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TNN is presenting the 007 Days of 007 marathon in the US through Dec. 30. [read more: discuss] 12.27.02

An official Ian Fleming web site, www.ianflemingcentre.com, has opened. [visit it: discuss] 12.27.02

As of December 25, Die Another Day has earned $141 million at the US boxoffice. [read more: discuss] 12.27.02

Madonna's theme song has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for "Best Original Song." [discuss] 12.27.02

The DreamCatchers foundation is auctioning off Aston Martins and Ford Thunderbirds autographed by Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry [learn more: discuss] 12.27.02

The Bond. James Bond exhibit will come to Michigan, USA, in June 2003. [read more: discuss] 12.27.02

The real MI6 saw a screening of Die Another Day and gave it rave reviews. [discuss] 12.19.02

Pierce Brosnan's Omega watch from The World Is Not Enough is being auctioned off in London and is expected to bring in 19,000 pounds. [read more: discuss] 12.16.02

Die Another Day is setting Bond boxoffice records in the foreign market having earned $122.7 million in 7 markets. [read more: discuss] 12.16.02

Die Another Day dropped to the #4 spot earning $7.5 million in its fourth week of US release. However, the movie's total has climbed to $131.6 million, making it the highest grossing Bond film in the US ever. [read more: discuss] 12.16.02

Lee Tamahori has bashed the critics of Die Another Day as well as Koreans, anti-smoking groups, censors and more. After this controversial interview he will probably not be asked back for Bond 21. [read more: discuss] 12.13.02

The original manuscript to Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was sold for 29,290 pounds ($46,250) at Sotheby's Auction House in London. [read more: discuss] 12.12.02

Interest in fencing in the UK has soared since the release of Die Another Day. [read more: discuss] 12.12.02

It's official; Bond 21 will not be released until 2005 and script development will begin in early 2003. [read more: discuss] 12.12.02

South Koreans are starting a boycott of Die Another Day in their country, claiming that it makes South Korea look like a US colony. [read more: discuss] 12.12.02

African Conflict Diamonds, a major plot device in Die Another Day, are being used by Osama BinLaden's Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to finance terrorism, including possible the 9/11 attacks. [discuss] 12.12.02

Die Another Day has recaptured the #1 spot at the US boxoffices with $13 million this past weekend. It is estimated that by its fourth week of release it will pass The World s Not Enough's $127 million and become the highest grossing Bond US movie ever. [read more: discuss] 12.8.02

Opening at the end of December, Die Another Day is already a target of fierce criticism among young Koreans who claim the picture is culturally ignorant and degrading to Korea as a whole. [read more: discuss] 12.6.02

Brentwood Magazine has a great article about the changing life of Pierce Brosnan. [read more] 12.6.02

Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang manuscript is being auctioned in London this December and is expected to sell for about $19,000. [read more: discuss] 12.2.02

Die Another Day has slipped to #2 in the US boxoffice with $31 million for this past weekend. However, the movie reached the $100 million mark in just 10 days which beats The World Is Not Enough's record of 26 days. [ read more: discuss] 12.1.02

Elton John is the latest musician to slam Madonna's theme song. [discuss] 12.1.02

Bond composer David Arnold has been quoted as saying that Madonna's theme song was the "worst of the series." Prince Philip is also rumored to dislike the song asking at the movie's premire, "are we going to need earplugs?" [discuss] 11.26.02

Die Another Day has pulled in an estimated $47 million at the US boxoffice during its opening weekend, beating Harry Potter's $42.3 million. [read more: discuss] 11.24.02

Early estimates have Die Another Day making $15.5 million on Friday at the US boxoffice. This leads to a projected $45 million weekend take, beating Harry Potter by over $10 million. Official numbers should be released on Tuesday. [read more: discuss] 11.23.02

USA Today has a great article on Ian Fleming's GoldenEye house. [read more: U.E. Coverage: discuss] 11.23.02

The Hollywood Reporter predicts that James Bond can beat Harry Potter in the US Boxoffice this weekend. [read more: discuss] 11.22.02

The Queen of England can not stop raving about how much she loved Die Another Day. [read more: discuss] 11.21.02

BoxOfficeReport.com is projecting Die Another Day to come in second this weekend in the US with $45 million. They predict that Harry Potter will remain in first place. [read more: discuss] 11.21.02

The Royal Premire of Die Another Day took place on Nov. 18, 2002 and was attended by all the Bonds except Sean Connery, the cast of the new movie, countless celebrities and the Queen of England. [photos: article 1: article 2: discuss] 11.19.02

The Hollywood Reporter has reviewed Die Another Day. Be warned, the review contains spoilers. [read more] 11.18.02

The New York Times has an article on the history and future of Felix Leiter. [read more: discuss] 11.18.02

Bond will smoke a cigar in Die Another Day marking the first time since Licence to Kill that he has "lit up." [read more: discuss] 11.17.02

MGM is banking on Die Another Day to help its ailing financial statements. [read more: discuss] 11.16.02

Ain't It Cool News has scored 15 long clips from Die Another Day. [view them: discuss] 11.15.02

MGM has registered the domain, www.jinxmovie.com. [discuss] 11.15.02

MGM has used a new anti-piracy technology for their Die Another Day media DVD's. These discs essentially self-destruct after a set amount of time. [read more: discuss] 11.14.02

MSN has a huge special up on Bond's cars as well as a great interactive trivia game. [go there] 11.6.02

Madonna's Die Another Day theme song has premired at #3 on the UK charts and at #8 on the US charts. [discuss] 11.4.02

Paul Oakenfold's Bond theme remix has appeared online with some new Die Another Day footage. [view it: discuss] 11.4.02

