spinoff based on her Jinx character is still in development, despite reports that MGM has pulled the plug. She calls the script 'wonderful.'" [read more: discuss] 11.17.03

Halle Berry is reported to be 'fuming mad' over the cancelled Jinx spinoff. MGM reps are quoted as "wanting Eon to focus on getting Bond 21 in the works and not to be distracted by a side project." [read more: discuss] 10.27.07

MGM has officially cut its ties with the long-rumored Jinx spinoff movie, despite keen interest from EON, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. [read more: discuss] 10.27.03

Pierce Brosnan has said that Clive Owen 'has a long wait before he can become 007,' although when the time comes he will 'happily hand over the role to Owen.' [read more: discuss] 10.22.03

Everything or Nothing is now available for preorder with the U.S. release date set for November 20, 2003, and the Region 2 release date March 5, 2004. [preorder for any system: discuss] 10.21.03

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is reporting that Bond 21 will be released on November 25, 2005. Keep in mind that this rumor has nothing backing it up, but it is the first published release date for the film. [read more: discuss] 10.21.03

Clive Owen has debunked rumors that he has already been picked as the next James Bond after Pierce Brosnan retires. [read more: discuss] 10.21.03

Patrick Dalzel-Job, the real-life inspiration for the character of James Bond, died at the age of 90. Dalzel-Job was a friend and wartime reconnaissance team co-member of Ian Fleming's before he wrote the Bond novels. [read more: discuss] 10.21.03

Quentin Tarantino has put himself back in Bond news stating that he would like to make a Casino Royale remake. This is not the first time he has talked about this plan. [read more: discuss] 10.21.03

Uma Thurman has expressed an interest in being a Bond girl. [read more: discuss] 10.21.03

Roger Moore has become the second James Bond, following Sean Connery, to be Knighted by the Queen of England. On October 9, Moore, along with musician Sting, received this prestigious honor. [read more: discuss] 10.9.03

The Daily Record is reporting that Clive Owen will be announced as the next James Bond in a press conference late next year. This will follow a January or February 2004 news conference where Pierce Brosnan will officially declare Bond 21 to be his turn as James Bond. [read more: discuss] 10.3.03

MGM has officially announced that the "Jinx Movie" will be released in November 2004. Bond writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are working on the script. [read more: discuss] 9.23.03

R&B singer Mya has recorded a song for Everything or Nothing and will also appear as a Bond Girl in the game. [read more: discuss] 9.23.03

Yahoo! reports that Everything or Nothing has been delayed until Q1 2004 to allow more time to perfect the game. [read more: discuss] 9.23.03

EA Games has released a movie-style trailer for their new James Bond game, Everything or Nothing. [view it: discuss] 9.9.03

Yahoo! Movies has posted new information on the Jinx spinoff movie that is currently slated for a 2005 release. [read more: discuss] 9.3.03

Pierce Brosnan won a a decision ruling that Jeff Burgar had used the Irish actor's moniker in bad faith to forward Netizens from www.piercebrosnan.com to a separate commercial Website with the intent to make some big money. [read more: discuss] 9.3.03

Pink has been rumored to be playing a Bond girl in Bond 21. [discuss] 8.27.03

The real life MI6 is looking for the next secret agent but says that James Bond hopefulls need not apply. [read more: discuss] 8.27.03

Spyfest 2003 was an amazing success with countless Bond alumni in attendance. Bondpix.com has complete coverage of the event. [read more: discuss] 8.27.03

An amazing lineup of stars including Goldfinger's Honor Blackman and Licence to Kill's Robert Davi are scheduled to appear at Collectormania 4, October 3-5, in England. [read more: discuss] 8.27.03

All 20 Region 1 (USA) Bond DVD's will be released simulatniously on November 18, 2003, including the hard-to-find The Living Daylights. [read more: discuss] 7.31.03

The 2003 British Open took place at the Royal St. George's Golf Club, the very course that Bond and Goldfinger played on back in 1964. [read more: discuss] 7.31.03

Madonna's Die Another Day theme song has been nominated for an MTV Video Music Award under the "Best Video From A Film" category. [read more: discuss] 7.25.03

Halle Berry has received a script for a Jinx spinoff movie, proving that the rumor was not just a Die Another Day PR stunt. [read more: discuss] 7.25.03

A rumor stating that Martin Campbell (GoldenEye) will return to direct Bond 21 has been debunked as the director has already signed to work on the next Zorro film during that time. [read more: discuss] 7.25.03

Pierce Brosnan has been awarded an honorary Order of the British Empire (OBE) - honorary, because the 50-year-old actor is Irish. [read more: read more 2: discuss] 7.25.03

A Sean Connery Bond film festival is being held in Old Pasadena, CA, USA with a different Connery Bond every saturday beginning July 5. [read more: discuss] 7.1.03

The new Bond video game, Everything or Nothing, has lined up a star-studded cast to fill out the character roles. Actors lending their voices to the game include John Cleese as Q, Dame Judi Dench as M, and Richard Kiel as legendary henchman Jaws. In the role of Bonds new nemesis, Nikolai Diavolo, is Willem Dafoe, joined by Shannon Elizabeth as new cyber Bond girl Serena St. Germaine and Heidi Klum as the malevolent Katya Nadanova. [read more: discuss] 7.1.03

A month since its US DVD and VHS release, Die Another Day is still topping the rental charts and has fallen to 5th in terms of sales. [read more: discuss] 7.1.03

The British film magazine Empire voted Sean Connery's accent in The Untouchables as the worst accent in the history of film. [read more: discuss] 7.1.03

Mi6.co.uk has reported that the second wave of Region 1 Bond DVD's won't be released until October 2003. [discuss] 6.16.03

Roger Moore has become the second James Bond to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He joins Sean Connery as Sir James Bond. [read more: discuss] 6.16.03

James Bond, Blofeld, Goldfinger and Jaws have made the AFI's list of the 100 most memorable heros and villains. [read more: discuss] 6.9.03

The US/Region 1 Die Another Day DVD has been released. [buy it: discuss] 6.9.03

Canadians have named Keanu Reeves as their #1 pick for the next James Bond. [read more: discuss] 6.9.03

Die Another Day is now MGM's best-selling DVD of all time. [read more: discuss] 6.9.03

The Man With The Red Tattoo, Raymond Benson's final Bond novel, is now available in paperback. [Amazon.com: Amazon.co.uk] 5.27.03

You can download the trailer for EA's new Everything or Nothing game. [download: discuss] 5.27.03

Business Week has confirmed that Brosnan signed a contract for Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 5.27.03

More news on the new EA Bond game, Everything or Nothing: Shannon Elizabeth will play the first original Bond video game girl. [download: discuss] 5.27.03

Everything or Nothing is set to be released on November 14, 2003. [download: discuss] 5.27.03

Pierce Brosnan was seen buying a bong in Malibu, California. It is not known if it was for marijuana use or tobacco. read more: discuss] 5.27.03

Roger Moore had a pacemaker implanted after he collapsed during a performance of the comedy The Play What I Wrote. He is recovering quickly after spending only 36 hours in the hospital. [read more: discuss] 5.15.03

The next Bond video game will be called Everything or Nothing and will be released for all consols during the 2003 holiday season. [read more: discuss] 5.15.03

Indiana University will be honoring Ian Fleming from May 29-June 1 through an academic symposia. [read more: discuss] 5.15.03

The artist of the new Fleming Bond novels' USA covers has posted images of six more upcoming covers. [read more: discuss] 5.15.03

Roger Moore, 75, suffered from exhaustion and dehydration after fainting during a performance of the comedy The Play What I Wrote. [read more: discuss] 5.8.03

United Kingdom residents living at 007 Bond Street will receive a free Die Another Day DVD, courtesy of MGM as a part of a promotion. [read more: discuss] 5.5.03

CBn has reported that Lee Tamahori will return as the director for Bond 21, ending the tradition of a different director for each Bond film. This goes against rumors during the filming of Die Another Day that Tamahori clashed with the actors and producers and would not be asked to return. [discuss] 5.5.03

Ralph Fiennes has been voted the fan favorite to take over the role of Bond when Pierce Brosnan retires. [read more: discuss] 5.4.03