The US TV station, TNN, will be having their "Best of Bond" marathon beginning Nov. 19. Hosted by Pierce Brosnan, they will play movies and specials for 2 weeks. [read more] 11.4.02

The official Die Another Day site has been updated with details of the end credits as well as some new behind the scenes info. [jamesbond.com] 11.4.02

Bond will grace the cover of the European TIME Magazine the week of Nov. 11 along with a series of articles on the series. [read more: discuss] 11.4.02

Jaguar has set up a site dedicated to the villain's car, the XK, the villain's car. [read more] 11.4.02

Read about Bond and Die Another Day in the new issue of The New Yorker. [read it] 11.4.02

Entertainment Weekly has a new online section about Bond and his history. [go there] 11.4.02

Bond girl Caroline Munro will be appearing in Birmingham (9 November) and Leicester (10 November). [more info] 10.28.02

A PC demo for Nightfire,the new Bond video game, has been released. [download the game] 10.28.02

N-Zone Magazine is giving away Bond collectable dolls from SideShow Toys. [enter the contest] 10.25.02

Pierce Brosnan said that he studied Sean Connery to learn how to play Bond. [read more: discuss this] 10.25.02

A new James Bond 40th anniversary Barbie doll set is being released. [read more: discuss this] 10.24.02

A British show is spotlighting Die Another Day's cars. [read more] 10.24.02

The final international poster has been released and it is much more traditional then the US final. [view it: discuss it] 10.24.02

Bond and Goldfinger's golf match has been voted the greatest sporting moment in a film of all time. [read more: discuss this story] 10.24.02

According to "Film Review," Die Another Day will showcase the first ever CGI stunt with a digital Bond. [discuss this story] 10-22-02

The first wave of Bond DVD's has been released. You can now order them online. [amazon.com or amazon.co.uk] 10-22-02

Despite early rumors, the Die Another Day soundtrack will include music from the entire film, not just the first 50 minutes. 10-22-02

Christopher Lee was at the opening of the new Bond Museum and said the most fun he ever had in his 250 movies was playing Scaramanga. [read more: discuss this news] 10-22-02

Norelco razors has opened its new Bond site. [visit it 10-22-02

Rumor has it that Brosnan was afraid of Madonna on the set of Die Another Day. [read more: discuss this story] 10-22-02

A screening of Die Another Day will be held in Edinburgh with profits going to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children. [read more] 10-22-02

The final US poster for Die Another Day is rumored to be the teaser poster with the cast and crew's names on it. [see it: discuss the poster] 10-22-02

London's Science Museum has opened a huge Bond exhibit featuring over 100 items from the series. [article 1: article 2: discuss this story]

Bond has abandoned Smirnoff Vodka and will drink Finlandia in Die Another Day. [discuss this]

Die Another Day is rumored to be 135 minutes long making it the second longest Bond ever. [discuss this news]

The first product placement ad for Die Another Day has been released by Ford for their special Thunderbird. [watch it]

Omega is running a Bond trivia contest for free Seamaster watches and users who make it past the first round of easy questions get to download movie clips from Die Another Day. [enter the contest]

The music video for Madonna's title song has been released by MTV. It is full of classic references to old Bond movies. [watch it: discuss the video]

Over 20 different companies have arranged for their products to be featured in Die Another Day. [read more]

Casino Royale is finally on DVD. Both the 1954 CBS version and the 1967 spoof will be on the same disc as well as other extras. [order it]

Nightfire, the new Bond video game, is being released on November 21 (the day before Die Another Day). You can pre-order it for GameCube, X-Box, and Playstation 2.

The third and final trailer for Die Another Day has been released. [download it]

The soundtrack for Die Another Day will be released on November 12. [buy it]

MGM has denied the rumor that Clive Owen will take Pierce Brosnan's place as Bond for the next film.

The Best of James Bond has been released on CD containing all the theme songs through TWINE and also including some bonus tracks. [buy it]

Madonna's Die Another Day theme song is now available for download. It is very catchy, but completely untraditional for a Bond film's opening sequence. [download it]

Pierce Brosnan has said in an interview that he wants to play Bond again...but that he wants to go out gracefully (a crack at Roger Moore perhaps?)

Teaser trailer #2 for Die Another Day has been released. [download it]

A second teaser poster has been released for Die Another Day. [view it]

Die Another Day's theme song will be titled "Can't You See My Mind".

The teaser trailer for Die Another Day has been released. [download it]

MGM has released the teaser poster for Die Another Day. [view it]

The new Bond game, "Agent Under Fire", is available for the GameCube, X-Box, and Playstation 2.

In an homage to Dr. No, Halle Berry will wear an outfit reminiscant of Honey Ryder's. [read more]

Halle Berry was injured during filming. [read more]

Filming on Die Another Day was haulted for a day when Brosnan's son had an accident in school. [read more]

Die Another Day's Halle Berry won an Oscar for Best Actress, beating out M herself, Judi Dench.

ABC has cancelled its Bond Picture Show due to poor ratings. [read more]

Penguin Publishing will be releasing all of the Fleming Bond books this April.

Madonna will sing the title song of Die Another Day.

The title of Bond 20 has been confirmed as Die Another Day and will be released this November.

ABC digitally altered Lana Wood in their showing of Diamonds Are Forever. [read more]

Roger Moore will play a gay man in his upcoming film "Boat Trip". [read more]

TNN, CBS, and UPN have inked a deal for the rights to the Bond films. [read more]

The Bond people have sued New Line Cinema over the title of the new Austin Powers Movie. [read more]

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