The US TV station TNN is holding 'Shaken, Not Stirred Sundays' with Bond movies all afternoon on Sundays. May 11 will feature From Russia With Love at 1:30 p.m. EST and The Man With the Golden Gun at 4:00 p.m. EST. [read more: discuss] 5.4.03

The James Bond Fan Club has reported that Rhys Meyers is being interviewed for the next Bond. [read more: discuss] 4.26.03

Aston Martin has seen a huge spike in orders for the Vanquish, as well as their other cars, as a result of Die Another Day. [read more: discuss] 4.26.03

BBC has released a full review of the Region 2 Die Another Day DVD. [read more: discuss] 4.17.03

The annual Bond Collectors Weekend is teaming up with SpyFest this year to bring attendees the most comprehensive Bond event of the year. VIP's include George Lazenby, John Cork and Bruce Scivally. [read more: discuss] 4.17.03

The Die Another Day DVD will have an 'easter egg' which allows users to watch Jinx rising from the ocean from multiple angles. [read more: discuss] 4.16.03

EON has officially denied rumors that they were looking to cast Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai as the lead girl for Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 4.16.03

The London Evening Standard had an interview with Pierce Brosnan in which he pondered the possibility of playing Bond a 6th time. [read more: discuss] 4.16.03

The Bondish spoof, Johnny English, penned by Bond writers Purvis and Wade. has opened worldwide. [read more: discuss] 4.16.03

Halle Berry is up for Best Actress at the MTV Movie Awards for her role as Jinx. [read more: discuss] 4.16.03

A hacker used Agent Under Fire to crack into an X-Box and won $100,000 for doing so. [read more: discuss] 4.16.03

James Bond officially turned 50 on April 13, 2003 as that was the date in 1953 when Fleming first wrote Casino Royale. [read more: discuss] 4.13.03

According to rumors, Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai has been offered a lead role opposite Pierce Brosnan in Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 4.8.03

Pierce Brosnan has gained a significant amount of weight since the release of Die Another Day [read more: discuss] 4.8.03

EON has reported to IanFleming.org that Bond 21 will NOT be filming in 2003 for a 2004 release. The Bond producers always pencils in Pinewood "just in case." [read more: discuss] 4.8.03

Cher has been rumored to be singing the theme song for Bond 21. Keep in mind, almost no rumors reported at this point of production will come true. [read more: discuss] 4.8.03

The British led "Operation James," a 15-hour assault on the Iraqi city of Basra and named after James Bond, was a success. [read more: discuss] 4.2.03

Roger Moore appeared on the Conan O'Brien show on April 1, 2003 and said that his favorite line in a Bond film was from The Man With the Golden Gun when he told Lazar to "speak now, or forever hold your piece." [discuss] 4.2.03

British soldiers in the Gulf are using Bond related code-names for their operations, such as "Goldfinger," "Connery" and "Blofeld." [read more: discuss] 4.1.03

Roger Moore appeared on the Conan O'Brien show on April 1, 2003 and said that his favorite line in a Bond film was from The Man With the Golden Gun when he told Lazar to "speak now, or forever hold your piece." [discuss] 4.2.03

The US cable channel, TNN, has gotten the rights for the first TV showing of Die Another Day. They have also purchased the rights to A View to a Kill, Licence to Kill and The World is Not Enough. [read more: discuss] 3.28.03

EON Productions has booked Pinewood Studios beginning August 2003. This goes along with earlier reports by 007Forever that Bond 21 will be released in December 2004, and not 2005. [read more: discuss] 3.27.03

You can now pre-order paperback copies of The Man With The Red Tattoo, Raymond Benson's final Bond novel. [Amazon.com: Amazon.co.uk] 3.27.03

The 75th Annual Academy Awards had a few Bond-related moments, most notably the Bond theme playing when Sean Connery was introduced and Sheena Eaton's For Your Eyes Only playing during a tribute segment. [read more] 3.24.03

Madonna won a Worst Supporting Actress 'Razzie' award for her role in Die Another Day. [read more: article 2: discuss] 3.24.03

CBS and its affiliates (TNN, UPN) have purchased the US television rights to Die Another Day for approximately $30 million. [read more: discuss] 3.20.03

The US network TNN will be holding its "Gimme Moore" Bond marathon March 18-27. [read more: discuss] 3.16.03

Die Another Day has opened to a massive $3.4 million take after one weekend in Japan. [discuss] 3.16.03

The US Die Another Day DVD will be released on June 3. There is no reason given for its release date being a month after Region 2's. [read more: discuss] 3.10.03

You can now pre-order the Region 2 Die Another Day DVD. [pre-order it] 3.6.03

Pierce Brosnan's stunt advisor for Die Another Day was found dead on Snowdon. [read more: discuss] 3.6.03

Die Another Day has now made over $400 million in the worldwide boxoffice and is currently the 50th highest grossing movie of all time. [read more: discuss] 3.6.03

Pierce Brosnan has reportedly offered former US President Bill Clinton a cameo n Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 3.6.03

007Forever.com has heard from reliable sources that Bond 21 will start filming in January 2004 and that the script is already being penned by Purvis and Wade. [read more: discuss] 3.6.03

As Die Another Day ends its US theatrical run, the final boxoffice total hovers around the $161 million mark. [read more: discuss] 2.26.03

Davisdvd.com has a photo of the new Die Another Day Region 1 DVD cover. There has been no official confirmation that this is what the DVD will look like. There is also a rumor that the cover will be reversable with side 2 in the same style as the other Special Edition movies so that they all line up. [see it: discuss] 2.26.03

MGM has stated that there will be no deleted scenes in any region's Die Another Day DVD release. [read more: discuss] 2.25.03

DVD Review has all the details on the special features for the UK Die Another Day VD. [read more: discuss] 2.20.03

Raymond Benson, author of the current Bond novels, has announced he is taking a break from the series. [read more: discuss] 2.20.03

Die Another Day will have its Region 2 DVD release on May 19, 2003. [pre-order it] 2.14.03

The nominees have been announced for the 2003 Academy Awards and Die Another Day was not nominated for anything. discuss] 2.13.03

EA Games has released its first patch for the PC version of Nightfire. [download it] 2.13.03

Madonna has been nominated for Razzie Awards for her awful performance as Verity and for her theme song to Die Another Day. [read more: discuss] 2.13.03

Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson were presented with an Evening Standard film award in London on February 2 for their work on 40 years of Bond movies. [read more: discuss] 2.8.03

Die Another Day helped MGM post a 65% revenue increase in 2002. [: discuss] 2.8.03

Eleven weeks after its release in the USA, Die Another Day has made $159.5 million and is still playing in 895 theaters across the country. [read more: discuss] 2.3.03

Visitors can rent out Ian Fleming's Jamaican house, Goldeneye. [read more: discuss] 2.3.03

Director Steven Spielberg claims he was snubbed by the Bond producers when he wanted to direct a Bond movie in the 1970s. [read more: discuss] 2.3.03

U.S. News has a great article on Ian Fleming. [read more: discuss] 1.23.03

After 9 weeks in the US boxoffice, Die Another Day has made $158 million. Worldwide, the film continues to pull in record takes. [read more: discuss] 1.21.03

Fox International offered South Koreans a free screening of Die Another Day in an effort to squelch the movie's surrounding controversy. [discuss] 1.21.03

U2 beat out Madonna for the Best Original Song award at the 2003 Golden Globe Awards. [discuss] 1.21.03

Madonna did not appear at the Grammy Awards, where she was nominated for Best Original Song. [read more: discuss] 1.21.03

Die Another Day helped boost investment in the British film industry to more than half a billion pounds last year. [read more: discuss] 1.14.03

In Seoul, Korea, 10 out of 50 theaters playing Die Another Day have pulled the film due to pressure from activists. [read more: discuss] 1.13.03

Read an interesting rant about how GoldenEye helped make Bond cool for kids again. [read more] 1.9.03

Despite being protested in South Korea, Die Another Day started out its run in the #5 spot in the country. [discuss] 1.9.03

After 7 weeks of release Die Another Day finally fell out of the Top 10 at the US boxoffice for the week ending Jan. 5, 2003. Still, the movie is standing strong at #12 with its total gross at $154.5 million. [read more: discuss] 1.9.02

Die Another Day has passed the $150 million mark in the US boxoffice and is still in the top 10 after 40 days of release. Internationally, the movie has grossed over $300 million. [read more: discuss] 1.3.02

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